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I'm with you.. I enjoy following the gaming news, but I bought a PS4 a few months ago and have only played it about a total of 10 hours.

It's not that I don't enjoy it, but I find that I don't have the time that I used to have. Additionally, games and not very "pick up and play" anymore. If you don't have a few hours to kill, it's hard to get into a game. I started GTAV on release day and played for about 4 hours. Haven't had a chance to play since. Now when I go back, I'll have no idea where I was at with the game.. which makes me frustrated, then I stop playing it. Doesn't mean I don't love games, but it's harder and harder to find the time.

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I teared up when Dom found Maria in GoW2; and also at the end of The Darkness.. Terrible game, but the ending was kinda sad...
Maybe I'm just too much of a softie...

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I got a request to be part of the beta for this.  Email from Microsoft that I had to answer a questionnaire and they would be back in touch with me...d

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Got to shoot things and was rewarded with a smartly written story... PERFECTION!!!!

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I love my Phat PS3, and since it got it during the Xmas promotion as an 80GB for $250, I love it more than ever.. Slim is definately not in..

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I'm casting my vote for Watchmen.  I rented it one night because there was nothing on TV.  It's 3:09 on Blu-Ray.. UGH.... What a boring overbloated piece of shit!!!

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Honestly, this is a pointless question in a video game forum.  When games went to $60, there were cries that no one would pay that.  And we all have.  Games will continue to increase in price and we will all simply pay it.  Maybe buying 2 or 3 less games over the course of the year, but let's be 100% honest here.. If Modern Warfare 2 was $100, would you really not buy it?  Who do you think you're kidding by saying NO?  The game companies are the ones in control of this and it's only a matter of time before it gets to the $100 price point.  
And to the people who just say piracy will be the solution.. Shame on you.  People work hard to develop good games that we all enjoy playing.  When you pirate things, you undercut those of us who pay for and appreciate good games.  How would you feel if someone took your paycheck from you at the end of the week and said - Sorry, I think you just have too much money, so I'm gonna take it.  
It's because of pirates that games will hit the $100 price point quicker.  
Game companies make less money because of pirates----ergo----prices of games go up to cover that loss!!!!

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For anyone who saw Anaconda, did we learn nothing from Jon Voight?  If the snake eats you, it will spit you back out so that you have an opportunity to wink at your friends before heading off to the great snake pit in the sky...
Geez, can't you people keep up!!!!

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Yeah.. Buy it!

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See how mad Jeff gets at 4:10??  Obviously, Josh waved improperly... Ergo... Fired!!!!!
Makes sense to me