10 of 2012

When I got to thinking about making this end of year list, it really seemed to me that 2012 was a really bad year for gaming. But sitting down, looking at my collection on steam, psn, xbla and on my physical shelves it seems I was wrong. Dude there was a shit ton of games in 2012. My list to be totally honest with you will be pretty much generic. Mainly big ass, mainstream AAA titles. So I wouldn’t really expect any gaming surprises on my list this year.

This year was the year of the PC for me, most of the games I played I chose to play on the PC. Thats not to say that console gaming is bad but games at the moment look so much better and run so much smoother on a fairly recent rig compared to the 7 year old consoles.

Before we begin with my list of games I would like to mention the games that never got the chance to appear. Not because they are bad per say. Its actually because I didn’t manage to find enough time to play them to completion. Games like ZombiU which I received a few days ago. After dying over a dozen times I really got this game. It just hit me. This is a first person shooter game that totally steals from Dark Souls. The game is fucking brutal but tense as hell. Also XCom: Enemy Unknown, my first foray into turn based strategy. I usually do not have the patience for games like this but XComs style and story really hooked me. What about Sleeping Dogs too, a free roaming sandbox game set in Hong Kong where you ride both sides of the law in a hope to bring down a huge triad gang. Sleepy Dogs’ combat really feels amazing in an Arkham City kind of way. With combat like that how can you go wrong. Finally Dishonoured, bought earlier in the week in the steam sale. Dishonoured is a game I haven’t even managed to put a single second into yet but the stealth action gameplay I read about really interest me.

10. Diablo 3

To be honest with you Diablo 3 barely made it onto my list this year. Up until the last minute I really couldn’t decide between this and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. In the end I just had to think what game I had put more time in to and of that time which was more entertaining. In the end that answer was Diablo 3. Playing this game with friends is too much fun. Dungeon crawling, sharing loot and shooting the shit while taking down huge bosses is an amazing experience and one that I am really glad I had this year.

9. Forza Horizon

There are some games that you just sit down and play for hours on end, there are other that you can bang some music on zone out and pick up and play anytime. Forza Horizon would fit into the latter category for me. The driving is so much fun, the realistic feeling the handling model has is really enjoyable. But I love this game because I can bang a podcast on, zone out and not really pay that much attention and still have fun with the game.

8. Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops was honestly a really late entry on to my list. I actually only completed this game a couple of nights ago. The story of this game is fantastic. This is how a shooters plot should be told. I don’t care that its 5 hours long, I don’t care that the shooting feels altogether only mediocre. Spec Ops is on my list of favourite games for the sole reason that the storyline and the choices given to the character are purely amazing. The way the game makes you feel after the late game plot twist as well...damn do you feel like shit.

7. Max Payne 3

I have never even touched the first 2 Max Payne games by Remedy Entertainment, although I am told they are pretty good games. I just can not see how they could be any better than Rockstars attempt with Max Payne 3. The gritty noir style to the gameplay really stands out against other third person shooters. The game looks fantastic too especially running at max settings on my PC.

6. The Darkness 2

The first Darkness game came out way back near the launch of the Xbox 360 ad it was good,but you couldn’t really call it a great game. I personally think The Darkness 2 is great. The plot is quirky and stupid as fuck but really fits in with the comic book style the game has. The look too damn the game looks great. The Darkness 2 decided to adapt a comicbook, cell shaded style and it really stands out next to your greys and browns of the common shooter. The game feels great too, quad wielding 2 guns with your 2 Demon arms is really unique and they are so much fun to use.

5. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Are Call of Duty games still fun or am I just playing them because my friends do? I honestly don’t know because truthfully even the worst game is fun with a group of mates. But if this list were a list of games that gave me enjoyment in 2012 Black Ops 2 has to be on it. The story is short and thrilling as ever and the Multiplayer which to be honest is really the Black Ops draw is a laugh with a group of friends shooting the shit, killing fools and making them cry and shout racist remarks to me. By the way I am white why would that word insult me.

4. Halo 4

I am a Halo fan and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about a Bungee less Halo game. Saying that 343 have really done Halo right. I like the new enemies and new weapons and even though it is most peoples criticism of Halo 4 is love that they still brought back the covenant . Chief is back in Halo 4 and it does not disappoint a Halo fan.

3. Need For Speed: Most Wanted

The single player sucks, lets get that out of the way right now. The multiplayer though, damn is that hectic as hell. Even getting to the start of an event is a competition. The game really promotes high octane crashes and doing whatever possible to get the job done. The driving feels amazing too. I would say if you think that Forza’s driving style is a simulation and is realistic, Need For Speeds is quite the opposite. It looks and feels like a childs imagination when he or she is playing with toy cars. Swinging your vehicle round corners and bashing and crashing into other vehicles in a spectacular manner. Need For Speed looks and feels amazing to play.

2. Far Cry 3

What is not to like about Far Cry 3. A vast beautiful island to freely roam around in. Great side quests, hunting missions and crafting. Yes I said it. Great crafting. I never, ever like crafting in a game but in far cry 3 collecting the animal skins and making your new wallet or ammo bag is actually really fun. Imagine this, getting in a boat and driving it out to the middle of the ocean. Sitting on the deck looking overboard and spotting a fin. Then climbing onto the boats turret and blasting the fuck out of that shark. Finally jumping in the water diving down and skinning the shark to later make a holster that will carry 4 weapons not 3. Far Cry makes things like that which I would usually find tedious and boring allot of fun. Okay so the story became a bit of a let down but everything else surrounding it is spectacular.

1. The Walking Dead

I would really struggle to call The Walking Dead by Tell Tale a game. Its a choose your own adventure is what it is. Its also extremely entertaining. By no means though is it fun, its actually brutal, terrifying and extremely tense. But that is why I enjoyed the walking dead. The characters are amazing. So is the voice acting, the writing and the overall plot. The Walking dead is by far the best thing to come out of “gaming” in 2012. I also think it was to the games benefit that The Walking Dead was released in episodic format. It built up suspense for the game. I was constantly waiting for the next episode to hit wondering what would happen next. Where next would my choices take Lee and Clem.


02/09/2012 "really getting sick of hearing Nolan Norths voice"

Guild Wars 2 logo wallpaper

I have just started to play Guild Wars 2 recently and although I haven’t managed to put too much time into the game I am having a lot of fun with it. I don’t generally get into MMO games. Not because they aren’t fun (actually most do bore me) but because of the monthly subscription method most good MMORPG games use. Now hearing that Guild Wars 2 has no such payment method I thought what the fuck, give it a try at least.

I am really glad I did. I decided to go with a human race and elementalist class which tends to be my norm with games like this (I just like playing with fire). That choice resulted in me playing as Nathan “fucking” Drake. I don’t know about anyone else but I am really getting sick of hearing Nolan North’s voice. He just needs to give Voice over work a rest for a few years. Its just too much.

The character creator is pretty detailed and I managed to get a avatar that looks well pretty much like every in game character I make. After that you get dropped straight into the game, no tutorial just go. The first thing I realised was that there is no click to move control method. That seemed really strange to me especially as that is the way I generally control games like this (and after coming off of Diablo 3 and getting pretty good at playing like that). But I suppose I can get used to W,A,S,D if I have to.

So far the quest system has been your basic MMO questing. Fetch this go kill that, nothing really new and unique to talk about. The unique part of Guild Wars 2 that really interests me is the upgrade system. When you level up you get points to put into some new abilities which unlock at certain levels and your stats raise while levelling but your main abilities are linked to the weapons you use. The more you use a weapon the more skills you unlock for that weapon. I think that’s a really cool way of opening up new skills and powers, but at the minute it does seem that they unlock really quickly. Well only time will tell but so far I am fucking loving it.

As of now I am loving Guild Wars 2 and if it wasn’t down all of last night I probably would have had a fuck ton more to say about it.

Well that was my initial thoughts and feelings of Guild Wars 2. At the moment I strongly recommend you try it out. I will have more to come in the coming weeks I hope


22/07/2012 I didn’t cry though, damn it I am a man

This week was my first week back at work after my 17 day vacation time. On Wednesday morning I really couldn’t be arsed, back up at 6.30 in the morning to do a long ass tiring days work. Did I enjoy being back at work? Lets just say, I want another holiday already. I really put some weight on during my holiday too I realised that when I tried to squeeze into my work trousers and they were tight as fuck, looks like its time to make more of an effort at the gym. This week bought on the steam sale . I happened to miss 3 days of it while I was on holiday but I have still made a few good purchases. Saying that the sale seemed to rack truly interesting deals this year. I didn’t go as mad as I thought I would. Being back from holiday did mean more gaming time so...

What Have I Been Playing?

I bought Payday: The Heist in the Steam summer sale. In fact I bought it about 5 seconds after stepping off of the plane home using the Steam App on my iPhone. After putting a good hour or so into it I really like it. Its a really original take on the Left 4 Dead style of first person shooter and although it maybe doesn't feel as good as Left 4 Dead. The heist aspect of the game is really intriguing to me as a fan of films like Oceans 11 and Heat.

I also bought Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD on release day, wednesday. This Xbox live game is a new game in the pro skater series that sees the Tony Hawk’s games going back to its roots. It really brings back memories of the early Playstation 1 games. I personally loved the original Pro Skater games with the second being my favourite. The game takes levels, music and characters from the first two THPS games (but also adds a few new ones in for good measure). Because the game riffs mainly on the first two games a lot of technical aspects you may have become used to in the Underground games or Project 8 are no longer possible. Such things as reverts not counting towards your combo, spine transfers being non existent and not being able to level out your skater if you fuck up a jump. I really did miss that stuff and hope at least some of it will be used in a sequel or in the Pro Skater 3 patch that is incoming soon. The career mode is pretty short in total, on the first night after downloading the game I had opened up every level and now after 4 sessions on the game have 100% of the objectives on 5 or 6 of the levels. The objectives mentioned above are your regular THPS objectives of collecting skate, high score, pro score, sick score and getting the secret tape (well DVD in this). Even though the game does lack many aspects of Tony Hawks that I came to love, and to be totally honest some of the levels are total bull shit (mainly the downhill ones) I fucking love this game and I would recommend it to anyone that loves skating, Tony Hawks games or just skating games in general.

That is basically all I have been playing even though I have bought a fair few games from the Steam sale. I may try S.T.A.L.K.E.R some time next week. I have never played a S.T.A.L.K.E.R game before and they always seemed interesting to me. I also want to play a litte more Skyrim here and there. Do some quests I missed and play through the DLC. Anyway enough of games what about,

What Have I Been Watching?

Breaking Bad started its new season this week and may I say it started with a fucking bang. Breaking Bad is my favourite TV show period. I think Bryan Cranston is amazing as Walter White, the chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin. His Character has become so dark and evil and I think he pulls it off perfectly. I really can not wait for the rest of the season and I am really sad that the show is coming to an end after this year.

I also went to the cinema on friday, and even though my girlfriend fell asleep during the film (she came off a 13 hour night shift) The Dark Knight Rises was fucking amazing, a perfect end to the trilogy of films. I really wish I could talk in detail about the film but it is so good that I do not want to spoil it for anyone. Bale plays batman perfectly and I think that Tom Hardy’s bane was scary as hell. I have to say though that for me Michael Caine stole the film in terms of acting. In one scene he has a monologue that even made me well up ever so slightly (I didn’t cry though damn it I am a man). I really won't talk too much about the film because everything I say could spoil it. I would love to start a thread on the NooBTooB forums, maybe where us that have seen the film could talk in detail without the risk of spoiling the film for others. Maybe I will do that tomorrow, if I get the time.

Well that was my week, I can not stress enough how amazing The Dark Knight Rises is, go watch it as soon as you can.

Next week, I don’t really have too much planned. I wanna go into Nottingham at some point.... I proper fancy a burger from TGI Fridays but I can't think of much else I have planned. Maybe I will pick up the Amazing Spider Man game if I can find it on sale somewhere. I am not paying full price though.


27/06/2012 - Pandering to the "Gleeks"

My last week at work this week, after Friday I have 17 full days off. I really can't fucking wait. Also on the 9th I go to Tenerife for a week with my girlfriend. Its gunna be amazing 4* hotel, all inclusive, nice weather. Bring it on. Anyway this isn’t about what I will be doing this shambles of a blog is what I have done in the past week.

What Have I Been Watching?

Me and my girlfriend got chance to go to the cinema on Sunday, we decided to watch Rock of Ages. For those of you that do not know the film is a musical set in the late 80’s around a rock and roll bar called the Bourbon Room. In the film you follow the lives of multiple people and see how the club and the music affects their lives. The cast in this film is amazing, Alec Baldwin, Tom Cruise and Russell Brand to name a few of the stars. Overall I loved the film and not even Brand’s piss poor Brummy accent could spoil the movie. I love Russell Brand, I think he is a comedy Legend but I have to say I am starting to wish he would try something a little different. By that I mean that I wish he would play a different role, not just a cheeky chappy englishman. I know that is how he is naturally but it would be nice to see him stretch as an actor and play a totally different part to that he is used too. The film was great though. really good camp acting (it is a musical after all) and I was surprised how great singers all the cast were. Especially Tom Cruise, his rock voice is amazing. I’m not really a cruise fan but is there nothing this man can not do. My only criticism would be that the film (to me) seems to be pandering to the “Gleeks”. The big finale was the terrible Journey song that Glee made famous and to me it seemed to be set up exactly the same as the Glee version (female and male lead parts blah blah blah).

What Have I Been Playing?

I have finally finished Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. This game took me way too long to complete. Especially taking into account that when I first got the game I couldn’t get enough of it. It seemed like such a great tactical shooter, a game where you really needed to think about your moves and not just run and gun. 3 levels in though the game started to become really boring. Nothing really mixing up the missions. A basic stealth section that sometimes just seems like trial and error and then an all out firefight to the extraction point. That is the same for every fucking mission. The only time the game even slightly mixes it up is the second to last mission and all they do is take your fucking teammates away. So its just you following the bull shit outlined above. The gameplay is really tedious and the story is really bloody boring. I don’t actually think I could recall the story I was that bored. Erm something to do with a group of russian arms dealers and oh hell I don’t know or give two shits to be honest. The game looks terrible too and it seems to be on purpose. They have put some sort of interference on top of the image for some reason. I dunno, probably to give the gamer a sense of technological advancement but it just makes everything look shite. I hated this game so much. I could only bring myself to play 1 level for each gaming session. The game was just no fun at all.

Now that Ghost Recon is done I can finally start Max Payne 3. I actually started this yesterday and played through 7 chapters in 1 sitting. Not many games can actually get me sat down and paying attention for 3 hours straight now a days. This game is so refreshing after Ghost Recon. It looks beautiful on the PC running everything on the highest setting. Probably the best game I have seen. I love everything about this game. The darkness of the character and the bleakness of the world and its environments. Max’s narration really adds to this too. The game however seems really hard (playing with free aim) but it seems to be checkpointed really well. Thank fuck because that can be really frustrating. I can’t praise this game anymore, this game is up there with the Darkness 2 so far this year as my favourite game.

The only other game I have been able to put any time into is Forza 4. I got back into this game thanks to Littleg and his upcoming Friday Night Forza Gamenight. I haven’t really participated in any races, I have mainly been playing around with a car to get it up the scratch (along with Littleg’s guidelines). I chose a Civic Type R and have so far put 2 or 3 hours into tweaking it and making it look good (in my eyes anyway). I can’t wait to test the car out properly on Friday, its a real shame that I suck ass at Forza.

So is that it?

Yepp that has been my week. I will hopefully have allot more to talk about in the next one of these (after my 1st week off) because I have allot of stuff planned. Me and my girlfriend are set to go to a zoo and to a theme park as well as going to watch the new Spiderman film in iMax 3d. Then the week after that I will be sunning it up in Tenerife. I can not wait.


22/06/2012 - Lemonade Tycoon....seriously

My gaming has really taken a dive recently, saying that though I managed to finally finish up Diablo 3 (after fucking hours attempting the final boss) with thanks to a workmate who gave me a hand with his level 60 character, but then I kind of just hit a wall. I think the main reason for that was I have decided to stick to one game at a time and it just so happens that the game I chose after Diablo has become really tedious to play for me. Why carry on playing you ask? I have no fucking clue, I think its my personality type. If something is started it has to be finished before taking on a new task, I can't leave the game undone especially as I know I am over the halfway point now.

That game is Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. You may recall me singing the games praises a few weeks ago, so what changed? Well the game just became fucking tedious. I went into the game with the impression that it was a tactical shooter, think things through first and then steadily make your way around puzzle like shooter missions. In all honestly the first 2 missions actually gave off that impression to me. But getting further into the game I realised that the levels followed a set pattern , a long tedious stealth section If you get caught its mission over and then an all out firefight at the end. The start of the missions seem to be nothing more than trial and error, no skill involved at all and in some cases a lot of luck. In one certain case i tried a scenario once and failed, I got caught. Later on trying the exact same thing worked out perfectly. Now to that I say fuck right off. The later firefights do nothing really to break up the boring early parts of the missions either. They are extremely easy and in most cases too short. For those reasons alone I am really disappointed with Ghost Recon. Its a shame because The GRAW games are some of my favourite shooters on this generation of consoles.

I mentioned earlier that I had finally played through Diablo 3. Oh my god was the last boss a pain in the back side. I tried and tried but could not beat Diablo at all. I feel a little ashamed that I had to cop out and bring a friend with a level 60 character in to ‘help’ finish off the game for me. But I have to say I am glad it is over. The experience was great, I loved the game totally but towards the end I just seemed to be getting frustrated, I rarely got loot that helped, the last couple of boss’ were fucking horrid to fight and I really can’t be doing with the auction house bull shit. And for those reasons I doubt I will re-enter the game again any time soon. I am not the type of person that gets addicted to loot drops and positive reinforcement (which the game does perfectly). I mean yeah its nice but I don’t need it to enjoy a game, I don’t really have an addictive personality I suppose. So the whole Diablo addiction never really hit me. I have finished the game on normal. I am glad I experienced the game but now its time for something else.

That's it for what I have been playing recently I think. Oh one more game I was searching the app store the other day and came across a game that I loved as a kid. That game is Lemonade Tycoon...seriously, yupp Lemonade Tycoon used to be a shareware PC game and back in the day I was hooked. In the game you basically run a stall that sells lemonade and you have to set different variables to try and make a profit. I know it doesn’t sound like much but it is really good. Its a perfect little game to sit on public transport with and jab away at for 20 minutes or so. I have just today done what I would consider finishing the game is. I have bought the biggest stand, hired all the staff available and I am constantly making a high enough profit. So I guess thats it. There is nothing else to do in the game. I would really recommend checking the game out, it is free (ad supported, but they don’t affect anything). I am now looking for something else to occupy my time on the iphone, especially as I will be going on a 5 hour flight in 2 weeks time. Any recommendations would be great. I would also like to extend that to 3ds games if anyone can think of any also.

Thats about all I have been playing recently, I hope to get Ghost Recon polished off in the next few days and then move on to Max Payne 3 on the PC. I also bought Playstation Plus recently so that will open up a hell of allot more games for me to play at the low, low cost of £0 (well besides the £40 i payed to join the service). I did actually have a problem with playstation plus in the beginning and if you're at all interested in that check out my last blog, update on that is well, I have no update it's still fucked up. I am going to check a few things out when I get time over the weekend. Thank you to everyone who reads this drivel, I know it's probably boring as fuck but I guess I like writing them.


FIFA Euro 2012

The UEFA European Football Championships for 2012 started just a few weeks ago. You know what that means right? It's time for another cash in game from FIFA charging us Football (soccer) fans for another full priced game. Actually no this year the guys at EA actually did the smart and really cool thing of releasing the Euro’s as a DLC add on pack that is now just over 1200 points (25% off). Finally EA has done something right and it doesn’t look like they have skimped on content either even though selling it at a very reduced rate.

There are 4 different game modes to keep you interested, you can bring in your created character from the full FIFA 12 game and advance his skills further and there is also a full online competition game mode.

The game plays exactly the same as the original FIFA game, all of the superstars are unchanged and have the exact same stats and look exactly the same (expect for the kit they are wearing, obviously). But as I said above the really interesting part about this game are the type of modes it lets you play in. Obviously the main element of the game is the Euro 2012 Championship. You get to choose your team from any country in the competition and play as them through the group stage and then hopefully through to the final. After playing through this game mode you realise why EA have added so much more to this expansion because basically if all goes well in this competition you only get to play 6 matches. Which we all can agree paying any money for that would be a fucking rip off. I played through this mode in little over 2 hours and won the European Championships with England and won (at least I got to see it even if it was virtual).

So because this mode is so small EA have added a few extra game modes to keep people who bought this add on’s attention. The first is a Challenge mode where the developers will set everyone who plays the game a challenge for each day of the Championships. The challenge will will depend on a recent match in the Competition. For example the one that I played was the France match from earlier in the week. In the real match France lost 1-0. My challenge was to turn that defecit around in the 82nd minute and go on to win the match. That was actually pretty tough and took me 3 or 4 attempts.

The game mode that interested me the most though was the Exhibition mode. In this mode you create a player (or import one from the main game) and you are randomly assigned a team (a proper shite one too) made of players from around Europe. You then choose a group to join and play against those teams. At the start you only have 1 team to face but as you beat them you open up a ‘road’ to another country (and it basically carries on from there, more wins more roads more teams to play). When you beat a country you get given one of that country's players to add to your squad. The 1st time you win the country you receive a reserve player, the 2nd time is a sub and if you beat the team a 3rd and final time you receive a member of their main squad. This feature reminds me a little of the old NBA street games and I actually fucking love it. Also for beating a team you receive that squads photograph to add to a mosaic. When finished the Mosaic will have a photo of every Countries squad in the game. This mode in my opinion is by far the best mode in the game and maybe in FIFA in general.

There is also an online mode letting you play with friends and randoms over Xbox live. I personally suck pretty bad at the game. So haven’t really played this mode and don’t really expect to anytime soon.

Overall I think that the DLC expansion is pretty fucking awesome. Its a great price and you actually receive a hell of allot of content for your money. If you like FIFA 12 I would recommend this as a must buy. Go get it now while its still on Sale.


A Small PlayStation Rant

Even though I fucking love gaming as a hobby and I am glad that I managed to get into it many years ago there are many things about gaming culture and games in general that gets on my fucking nerves, and well I want to fucking rant so let me blow off some steam here in the blogs section once in a while...okay?

Anyway what has urged me to write this blog? The playstation 3, well The Playstation Network more specifically. Now I will start by saying I am not 100% sure if I am a lone case in this or if its that the old Phat playstations have shittier hardware or all Playstation 3’s are just terrible but what is wrong with the download speeds?

Okay let me set up my problem. I recently bought Playstation Plus (because, well have you seen the amount of games they give away if you have the service). My first problem came about upon trying to actually give Sony my 40 quid for a years subscription. I entered my card details and nothing (card invalid apparently), now I know I have money on my card and I know for damn sure I entered it correctly. So what the fuck. In the end I got a little pissed off but decided fuck it.

An hour later I got a phone call from the fraud department of my credit card company, someone had tried to use my card for a non secure transaction. After worrying for a minute or two I realised that it was actually me trying to purchase Playstation plus. It turns out that because of the little (well fucking massive) hacking debacle Sony had a little while back they are on many credit card companies blacklist. After a short conversation with the person at my Credit Card Company's fraud department (stupid questions to check if I am actually me) I was allowed finally to use my card on the Playstation Network. Now thats fucked up one of the World's biggest companies is not considered secure by many credit card companies. Fuck me sideways.

Anyway after all that shit I finally managed to buy myself the year of plus. Simple. That however

wasn’t my main problem the thing that is annoying me the most is the speed of my downloads. Like I said I don’t know if its all Playstation 3 consoles or mine but wireless speeds are ludicrous.

I have been downloading a 6 gig game for 3 days now and I am 50% of the way there. I leave my console on while I am out of the house at work (7-6) and still only halfway there. What the fuck. I think its the wireless card the playstation 3 uses but I am not entirely sure and before someone starts I am unable to connect wired. I am too far away so don’t be a dick. I have decided to try something out. My girlfriend used to use a wireless extender for her iPad because she has a big ass house and her wifi doesn’t reach her bedroom, anyway. I am thinking about connecting that up to my playstation 3 via an ethernet cable and connecting that to my hub wirelessly. In a hope that, that will speed up my fucking downloads. Anyway that's my rant about playstation network over. Fuck that service. I see why I pay for Xbox live year upon year now. No i’m not a fucking fanboy don’t start, Xbox is just better ;)


03/06/2012 So E3?

E3 is just one short day away. This year I have no idea what to expect. Will we find anything out about the next generation of consoles? Will we see more boring media shite? I don’t even know what to expect from the wii U. I still can’t fucking wait.I am currently trying to find the quickest way home tomorrow so I can catch the Microsoft press conference.

What Have I Been Watching?

As for what I have been doing.....absolutely squat. I did finally get out to see Men In Black 3. I didn’t have much hope for the film after all these years, but I am a massive MiB fan so this film was a must see. Even loved number 2. In this film K, played by Tommy Lee Jones has been wiped out of all existence. It is down to Agent J (Will Smith) to go back in time to stop K from being killed. Therefore making him re-exist in the future. I know dumb ass plot but honestly the film is pretty damn awesome. Really it’s funny as hell....well I did like number 2. Tommy Lee Jones doesn’t appear too much in this film but is great as always. Will Smith (looks fucking old by the way) is funny and great as agent J. The person who steals the whole movie though is Josh Brolin as a young K. His Tommy Lee Jones impression is fucking awesome. If you like the others go see this honestly. It's more of the same and I love it.

I also got into Happy Endings this past week. Its pretty funny. I love Damon Wayans and well his son is just as funny (I mean hell he is like a fucking clone). The sexual tension the show is built on is pretty gruelling though.

What have I been Playing?

A few new games this week. Oh and a little double dipping too. Even saying that I haven’t really had much time to play many games this week. AnywayGhost Recon Future Soldier. I spoke a little about this last week if you read my last blog you would know (I know you didn’t, but oh well) I surprisingly loved the game especially the single player campaign. I wasn’t too fond of the multiplayer though. This past week I actually put a little more time into the multiplayer (because my girlfriend stole my big TV to watch shite and I had to play games on my shitty small screen, so it was time for something insignificant). After a few hours playing the multiplayer I have to say I like it a little more than last week.Class based objective game types. Its pretty good even if it is really basic.

I also bought the Humble Indie Bundle the other day. I already own Psychonauts (on Steam and Xbox), Limbo (Steam and 360) and Bastion (on 360) but I couldn’t turn down a deal like that. Plus its for Childs Play. Also I finally got Amnesia in with the bundle, a game I have been wanting to play for a while, and oh my fucking god is that game tense. I have only played about an hour so far but it is amazing. Nothing really scares me but this game really has me on edge.

I also played tad more Diablo 3, made a fair bit of progress today and I think I am nearing the end of act 3. The game is just awesome I wish I had more time to play it. Other games I have played a little of is Super Monday Night Combat which is still awesome. This seems to have become my new multiplayer game. I love it and try to play at least 1 game a day. I also just bought Max Payne 3 on steam. I have so far played the first 2 chapters and one multiplayer match. Not too much to say on the game so far, at the minute it just seems average. I will probably be able to go into more detail next time.

What Next?

I am gonna try and focus on one game at a time moving forward so I can speak at detail on one game and say a little about others and at the minute I think that game will be Diablo 3. Erm not too much going on in my life, saving money for my holiday next month. I am hoping to get out and watch Prometheus on wednesday though.


29/05/2012 The Weather is Stopping Me Having Fun :(

I got a little bored so I thought I would write a little more nonsense down, while I catch up on a few episodes of Fringe. Not much has happened with me recently work and well gym finally. I am getting back into it now. I actually like the gym and well I wanna get in a better shape before I go on holiday in July. Tone up a little. The gym isn’t too appealing when the weather outside is fucking stupidly hot. I mean nearly 30 degrees some days. Come on this is the UK.....wait why am I complaining. The weather has also put a halt on me going to watch Men in Black 3, who wants to go to the cinema when its boiling outside.

What Have I Been Watching?

Film wise nothing new. I did re watch my Fast 5 blu ray again. Man I like that film. For those of you who don’t know (not sure why you wouldn’t). Fast 5 is basically a heist movie centered around driving. As the title suggest there has been 4 films previous in the Fast and The Furious franchise to varying degrees of success (2 and 3 just suck ass). This film brings back all of the stars from the previous films for one big job.

In fast 5 the team who are already on the run from the police are attempting to rob a crime lord of all of his ill gotten drug money. On the run from the police and now being chased by the criminals will the team pull of the job in Rio and walk away will $11 million each? The plot is a little basic but the action along the way more than carries the film. Great car chases, shootouts and a great piece of misdirection that momentarily gets you thinking.

As for the cast it is just awesome, especially The Rock who plays the hard arsed cop who only cares about getting the job done. The Rocks fight with Vin Diesel's character is one of the best scenes in the film

Although the film is extremely simple, I think it is a great piece of popcorn cinema. Just zone out for a couple of hours and have fun. If you like action films definitely give it a try.

As for anything else I am watching I am a little ashamed to say I have gotten hooked on Jersey Shore, what got me into watching this TV show? The only answer is netflix. I put the show on to occupy my girlfriend for an hour and I suddenly got hooked. It just interests me on a psychological level. Watching the people. Wondering, What the fuck???? I have now watched all 5 seasons back to back in less than a week and I cannot wait for season 6. Sad I know but whatcha gonna do.

What Have I Been Playing?

I have played very few games recently. Most of my time has gone into Diablo 3. WOW!!! this game is great. Extremely simple but very deep at the same time. I have played up to act 3 so far and it is just starting to ramp up in difficulty. The errors and lag from before seems to be non existent, thank god. Blizzard sorted it out pretty quickly. I have also been playing Super Monday Night Combat. I actually put a little money into this game yesterday. I bought the Matador Veteran. I actually love this character. I have got his abilities down to a tee. Saying that I have only won a handful of matches. Either because of arseholes quitting or people just acting like this is any other shooter. I’m not saying I am good at the game but atleast I try to play it properly. I also just bought Ghost Recon: Future Soldier today. I have to say I am fucking loving this game so far. The multiplayer is nothing to shout about (from the 2 matches I have played). The single player is amazing me. I have only played the first two missions but I love the mix between action and stealth they have. It kinda gives the game a puzzle aspect. You actually have to contemplate how you are going to carry out your actions in the scenario in front of you. Who should you shoot (if anyone), in what order. Do you carry out a team kill (line up 4 people and order them all to be shot simultaneously). I love the fact that this game is not just run and gun.

Now What?

This week I really wanna get to see Men in Black 3, hopefully I will get a chance to check it out soon. I am also thinking about buying Max Payne 3 on the PC when it finally gets released. Maybe I will finally get around to playing some 3ds now the weather is pretty great, I can sit outside and play through a little Resident Evil or some Super Mario Bros.


19/05/2012, Hazelnuts Game and Film Blog

Not much at all has been going on in my life recently. That may be the reason I haven't wrote much up here for a few weeks or it could be that I just can't be arsed. I did go to Alton towers Tuesday. Alton Towers is a theme park in the UK about an hour and half's drive from my house. This year the park was nearly empty it was fucking awesome. Usually the lines can reach an hour long for some of the rides this year non-existent. That may be in part due to the weather (fucking rain) but it was still awesome.


I also went to see The Avengers film again since my last post. I cant get enough of that film. For those of you that don't know....I expect that will be no one but anyway.

The Avengers Assemble is a mash up of 3 big budget Marvel superhero franchises. Namely Iron Man, Captain America and Thor oh and with a little bit of Hulk sprinkled on top. I for one was psyched for this film. This film is a nerd's wet dream (Scarlett Johansson in that that tight outfit is mine). The question is does the film live up to the hype or will it fall short and be a massive (and i mean massive, have you seen the amount of stars in this) waste of pennies.

An Avengers film has been hinted at since Iron Man 2 in 2010 with Samuel L. Jacksons cameo and the appearance of Captain America's Shield. There were then later tie ins with the Captain America and Thor films in 2011. Now it's time for those guys (and a few more) to team up in the nerdgasm that is The Avengers Assemble.

In The Avengers Loki, Thor’s little bro wants to conquer and rule Earth with the help of an Alien army and a super weapon/teleportation device/power source cube (it does fucking everything) called The Tessteract.To fight Loki and his army Nick fury (Played by Samuel L. Jackson) the head of S.H.I.E.L.D an intelligence organisation has to put together a team a super team of men and women with special abilities to fight the worst threat mankind has ever known.

As for the cast of this film. Oh my fucking god what a cast. Robert Downey Jnr. as the arrogant, self centered, sarcastic anti hero is amazing and by far the best character in the film. He played the role perfectly and I can’t wait for Iron Man 3. Mark Ruffalo's first appearance as Bruce Banner/ Hulk is near on perfect. His uncomfortableness around other people is perfect for the character. I also loved how they used the voice of Lou Ferrigno for the voice of the Hulk too a perfect call back to classic Hulk. Thor and Captain America played by Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans where good also while never really excelling. Another mention has to go to Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow. Mainly because she looked sexy as hell and her pert bum looked perfect in that outfit.

The Avengers is the best film I have seen in a while (probably since inception). There are no words to describe how amazing the film is. The cast is perfect, the story is engaging and really funny when it wants to be. I really can't wait for the next film in the franchises. Pure and awesome film.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway I went a little over board there games time.

What Have I Been Playing

I put a tiny bit more time into The Witcher 2 Assassins of the Kings Enhanced Edition I just dunno about this. I can see its a good game but I am just not feeling it. Its a real shame because I desperately want to love this game. I also sunk a hell off allot of time into Minecraft on the PC. May I say I am bloody loving this game. (game? Is it really a game). I just play it for hours on end Just mining and erm... well crafting. For the last couple of years I have stayed away from Minecraft. I never saw the appeal. But I am a gamer so I had to try it eventually the release of the Xbox version spurred me on I guess. I have to say I am glad I did. The only other game I have played is Diablo 3 . I received this Saturday morning, The Saturday before release. 3 Days before I can even install the bloody game. Having it sat on to of my sub all wrapped up in its plastic wrap not being able to do anything, not even install it was agony. Saying that even having it installed and able to play it can be annoying as fuck at times. I have encountered so much lag and so many errors. For a single player game I have to say that is very annoying. When it does work though the game is great. Extremely addicting loot system, great game play that goes further than "hey click here to kill this skeleton", you can go really deep customising your characters equipment and layout of your abilities to set up the best combination. The setting too, really moody and dark while at times strangely cartoon like. I fucking love it. I have never played any of the Prequels but I got really addicted to Torchlight when it was released on XBLA. Knowing that Diablo was the inspiration for that game meant that I had to play this.

So What next?

I am hoping to go see Sacha Baron Cohen's new film the dictator next week. I love his work, Bruno and Borat are great films. Nothing yet has compared to Ali G though (TV series not the film). I have also decided to go back through the Avengers films on Blu Ray. Thor next. As for games more Diablo definitely and I may look into buying Max Payne 3 when it gets its PC release. If the version is any good (reliability wise). I also got an email about the Torchlight 2 beta this morning so that is my weekend sorted. Oh Yeah BTDub I am considering making a backlog list go check it out if your interested.