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The second I completed an early ingame task by triggering something in the mission script by I guess crouch-running into a corner, not being used to the controls and whatnot, I was in love. Finally, a game worthy of being a KOTOR II spiritual sequel. Also the fact that you can't alter Michael's facial structure or body in the beginning but have access to at least ten styles of beard had me in hysterics. I wanted to play a game that let me pretend I was a doofus spy in a comic book/movie spy thriller and that's what I got. 

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Quick, think up pithy witticisms in 30 seconds!
This 'Mummy' needs to be put back in its crypt 
This just in: fighting a mummy online exactly as hard as it is in real life (imagine all caps) 
"Mum's" the word on whether this MMO will be any good 
Momma, Don't Raise Your Sons to be Pharaohs

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Never played WoW. Still... a giant robot would be nice.

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If they update it and release Virtual On  4 FORCE as promised I might pick up a 360.

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Potential console leaks: 
the Apple Pippin 2 
the Bally Astrocade 2 (read: every game is Wii Fit) 
Long shots:  
Dreamcast 2 
Tapwave Zodiac successor/Gizmondo 2 (this is real!) 
 Infinium Phantom

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It's got nothing to do with the frequency of complaints, just that SWERY's other games aren't like that, this game is clearly riffing off other horror movie themes so why wouldn't misogyny be in there, etc. I dislike watching most horror movies because the kinds of things you describe are there in spades, yet I didn't feel that cringing coming on with this game. So many other things about it were laughable that I blew Thomas's big reveal off, even though both humor- and story- wise it was the weakest part of the game.