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Wait so Joffrey considers himself a Lannister now instead of a Baratheon?

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i know a lot of you are very young, and probably have been subjected to brainwashing and social engineering since you were children, as i have. . but please realize. we are not living in a dream world utopia. there is evil all around us, and tyranny is trying to crush us from inside and out. if we allow them to convince us to give up our only power (the ability to wield a gun), we are basically asking to be enslaved.

if we were living in that utopian world, where there was no need for guns because there was no violence, and no threat of violence from evil politicians or enemies from afar, it might be the right thing to get rid of guns . but that is not the world we live in. please realize these things my friends. please realize your selves. look deeply into your selves, and then use the wisdom and truth you find within to look outwards, and discover the truths of the world. we are to be lights in the darkness. and the darkness is shrouding ever closer .

Are you fucking kidding me? Don't call all people that don't agree with you brainwashed, we could say the same about you.

And guess what, not owning a gun doesn't make you a slave you piece of shit

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The fact that I read most of this thread while I don't even play mmo's boggles my mind, I'm leaving now

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Hah that reminds me of when my runescape got hacked when I was 12, I cried like a little bitch for 2 days, at least I learned how to deal with that kind of stuff I guess

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In black and white 2, your villagers would not age with a pirated copy, but they could die to other stuff, meaning you'd eventually end up with a city with nothing but 0 year old infants in it

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I'm not telling because they're all perverted

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that time when lots of people died

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@SathingtonWaltz said:

Ahhh Dwarf Fortress, the ultimate autism simulation.


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@Remedy25 said:

Minecraft for XBLA

why would you do that?

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Beat all dynasty warriors 6 stages on chaos mode, seriously, some of those stages took over 2 hours, and the tinyest mistake meant you do it all over again.

(especially the lu bu scenarios, seriously, FUCK the lu bu scenarios)