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Makes as much sense as any other sports scholarship.

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New Pokemon Snap incoming. I'm calling it

Dude! I hope. I hope.

Edit: I HOPE!

Doesn't the GamePad seem like the perfect controller for a Snap game?

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Hit & Run was the best one I ever played. I still like Bart's Nightmare a lot too.

I barely remember anything else other than the Arcade Game and I don't remember that very well.

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This would bother me lot more if I didn't hate just about every minute of playing the last one.

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I switched all my presonal recipes to gram and liter measurements a couple of years ago and it makes cooking a lot easier, especially calculating different amounts to make.

I perfer using metric measurements for woodworking as well.

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Anyone know what the fourth title was?

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I drive 45 minutes each way 2 days a week and the Bombcast is usually just long enough for me to occupy myself with, but lately I felt like I haven't been reading enough so I got a few audiobooks and have been tearing through novels and short story collections.

Sometimes I still find it easier to listen to podcasts because they don't demand as much attention, but when I'm in the mood I prefer the an audio book.

I used to take an e-reader when I used public transportation regularly.

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@grantheaslip said:

You essentially just rattled off a string of ridiculous strawman questions nobody is asking

Yeah OP is a perfect example of a straw man argument if I ever saw one.

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This is the most condescending thing I've read in a while.

"How are the boob physics."


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Torchlight is up right now

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I played it on 360 but never got Enemy Within. If it came out for Vita I'd be much more motivated to buy it.