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I liked Jane until the truck ride. Then when she showed up without AJ saying "You'll see what he's really like." I knew she hid him to prove a point and I was PISSED. I have also been tired of Kenny for a while, so I decided in the heat of the moment that I and the zombie apocalypse world were beter off without both of these assholes. I let Kenny kill Jane and then shot him. I ended up with that scene with Clem and AJ alone in a field and it suited me just fine.

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One of the bigger differences, in my opinion, is that western games seem to value realism more. Japanese designers seem less averse to abstraction and "gamey" systems.

Also, culturally, the Japanese seem more interested in pushing things over the top instead of realistic narrative, character, etc.

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Makes as much sense as any other sports scholarship.

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New Pokemon Snap incoming. I'm calling it

Dude! I hope. I hope.

Edit: I HOPE!

Doesn't the GamePad seem like the perfect controller for a Snap game?

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Hit & Run was the best one I ever played. I still like Bart's Nightmare a lot too.

I barely remember anything else other than the Arcade Game and I don't remember that very well.

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This would bother me lot more if I didn't hate just about every minute of playing the last one.

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I switched all my presonal recipes to gram and liter measurements a couple of years ago and it makes cooking a lot easier, especially calculating different amounts to make.

I perfer using metric measurements for woodworking as well.

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Anyone know what the fourth title was?

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I drive 45 minutes each way 2 days a week and the Bombcast is usually just long enough for me to occupy myself with, but lately I felt like I haven't been reading enough so I got a few audiobooks and have been tearing through novels and short story collections.

Sometimes I still find it easier to listen to podcasts because they don't demand as much attention, but when I'm in the mood I prefer the an audio book.

I used to take an e-reader when I used public transportation regularly.

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You essentially just rattled off a string of ridiculous strawman questions nobody is asking

Yeah OP is a perfect example of a straw man argument if I ever saw one.

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This is the most condescending thing I've read in a while.

"How are the boob physics."