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RIP, Summerjam Scholar

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@Shazam said:
"  Since when does universal health care automatically mean bad standards ? So many people to treat ? Ireland has a mix of private and public hospitals but I can tell you now, the public hospitals do NOT have bad standards. They may not have all the equipment all the time, you might have to wait some time to be seen but if it's for a immediately life threatening disease, you are not told to wait. You do not received bad treatment, they do not withhold certain procedures due to expense and it is not all that different from private. My Dad was diagnosed with cancer 12 years ago and he was treated publicly. He Was seen quickly and efficiently, he was never ignored and for 11 years, he's gotten the all clear. He even got sent to therapy sessions to cope with the big C and the Government paid for it all.
 In a democracy, the state exists for the people and it needs to support it's people. Are you all really so callus to deny the down-trodden a chance at life ? How many people have died in America because they couldn't afford for simple fucking treatment ? It is an outrage. I actually can't get my head around it. People who have the attitude of "tough shit" need to grow the fuck up. Has anyone heard of the old Greek proverb  :
A society grows great when old men plant trees
whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
 Universal health care will tough now yes, but in years to come - how many lives will it save ? This is what we're dealing with. Human lives and macro or micro economics don't fucking compare to it. This has gotten me so angry, I cannot believe people would be so selfish. What makes me laugh is if the roles were reversed, if they were lying in a hospital bed being told it would cost 10,000 dollars that they didn't have to save their life , they would give ANYTHING to have that life. But with private health care, anything isn't accepted, it's just fucking 30 silver shekels. "
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Not that I'm planning on getting either, but Lugia > Ho-Oh, so I voted with soul

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@seanvail99: Well written and thought-out post.  I'm excited to see what the advent of Valve on OS X does for Mac gaming.
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@Chuggsy said:
" @FartyMcNarly said:
" You're not gay, you're a homosexual. Gay has become a slang term for meaning homosexual. It's not alright according to you for someone to call you names, however freedom of speech disagrees.  This thread is gay. "
That probably sounded a lot smarter in your head. "
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The Boondocks.

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@ahriman22: I find Expose much more practically useful than Flip 3D specifically because I can see all of my open windows clearly with a single keystroke/trackpad gesture, rather than seeing them in a weird, angled line-up (which ends up obstructing every window behind the first to some degree).  
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Flip 3D is the opposite of useful.  WHOAHGEEZ, I can see a little bit of each of my open windows, let's waste time cycling through them to see what's what!  In contrast, Expose is invaluable at times.

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Street Fighter Snuggie.  Mind can't compute.

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On a sandwich, probably pepper jack.  As a nice standalone, probably a good sharp cheddar.