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I find myself working this way: I really tend to prefer games that have more "gamey" elements to them on portable consoles and things that are slower in pacing and maybe not as deep story-wise. I get really into tactical RPGs, lighter RPGs (Super Star Saga, for example) and puzzle games and such. I don't care for time wasters so much, but I really like having something that I can play at my leisure pretty much anywhere.

When I'm at home, I like the more cinematic stuff. Action RPGs, shooters, nearly anything unless it's got a fairly slow pacing. Then I either want to have it on PC or the ability to carry it around with me and play it procedurally.

Unfortunately, I haven't really been using my handhelds very much lately, but I find that I tend to have more memorable experiences with some of those games and kind of enjoy that freedom of taking a game with me. I like handhelds a little bit better, but there haven't been as many games on handhelds that I end up wanting to play. :(

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I dunno. I'm not really fond of American history. It basically gets classed into: The time we killed all the natives, the time we killed the Brits and ourselves and everything after that the rest of the world thinks we're pricks, basically regardless of what happens.

Soooooo... I just kinda' stick to art history on this one.

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I don't care about this thread except to say that none of you appreciate Ivalice and its attached games nearly enough.

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This is the same forum that a week early was arguing that Fat-Shaming is a good thing and helps the fat person.

But it kinda does, the more pressure put on someone the more likely it is they are gonna do something about it.

HAHAHA. You clearly have no idea how anxiety works. Clearly no one has ever punctured your privileged little bubble and made you feel completely like shit about something.

Some of you people astound me with your vindictive bullshit.

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I'd agree with you on your comment about companies being willing to defend their stances, but sometimes I kind of feel like it's impossible for them to do so, even when it's defensible.

Anything they say in defense of a subject like rape in their video game is just going to be painted in a worse light. I don't really blame them for staying quiet, saying, "Wow, guys." and then moving on.

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Rorie looks a little out of place. He doesn't really have the same proportions as the rest of the guys.

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@Fobwashed: I think Brad looks fine. If anything, the lowermost pixel of his jawline could maybe be brought up one? If you make his chin any smaller, he won't have one, but if you make his jawline a little more narrow, it might do the trick.

That said, these are all very good. You sound like you don't consider yourself to be very artistic (I may be wrong about this), but you've done a good job making everyone interesting and giving them character in pixel form. That's hard to do. Nice job,

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@Getz: He's got too many pixels =P

@Apparatus_Unearth: Yay, thanks!

@rudyarr: I have no idea what that safety brad uniform is from. And your profile is the first and only place I think I've seen it. . . . unless it was in a bumper in some video somewhere =P Thanks =)

Here you go. It was also in an ILM, but I'm too lazy to find that one. :P

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It sucks when a company closes down, but in this case, I'm hoping it'll just mean that those people go on to make better games elsewhere.

Something screwy was happening in the development of those games where they could've been awesome but just... weren't. I'm glad that they're not working for Activison anymore though.

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To be honest, i find it funny (like absolutely hilarious) that people are still expecting episode 3 to come out. its been 5 years since episode 2 came out and IF valve ever decides to continue the half-life franchise i would expect them just to make Half-Life 3.

Duke nukem forever came out, you argument is invalid.

and if i remember correctly, duke nukem was an amazing heap of crap. i highly doubt valve would do that episode 3 (put out a really shitty game just so that theyll get it out after a bazillion years of development), but do you really want to take that chance?

It sounds like you're a little unfamiliar with the Valve Creative Process™.

If you didn't know, TF2 started out as a game of humans versus aliens with RTS-style resource management and building upgrades. They kind of have a habit for making shit, throwing it away and starting over.

Edit: Also, Meet the Pyro just came out after four five years. Soooo...

Edit 2, P.S.: Most of the community has kind of agreed on the, "It's just going to be Half-Life 3" thing already.