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Posts like this are so stupid. I'm sorry, but there's a thousand reviews out there, literally over a hundred hours of footage of this very game on this very site, tons of forum threads praising the game...

Yeah, I think it's worth checking out.

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The blonde chick from The Big Bang. Not the nerdy one, the other one. Hire her.

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I use Downcast on my iPhone. It's the bomb, bitch.

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What would Chris Brown do?

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It went down hill after Who Shot Mr Burns.

It died when it turned out Principal Skinner was an imposter this.

The Movie was the nail in the coffin.

The jokes now are the lowest hanging fruits... so many pop culture and current affair jokes, too many easy targets and celebrity cameos. It used to be funny by itself, now it relies too much on making fun of the real world. Compare the Kamp Krusty episode to any of the modern ones for a good example.

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You mean the cool guy of the podcast awkward? Nah.

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Why does your hyperlink go to http://localhost/? Have I just been hacked!? Answer me spam-bot!!!

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He should play the games I tell him. Always. And stream them too. BOOOOO

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Fuck it, I'm going home and SMASHING that fucking Xbox One to pieces. Fuck that black box of shit!! I wasted so much time and money on that thing and it can't even do something that if nobody told me I wouldn't have noticed and now I care... BECAUSE!! M$ have lost my businesses!!!


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I found the AI in Fire Emblem Awakening to be pretty good at focussing on a target and taking your team down one member at a time. That's the biggest one that springs to mind from a recent game... but really I don't need most AI to be very good. I play online for the competitive challenge and single-player for a different kind of experience. Generally speaking.