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The problem is the media, and the corporations, right, they're all working together. And see feminists don't like Goro because he represents, like, men and their boy-ish power fantasies. So this is like the developers working with the media, ok, to suppress Goro and tell us gamers are dead. We aren't dead, ok. I'm gonna doxx everybody or something until this changes I suppose.

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:_( ... I know man, this is such a huge deal. Such a huge deal!!

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The bugs in BF4 were half the problem... poor map design was the rest. Even if the game runs perfect nothing can hide how lame the core maps were. Seriously, the quickest example I can think of is the map with the big tower in the middle that can be blown up and.... yay another flat urban map! My other favourites are flat urban map, rainy boring urban map, open map near a dam with poor control point placement and flat design... I mean did the same guys who made Operation Metro, Caspian Border, Operation Firestorm and Damavand Peak make this game?

tl;dr -- Wolfenstein New Order is the game you want. It's brilliant... not flawless, but a lot of fun.

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99% of it. I just listen to the Bombcast and check the forums. My subscription is basically a tip jar to keep doing the Bombcast. Maybe a Quick Look now and then... but really, not a lot.

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You know, Half-Life 2 is probably it.

The first time I played it back in 2004, I was blown away by all of it, but having replayed it several times since then I can't help but wonder why why why why all of those vehicle sections exist. I think, with no hyperbole, a third of Half-Life 2 is vehicle driving. It's not particularly fun, it's not particularly engaging, and the levels themselves are nowhere near open enough to provide some kind of dynamic, emergent gameplay like you would see in a Halo game. They're just kinda there.

And all of the physics stuff blows. It blew then and it blows now. I don't care how realistic it is. I should not have to create a see-saw in order to jump over a chain link fence in a videogame about shooting dudes.

Still waiting for Half-Life 3.

I think part of the issue is the game hasn't aged well in some areas. The physics puzzles were mind-blowing to me at the time (I didn't even care about the total lack of friction). The open vehicle areas looked amazing and always felt dangerous... but I do see your point.

That game is greater than the sum of it's parts and areas like the prison with the ants and Nova Prospekt more than make up for it... oh and those final moments with the gravity gun... but yeah, that game needed someone to come in halve the vehicles sections... at least the hovercraft section!


I struggled with Final Fantasy XIII, but then again who didn't? Dead Space 2's last hour where it became a straight up action game was fucking awful (great game overall).

BUT my the worst case of filler in my mind is Twilight Princess. I wanted to love that game ... I got my Wii on day one and knew this game would be awesome. Then, 40 hours in, I was told to go on a huge fetch quest and by that point I was fucking out. The world was ugly, I can't think of a memorable area, the characters were mostly dull (save for that bird near the lake and Midna was ok), overworld had zero personality.... I dunno that whole game felt like filler to me. After YEARS of not playing I went back before the release of Skyward Sword and tried again, but four hours later I was out. I love nearly all the Zelda games, but fuck Twilight Princess feels like the most by-the-numbers action-adventure game I have ever played. Uninspired filler from start to end (well where I gave up).

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Christmas 2014 -- Typical mum -- I bought my kids a 3DS! They'll love it.

Mid-2015 -- I'll buy buy them some Amiibos or some shit, that'll keep them quiet. Fuck what they work only on a New 3DS?

Christmas 2015 -- Fuck the big games only work on the fucking "NEW" 3DS?! This is worse than the time I bought them a fucking Wii game that needed that special Wii U controller but I couldn't buy just the controller. I told the dickhead at the store I had a Wii!!

Mid-2016 -- Fucking hell the new Pokemon game only works on the NEW 3DS!?! Well fuck me. Stupid Nintendo... here kids have an iPad. It has games, they're cheap as shit and you can do more than games with it. I don't care if weekend daddy said you can stay up past 8pm. Did he tell you about how his whore of a girlfriend hates you? I'm sorry, mummy's been drinking.

Mid-2036 -- I can't believe I have to visit my moron son in jail. This is all Nintendo's fault.

Branding is important. I don't know why Nintendo suck so much at it.