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I like getting cheap games, but the amount of times I've played a really incredible game that absolutely bombed, then looked up discussion about it to see nothing but "I'll wait for a Steam sale" from 99% of people is fucking infuriating.

The only games anyone support out of the gate anymore are the ones that don't need it. If it's not a huge release it's apparently not worth buying immediately, because "It'll be $20 in a month" and fuck that line of thinking, because it has absolutely destroyed those medium size games that I've always loved.

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I wish some of this Souls love was being funneled into the Yakuza series.

God...YES! Please!

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Nintendo put out absolutely amazing games this year. After spending crazy amounts of time playing 3D World with my nephew, I'm ready to put aside my nostalgia and call it one of the best Mario games of all-time. A Link Between Worlds was the best Zelda since The Wind Waker. Pokemon X and Y got me back into a series I haven't cared about since Gold and Silver. Fire Emblem: Awakening was absolutely incredible, coming from someone who isn't a strategy game fan in the least. Pikmin 3 is so full of charm and whimsy and I adored every second of it. Luigi's Mansion, Animal Crossing, The Wonderful 101. All fantastic, well made games across both their platforms.

And here's the boisterous games community, calling for the heads of the annualized franchises, the stale shooter genre, the busted and half-finished games, the FTP money gouging and the day one DLC plans. And here's Nintendo, the company making incredibly polished, deep, rewarding, content rich, quality games...being entirely ignored in favour of the stale shit everyone always complains about.

I read somewhere that Knack outsold Mario. I weep for this fucking industry.

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I had fun with Sleeping Dogs. I didn't want it to end. I sometimes had fun with GTAV. I constantly wished it would end.

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Insane price for one of the best games of the generation.

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All this entire thing has done is cement my distaste for the games community at large. It makes me feel so ashamed that video games are my hobby.

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Dude seems really cool and willing to chat about whatever, which is awesome.

I'm not so into horror and I've never even seen this movie, but I enjoyed the interview a lot.

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I was hyped for new consoles like...two weeks again? Then I played Wind Waker HD, saw the new trailer for Super Mario 3D World and played an assload of Pokemon. Now I kind of just want more Nintendo stuff, I guess? I'll probably get hyped again when it's like a day or two before each launch and dive into both launches in totally fucking ecstasy.

So, answer right now is "no" answer in a few weeks "yes".

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3D World actually looks like the breath of fresh air people have wanted from a Mario game since the original Galaxy. Even though I enjoyed 3D Land I was skeptical, but the new trailer put those worries at ease. Looks beautiful.

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No, because I have a bandwidth cap and buying/installing a disc is far faster than downloading a huge file.