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wait, whats wrong with the title?

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Does this also require some form of battery/pack to be in the controller? Or will a straight USB connection suffice? Already having a USB micro cable, but no X1 controller, that's the difference between buying a controller or one with the play and charge kit.

Looking at the back of the controller, the connection to the controller has a rounded edge to it. Looks likes prob proprietary so you prob need an official MS cable/cable designed just for the controller.

It's a simple micro usb cable, you can use any cable to play without the need for a battery pack. Although the Microsoft cables offers the ability to charge and play

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Pachter tearing up ;(

I just want the healing to begin already

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awwww : (

I really wanted to see Jeff dressed up, I hope Ryan shares some of the photos later on

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They were joking about someone stealing their equipment on the last podcast. Is this for absolute real?

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As a 360 user who is switching sided, I'm use to paying for online. At least Sony is cheaper and actualy packs quite a bit of value into their package

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awkward guy was awkward

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props to who ever can remember that moment. I think that was my first episode ever and Vinny was the guest for the day, instant love

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Rich Gallup, Matt Rorie

Other wise a random set of Interns that change every 3 months or so would be entertaining as long as they were humble and knew their place and what not

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that fact that people still fall for this kinda makes it retain some of its original humor.

but really, we'll miss you Brad