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What?  That's not what I'm saying at all.  I don't mean that Microsoft should start buying up Nintendo games.  I'm talking about the Giant Bomb crew shifting to the Wii's Virtual Console and reviewing retro releases on that console instead.  At least then we'd still have some retro nostalgia to look forward to, since Game Room is now pointless.
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Uh, it's widely considered one of the best shoot-em-ups ever made, AND it's extremely rare.  So yeah, it's pretty fucking special.  Don't talk smack if you don't know wtf you're talking about.
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Yeah but there's a shit ton of already released games that are worth covering.
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You know what might be cool?  Transition from Game Room to the Wii's Virtual Console.  Start taking things on from the NES and Sega Master System and move forward into that era.  Because really, Game Room is getting pretty fucking sad.  Correction: Game Room has been sad for like a month or so now.  
I really enjoy watching you guys take a walk down memory lane with these games, but I think it's time to revisit the NES era.

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You can follow Ueda-san's tweets on twitter (best if you know Japanese).  Recently he tweeted these photos of a very cool looking ICO figurine he made:

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Earth Seeker, for those who may not be aware, is a new adventure RPG from Crafts & Meisters (led by one of the creators of Street Fighter).  It looks pretty cool, hopefully it'll turn out better than Fragile Dreams and get localized.  Anyway, the official Japanese website has updated with some new artwork and (Japanese) details.  The battle system is called the  "Time Stop Battle" system, which sounds a bit like a fancy name for traditional turn-based JRPG goodness. 
Hopefully a trailer will be forthcoming...
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How is this news?

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I guess I should have clarified, it's similar to many PS1 games, like Xenogears, Grandia, etc.. that had 2D characters on top of polygonal backgrounds.  The DS has its fair share of similar art styles (Sands of Destruction, 7 Dragons, Dragon Quest 4, 5, and 6) etc..

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Just updated the Radiant Historia page.  If you're interested in DS JRPGs, this one looks fantastic.  Great looking 2D sprites for characters and monsters, and the 3D backgrounds look pretty good too.  Seems to have a strategic element to combat which looks like it might be fun.  The Japanese website just opened and it has some music tracks by Yoko Shimomura too, which sound pretty cool.

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