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It's definitely something I enjoy doing (a lot actually), but as it turns out, I'm not British enough or cool enough. Only half British and half cool and it just don't cut it anymore. I sit in on a few shows here and there but I'm not really a regular anywhere but my own YouTube channel. Anyway, if by some streak of horrible luck nobody else in the world is able to fulfill your "calling all duders", I'd be more than happy to lend a helping voice. Either way, best of luck to you guys!

Skype: PolyesterKyle

Also if anyone feels like skyping just for shits and gigs sometime that would be totally okay too. Welcomed even!

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A thousand damned souls.

In a nice bottle.

The gods frown upon such soul scrimpers. Better make it ten thousand.

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@ripelivejam: Heide's tower is a pretty good bet. Or you can try to unlock some doors near the Last Giant.

I also can offer this. As vague as it is, the advice "get gud" kind of does apply here. I find that on certain days, I die to a boss maybe 50 times in a row, don't make any progress and then call it there. And that's part of the experience but on the days where I kill several bosses and storm through hellish landscape after nightmare world? Those are the days that stick in my mind as the most fun.

Also don't feel like you need to follow any sort of pace right now. It can take a little while to get used to the subtle and not so subtle differences mechanically from the previous games (by Dark Souls standards a little while can be several hours). It's fun to make progress but remember even when you're not beating bosses or reaching bonfires, you're still learning and getting accustomed to everything. Best of luck, bearer of the curse!

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@narujoe93: I agree about Papers, Please. Though honestly, I think the game is incredibly fun. I know that they are attempting to make a point or encourage a different avenue of thought but I feel like the gameplay experience is very unique and actually comes across as super fun. This mixed with the fact that, the art style and overall aesthetic (nonsense language and SOMETIMES hyperbolic situations) makes it a bit more palatable to your average duder. You don't have to be an activist to enjoy Papers, Please because it strikes a super delicate balance and barely comes across as preachy like some politically or socially inspired video games. I've lost my train of thought.

Papers, Please is an awesome game and not only because it's poignant. It is, but it's also unique, fun and sometimes light hearted enough to bring you back up for air.

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@the_anemeros: Hey duder, while it would really hurt to say I agree with you, I can definitely say there are parts of me that understand where you're coming from. For what seems like forever at this point, GiantBomb was my one-stop shop for video game news and entertainment. I love GiantBomb pretty deeply actually. More deeply than I ever would have thought possible. But over the years, and it's nobody's fault, I've been broadening my horizons. I watch a few YouTube personalities that I click with and lately I've actually really been getting on board with a lot of the attitudes and personalities over at GameSpot.

GiantBomb feels comfortable to me at this point and always feels very welcoming. But maybe by virtue of being a fan for so long, it just doesn't really excite me the way it used to. Still every so often some piece of content or news makes me feel like nothing ever changed. It's such a great place to be but I suppose it can't be everything.

My suggestion to you, my friend, is not to give up on GiantBomb. Maybe take a small break or two, maybe just limit your exposure to it. After all, there is too much of a good thing. And if you feel so inclined, check out some of GameSpot's content. I've been really really into them lately, especially their live stuff. Danny O'Dwyer is a real champ and everyone else over there all seem super nice as well. Even the chat in the live shows seems actually pretty civil and positive which is sort of rare these days to say the least. I believe they're starting up video game history month again at GameSpot and that stuff is always a lot of fun if they play it the same way they used to.

Anyway, take care duder, and definitely keep your chin up.

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800 Trillion Dollars, most likely

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Yeah dude! I used to love the Humongous Entertainment games to freaking death when I was but a boy. I haven't played them in probably 15 years or something, so I can't really say if they hold up but I really did like them. Even if they were a bit too numerous for their own good. There were tons too by the way. Not just Putt-Putt the purple car, but a little yellow fish named Freddie-Fish which I particularly liked for its cool underwater scenery and tropical feel. I think there was one called Pajama Sam? About a little blue boy that... probably did stuff too. And Spy Fox I think? I don't know, there were loads of them. I always thought they were part of everyone's childhood so I'm surprised you don't hear about them that often when people talk about adventure games from back then. Though they were geared towards a pretty young audience, they aren't educational or anything. Sorry to ramble, but wow! That nostalgia trip!

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@insidioustuna: Thanks for sharing. That was actually very moving and I appreciate that he would share such a personal story. And I agree that it does suck that Animal Crossing, a game largely about taking a virtual vacation and inhabiting another world (as yourself) doesn't really offer any options for more basic customization. I understand that they don't really want it to feel game-y by asking questions and stuff instead of letting you slide meters and pick colors or faces, but it's obviously a pretty central part of the enjoyment to feel like you're actually in the game interacting and building a life. When New Leaf came out I was a bit disappointed when I saw the limitations of those options. I had friends who didn't want to play a game like that when they couldn't strongly identify with the character on screen and I couldn't blame them. When Pokemon X/Y came out, those feelings were amplified when I found that you COULD choose skin color in that. A game that's never really been about life simulation was being more progressive with their character creation than a game with a pretty lengthy legacy of those kinds of intentions. It's a bummer but one thing we can be happy about is that video games are evolving when it comes to these sorts of things which I think is overwhelmingly positive. Even if the sensitivity of certain issues isn't really being totally respected in some of our current solutions, I'm grateful for the effort more often than not.

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I remember when games used to mean fun and escapism for me and my buds. I'm not faulting anyone for raising concerns that they obviously feel the need to raise. It's a person's right to criticize I guess. It just seems like every single time a new game comes out, there's some political issue with the existence of said game. I understand a LARGE spectrum of people are offended by a LARGE spectrum of content, but man, this new decade is a bummer for people just trying to have a good time and play some video games. There's a ton of video games out there, like so many, you couldn't even count them, I promise. And not every single one of them is going to appeal to you. Whether or not you have a more noble or justifiable reason for disliking a game doesn't really matter to me. I feel you. Things constantly offend me on a moral or ethical level but I understand that maybe there's a lot of people that would get enjoyment out of those kinds of things. I don't know, there's no winning argument here. Things are turbulent and it's hard to relax when everyone's got an issue with everyone else.

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Her left knee looks like it's in pain, and her expression bothers me for whatever reason. It seems completely aimless, like she's considering her dinner options or something. Dante pulls it off better I guess, though it's not that comparable. The way he hangs his head offers a clearer attitude, even if you can't see his expression at all. He's dark and stylish while also being fairly intimidating. Hella cavalier. Contrarily I don't know what they were going for with Johansson's pose. There's like zero determination or conviction and It's really confusing.