GOTY 2012

And lo', dids't I come down from on High to deliver unto the Internet my list of the ten best games I played in 2012. (Ones which were also released in 2012. An important distinction, as this was also the year I finally played the like of Cave Story and Picross. And, if it weren't in some horseshit "open beta" space, MechWarrior Online would be here.) This turned out to be a harder list to shave down than I'd thought it would be. Without question, SSX, Spec Ops: The Line, and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy are damn fine games that absolutely deserve to be on here. But alas, I could only list ten.

So here they are, in descending order of 2012 GOTY-ness. Each of these games is amazing, and the margin separating one game from another is razor thin in some cases.

List items