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I want a Wii U... well it's actually no secret, I tell anyone who will listen!

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I think Resident Evil is on the brink of... what 5.6mil!!! I'm shocked as I consider myself an ex-diehard fan and 6 was the nail that sealed my coffin. I actually hope RE goes back to being an exclusive, that way it won't be blown out of proportion. But in saying that an exclusive to Capcpm is more like a six month pre-release for one platform.

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Interesting questions, great look into where Jeff is going with the site.

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Oh its made by Namco? No thank you :)

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Hopefully the trend will continue with alot of late generation games like Dark Souls and GTA5.

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I'm not a fan of this 'big company buys small company' thing. Would have been nice if they just stayed independent, but I can see Facebook using this as their own gaming console, e.g. got to get an Oculus to chat and game on Facebook.

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Interesting as Facebook is so mainstream but as a brand it's kind of girly. Can't seem them pushing too many technical boundaries with this one.

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A common trend in media these days is getting (IMO) a little too personal with the viewer/reader. Its nice to have a bit of distance so you can be objective. The latest KFC ad promotes fried chicken as the icebreaker for longing workplace friendships?.. I mean come on!!

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They are sitting on a gold mine, all I want is the ability to play Zelda and Mario in HD without having to buy yet another box. They should really consider making a steam machine, that would really give PC gaming that extra shot in the arm it needs.

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I didn't like Bio-Shock either, most likely because it was a shooter. Felt like the whole experience was being forced down my throat, when I just wanted to cruise and explore. I don't have the hate from big games like some folks though, I prefer the polish and scale over these more beta like indie titles.