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I'm actually scared to calculate exactly how much money I've spent on RB DLC over the years. If I find out, I might have to put a gun in my mouth.

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I'm gonna be 23 on the 23rd. GO FIGYUH.

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Thank god.

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Everything I've heard about this DB of credit card stuff says that it includes the CVV numbers, which is apparently impossible, as companies don't keep those on file. So I'm pretty sure this DB business is just a bunch of silly billies telling fibs.

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I was a little bewildered when I first saw it, but hey, whatever keeps the site afloat, I guess.

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Between this, Peace Walker and a few others, I really gotta get a PSP. Geesh.

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The only free to play game I ever did was Silk Road, and basically all I did was run around and fish for a couple hours. BUT IT WAS SO CHARMING
 Actually, now that I think about it, I played GunZ for a pretty long time. Never spent a single penny on that bitch.

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I teared up a little at the Kid Icarus trailer. I'm pretty sure I'm a huge pussy.

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I wait with bated breath for the day this cockamamie game gets REAL.

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Rad country gun ballad.
Stay classy, EA.

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