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I don't have any problem with the medals, except I think they should ALL be the same colour - why am I, a monthly subscriber, given silver - i.e. considered 'lesser' than a yearly subscriber, even though in the long run I'm contributing MORE money to the site? Makes no sense.

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How long 'til Forever 2 comes out? Place bets now!

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A moustache like that is serious business. Growing a truly dominant 'tache is a sign of having arrived at the ultimate version of oneself. With the right 'tache, people will gladly follow you anywhere, even into the depths of hell. I'm not sure Jeff was entirely ready for that kind of responsibility, and it showed in the slightly indecisive nature of his moustache. One day, Jeff. One day.

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" @Quater said:

" If they give Dudley SOMETHING to help him deal with Chun Li/Guile's hardcore footsies I'll be happy
 Dudley already has above average health, amazing damage and stun output along with one incredibly combo-able ultra. It has to come at some sort of price. "
 Myeh I know, but jumping on the "BALANCING THE GAME = PLZ MAKE MY MAIN EVEN BETTER KTHXBAI" bandwagon is fun ;-P  
I think it would be fun if Duds could do an alternate version of Cross Counter that hit low attacks instead of high - it would be too risky for it to actually allow him to steamroll through footsies consistently, but if you pulled it off just once in a match it would just force the opponent to think a little bit harder rather than just spamming cMK all day to keep Dudley at a distance.  It's not that I can't get past it, it just makes the match more irritating than fun, for both players.
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If they give Dudley SOMETHING to help him deal with Chun Li/Guile's hardcore footsies I'll be happy. I'd also like them to fix it so that Akuma's LK tatsu > LP SRK xFCx HP Shank goes back to being his most damaging combo finisher, instead of plain EX SRK. I didn't spend hours in the training room getting the execution down to pull that shit off online just so they could nerf it in favour of a dumbass EX finisher that any scrub could mash out. 
Also, Brad Nicholson is posting on Giant Bomb now?! Truly, this site IS THE BOMB.

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I started off with SMT: Nocturne (Called "Lucifer's Call" over here in the UK) because I saw a preview of it on some TV show about games at the time, and was really intrigued by the strange, surreal "Mythological Tron" sort of art style. Didn't really get on wit hthe game all that well though. Just couldn't be bothered with all the irritating conversations with demons you had to go through to flesh out your party. Plus, the game was hard. Harder than any of the subsequent PS2 games, which are no picnic themselves. 
Went on to check out the DDS games, which are awesome. More of the strange Tron-apocalypse art style, with a more straightforward traditional JRPG approach to the combat, which I appreciated a lot. Then Persona 3 and 4, and I went back to check out the Persona 2 games, which you can get fan translation patches for. All awesome. Would love to try out the DS games at some point as well. 
Oh, almost forgot - I actually tried out the Free-to-Play SMT MMO that got a beta release maybe a year or two ago. I seem to recall the combat mechanics were kind of cool with a sort pet system governing your summoned demons, but really not worth the time otherwise.

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#254. Pfeh. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised so many people got it so quickly. At least I'm only #18 for South Boston though :P

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Yeah, I don't see any particular reason for having separate point scores for different functions on the site - although I must say, without having a separate points tally specifically for Wiki submissions, what happens to the "you need at least 1,000 points to submit wiki edits without moderation" thing? I don't know that giving XP out for forum posts and wiki edits would be such a good idea anyway - it seems like that would actually be kind of an encouragement to spam.

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Man, forget Ikaruga. Mars Matrix... now that game is hard. Walk straight up to you, tell you 'you look mighty cute in them jeans' while jamming a rusty shiv between your ribs kind of hard.

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Check out the Touhou games, that's a damn fine series that manages to combine crazy bullet madness with a relatively accessible difficulty curve (like the DonPachi games and a lot of other Cave shmups, it's insane to look at but the minuscule hitbox makes the game actually somewhat easier than you'd expect). Anything by Kenta Cho (crap, no Giant Bomb page! Must add that to the wiki to-do list...) is always worth a look. If you're interested in a serious old-school challenge, check out the original Raiden and some other golden oldies like the old 1942 games - people think Ikaruga is tough, but the first Raiden was murder. Slower ship speed, MASSIVE hitbox, and all the enemies are actually aiming for you rather than firing out predictable patterns. That game is hard
Beyond that, I'm afraid if you're not willing to get into MAME or some other method of arcade emulation, you're going to have to trawl through your import options and still miss out on a whole lot of all-time classics. 
Edit: For more Indie goodnes, somewhere like this is a good place to start.