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Back in my day, a "VHS Player" was called a VCR!

The changes made to the original trilogy (Episodes IV, V, and VI) aren't as offensive as everyone makes them out to be, except for the weird alien singing thing in Return of the Jedi that was embedded earlier in this topic. Personally, I think Return of the Jedi isn't that great regardless, so I'd say just watch Episode IV and Episode V in any format that you can find. If you want to know more about the story, go and watch the other movies.

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She voiced some of my favorite characters from some of my favorite shows in my favorite time of my life. She will be missed.

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@trafalgarlaw: Giant Bomb members have spoken favorably about fast food, energy drinks, coffee, alcohol, and even other sodas. Coca Cola is the number one soda brand in the world, and it's for ad dollars. It's also not their podcast. Plus, it's just a soda; drinking a can will not give you diabetes.

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Yeah, my issue was never with the visuals. I think it looks nice. I just wish Naughty Dog didn't go back to making a clunky third-person shooter after The Last of Us. It feels like a step back.

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While I agree that the overuse of Troy Baker and Nolan North can be distracting, it doesn't change the fact that the men can act. The Last of Us and Spec Ops: The Line are two of the best performances I've heard in a video game ever. They get jobs because they do their jobs extremely well. They also have nice, average-guy heroic voices, so they're often hired to just use their normal speaking voices.

But I went through the same thing with Steve Blum. That man's voice is just instantly recognizable and it's super annoying. That, and I don't think he's nearly as good of an actor.

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Driving and exercising. Both things that are necessary that I hate and podcasts make them better.

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I don't know the sales numbers, but I'd guess they're at least relatively high compared to most games. Until people stop buying stuff blindly, we can't hold the system holders or even Ubisoft accountable. Why wouldn't they put out an unfinished game that they can just fix later if it sells just as well? We'll soon enter an era where every game is a glorified Early Access game.

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I've been playing for about a year and some change. While I never got lessons and I'm not really dedicated enough to teach myself properly (therefor I kind of suck), I learned on an electric starter guitar. When that one broke, I bought another starter guitar. Yes, my fingers shredded up, but only for the first couple of weeks. If you can just endure it for that long -- and to be honest, it's not the most painful thing in the world -- then go for electric if that's what you want to play. But as people have been saying, paying that much when you're unsure if you'll stick with it is crazy. Starter guitars worked fine for me.

Also, Rocksmith is a fun way to practice.

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Basically what everyone has been saying. A 770 is already a pretty powerful card. If you upgrade to a 970 (which, as everyone has been saying, isn't that big of a leap for the price) in anticipation, you're upgrading when you aren't even sure if you NEED to. The Witcher 3, which is the example everyone is using, will run on a 770. There's no way it won't. Just wait until you're no longer satisfied with your current performance and then go out and upgrade. The graphics cards will wait for you.

EDIT: That said, I'd wait to buy a PS4, too. The current set of "exclusives" on it aren't really worth the money, in my opinion. Everything else on it will play better on your PC. Wait to see if Sony does something for the holiday.