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Played this a bit not long after it came out, got my starting stuff up to about level 10. Started anew with this new update, and man. The tutorial really made it a lot easier to understand stuff. So I think I might be sticking with it this time, at least for a time. I made a clan for me and my brothers, but if you can be in several clans, I would love to get an invite: Maddolav

I'm ubernoob, Played like a year ago for a few hours (our friend is a notorious quitter) so we didn't carry on. It seems to have some legs though. Room for another?! I'm Though it won't let me log in...can't connect to internet apparently.


Hey duders!

Unfortuntely, I get message that you guys are already in a pre-existing clan or you still have a pending invite to another clan

You need to first decline or leave the pre-existing clans before I can send an invite to you.

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@noizy: Not sure about if you can lose mods. But I did see a random flow mod suddenly drop either from a sector or player. I've was only able play a few matches since it has been quite unstable. I don't think you can bring any xp gained into the pve. At the start of each match you start with no mods active and rank 0 frame and weapon. Your gear levels up during the match as you get kills and complete objectives. Mods also become activated I'll double check the wiki if when your mods come online whether they are fully levelled. For instance if I bring a level 20 Warframe into a conflict, will I be capped at level 20 in the late game of the match? A interesting meta game would be if I equipped low level mods on my gear does that mean they become active sooner in the early match since they require less capacity than someone who comes in with a fully ranked 10 mod.

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@mrcraggle: DE reported that they under a ddos attack this weekend. This happened the last update when they released Dark Sectors. I had a hard time logging in. Sometimes it would auto logout and throw me out of the game. So probably the main reason the game is crashing more than usual. Last time this problem died down after a few days. Now that introduced an arena / MOBA based PVP aspect to when dark sector conflict phase the ddos'ers are back.

Speaking of dark sectors conflict, I tried a few matches. There are two teams which depending on you are supporting the clan in control or helping the contesting clan, you are either Supporting Or Opposing. The game mode has control points the Opposing side object is going after control points until they reach the core and destroy it. The defenders are trying to impede the progress by trying to stop the opposition from accessing A/B terminals which once activated make the core vulnerable.

For this game mod you bring in your normal equipped loadout except your stuff is locked and unranked. Your loadout unlocks and your mods rank up as you kill npcs (minons), and players or by contributing directly to the objectives. This is MOBA like aspect of dark sectors I was talking about.

The attackers are stopped when they run out of reinforcements / spawn tickets. Each instance has 20 tickets. Currently there are two phases to this game mode. First the opposition has to reach terminals to open the doors to the core room. Once they reach the core room they need to destroy the core. The core can only be harmed when the blast shields are down leaving it exposed. When terminals A and B are activated.

The little time I spent with it, it was really interesting. A lot of neat ideas and it was kind of fun to see my mods and loadout come online as I was getting kills. However there are still game balance and implementation issues.

For its drop in and drop out. While the game will scale your level up if you drop in mid game I still feel underpowered. I am not sure how it calculates the level your gear starts at if you drop in mid game.

Also the teams can become one sided quickly. The game starts with bots (spectors) until human players join and replace the bots. However, I was in a match with 4 human players opponents and no other person but bots on my team. Suffice to say, I got steam rolled that match.

There's also a bug or maybe because of the connection issues where when you try to start a dark sector in a pre-formed squad, you come across a black screen when you try to launch the mission. If your lucky you spawn into an empty match and then your able to invite all your squad mates into your game assuming that the spots don't get filled by pubs before your mates join.

Overall promising introduction. Like the rest of the game needs a lot of work and polish.

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I've added a new GB Warframe steam group for voice chat purposes and other shinnagens at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GBHI

Feel free to join if even though your not part of the clan but still play or are trying out Warframe. We can help you out.

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@hailinel said:

@rapid said:

Wonder if any of the mechanics from Hyrule Warriors will make it back into the Dynasty Warriors games. I always wanted Koei to put the multi-character system from Orochi and Sengoku to make it into DW.

Also waiting until Hyrule Warriors Empires.

The spin-off titles don't get Empires editions, so you're in for a very long wait.

I Know... But imagine TAKE OVER HYRULE! (Or the context of FREE HYRULE)

Also DW8 Empires was announced I haven't played a DW game since 6 Empires. Did 7 and 8 give characters unique movesets back?

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Wonder if any of the mechanics from Hyrule Warriors will make it back into the Dynasty Warriors games. I always wanted Koei to put the multi-character system from Orochi and Sengoku to make it into DW.

Also waiting until Hyrule Warriors Empires.

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Giant Bomb Heavy Industries (Update 07/21/2014)

Warframe allows us to upload a image of our design to be our official clan logo! we currently using a logo designed by@humanity

So in this thread you should find all information pertaining to the Warframe PC Clan Giant Bomb Heavy INC. If you like to join us post your in-game alias on this thread or PM it to myself or one of the clan admins. We’ll send you a clan invite in-game as soon as we can. I am the active Warlord for this clan and will update this thread as new updates come about so check back often!

Official Clan NameGiant Bomb Heavy INC
Steam Grouphttp://steamcommunity.com/groups/GBHI
Warlord (Leader)@rapid
Commander General@mnemoidian
Dark Sectors / Solar Rails Tacticians@margraviate and @tauzen

@artelinarose (Artemesia)


@tekums, @murgin (Murgine), @journ3y , @echoes83, @ravenlight, @disposablehero (Tokujiro)

Need Help? If you have any questions to do with the clan you should contact

@rapid (Rapidx)@mnemoidian@mrcraggle@margraviate@artelinarose (Artemesia)

In addition to the clan admins, If you’re in the game and have are in need of assistance from the clan send a whisper in game by typing /w <in-game-name> to any of the following people. They are quite knowledgeable about the game and are will be able to answer questions and help you out. Be sure to check the Clan Tab in the chat, if you see anyone online most times we will be chatting in there. Feel free to ask us anything if you are lost.

@tekums@murgin (Murgine)@disposablehero (Tokujiro)@tauzen@journ3y@echoes83@ravenlight

Playing on PS4? You might want to check if VinCo is still active.

What's Are We Up to?

Currently we're playing the latest PC Update, Update 14. This update introduces a completely reworked UI as well as the introduction of a new quest system, a new PVP Arena Battle Mode called the "Dark Sectors Conflict' a new Kurbow pet system, and a new sassy Warframe called Mirage.

PlayingDojo GoalsDark Sector StatusEvent StatusNotes
Update 14.09Breeding Kubrows - More Details TBACapturing None - The Game Mode is still unstable


Clan Photo Time

Being part of the clan means you should craft a Dojo Key as soon as you can. A Dojo Key will then grant you access to the Giant Bomb Dojo. A Dojo is where you gain access to:

  • Research Labs and clan tech weaponry and gear.
  • Trading Post the ability to trade Mods, Platinum, Keys, and Prime Blueprints/ Parts
  • Other Clan activities (Dark Sectors)

This is a rough map with the red & green outlining the the things that are either currently in construction or will be soon. fear not that if you get lost we have signs around the Dojo to get you on the right track!

This is the dojo layout as of 02/07/2014.

Dark Sectors

Clans and Alliances can now contest special areas of Warframe space in Dark Sector Conflicts. Dark Sectors are special levels that award bonus credit rewards, a resource bonus, and XP bonus for killing enemies during these missions. By constructing a Solar Rail in the game and contesting a Dark Sector, a Clan or Alliance that is that successfully conquered or currently controlling this territory is allowed to set a tole, a tax and resource tribute on anyone that access the Dark Sector.

Update 14 introduced a new Dark Sectors Conflict PVP Mode in Warframe more Information about this and how our clan plans to get involved will be added in the future.

For a time the Giant Bomb Clan controlled Kardesh a Dark Sector found in Mars.


Never Forget Mars, Kadesh

So what's the clan been up to? Check out my thread Giant Bomb Heavy Industries (PC Clan) Journal where he has been posting videos highlight a few of clan's accomplishments and endeavors. For instance did you know Giant Bomb Heavy Industries was ranked Rank 71st in the Cicero Crisis, or 85th highest contributing clan in the The Gradivus Dilemma? Not to mention the time we tried Drumming Them Drums Like The Wolf or took Vault Seflies... Form Voltron! We also about 72-hours we held Mars!

Screenshots of our Adventures

Clan Size & Tier

The clan is currently a tiered as Storm Clan this essentially means that we can have a 100 clan members limit and our resource requirements for the clan's dojo are scaled for a clans with up to 100 members . The short of it is, so that our dojo resource requirements do not overburden the active members of clan we decided to remain a Storm clan during this time. Basically, the Clan Warlord reserves the right to remove any members that become inactive for more than 30 days. This is also to accommodate and ensure room in the Clan for new members.

Keep in mind

If you found out you have been removed from the clan: We are always open to re-invites, just because your being deleted this time, you can still re-join the clan in the future. THIS IS NOT A BAN. If you are reading this after you have been removed, just post another invite request to this thread. So if you were just taking a break from the game, feel free to ask to be re invited.

Updates On Warframe

Want to find out and discuss new and upcoming content in Warframe? Check out @mrcraggle's Warframe Updates thread.