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Super Smash Bros... More like Super Smash Wrestling!

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With the content additions and fundamental changes coming in Update 15 of Warframe that were announced on the latest Dev Stream.

The update comes with the much anticipated addition of Archwing Space Combat, as well as the introduction of Syndicates. As well as a significant change in the Warframe Ability system to be independent of the existing mod system.

https://www.warframe.com/archwing/ Count down teaser page to update 15 is now up. New panels are added every day. Used WASD to navigate.

With that said, it's time for a redesign of the GB Heavy INC Clan Dojo . Veteran members may remember back in 02/07/2014 we basically tore down a poorly designed dojo layout, and all rooms were removed, and basically started again. The new layout made use of a sub-basement reactor bay which was a better design because it separated the dojo research labs from the reactors . Making it easier to access the labs all in one place. I'm basically going a step further and moving the unused clan halls downstairs. Which means what was referred to as the small business hall will be down to the basement.

Since the small business hall is the prerequisite room for what is now the hall with all the research. I need first to remove the research hall before I am able to remove the small business hall and relocate it to downstairs.

Hopefully this redesign can be finished just before Update 15 drops.

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Thank you for all you done in making Giant Bomb more awesome Alexis, I will miss you! VISIT OFTEN!

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@zombiepie: Cool thanks for spotlighting.The clan will keep doing stuff in future events in warframe for GB!

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@wikitoups: Sent you an invite let me know if you have questions or need help!

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I tried to change the overview, and got rejected because of a bug :(

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Never easy to lose a family member, My condolences to Jeff and his family.

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Just a heads up for everyone. There are special alerts happening daily

@mnemoidian, @journ3y, @artelinarose, @tekums, @margraviate, @echoes83, @tauzen

Checkout https://warframe.com/news/back-school-%E2%80%93-special-alerts-week

For what's dropping each day.

Monday, Sept. 8: Kubrow ate my Homework!

Alert 1: Kubrow Egg

Alert 2: Link Health Mod

Alert 3: Bite Mod

Tuesday, Sept. 9: Engineers are a student’s best friend!

Alert 1: Vauban Helmet

Alert 2: Vauban Systems

Alert 3: Vauban Chassis

Wednesday, Sept. 10: Homework is a Nightmare!

Alert 1: Hammershot

Alert 2: Fortitude

Alert 3: Blaze

Thursday, Sept. 11: Don’t let friends Corrupt you!

Alert 1: Blind Rage

Alert 2: Narrow Minded

Alert 3: Fleeting Expertise

Friday, Sept. 12: Schoolyard Stancefights!

Alert 1: Crimson Dervish

Alert 2: Tranquil Cleave

Alert 3: Gleaming Talon

Saturday, Sept. 13: Cite your Resources in MLA format!

Alert 1: Neurode

Alert 2: Orokin Cell

Alert 3: Argon Crystal

Sunday, Sept. 14: Weekend almost over!

Alert 1: Forma BP

Alert 2: Forma Crafted (item)

Alert 3: Orokin Catalyst