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Just a heads up for everyone. There are special alerts happening daily

@mnemoidian, @journ3y, @artelinarose, @tekums, @margraviate, @echoes83, @tauzen

Checkout https://warframe.com/news/back-school-%E2%80%93-special-alerts-week

For what's dropping each day.

Monday, Sept. 8: Kubrow ate my Homework!

Alert 1: Kubrow Egg

Alert 2: Link Health Mod

Alert 3: Bite Mod

Tuesday, Sept. 9: Engineers are a student’s best friend!

Alert 1: Vauban Helmet

Alert 2: Vauban Systems

Alert 3: Vauban Chassis

Wednesday, Sept. 10: Homework is a Nightmare!

Alert 1: Hammershot

Alert 2: Fortitude

Alert 3: Blaze

Thursday, Sept. 11: Don’t let friends Corrupt you!

Alert 1: Blind Rage

Alert 2: Narrow Minded

Alert 3: Fleeting Expertise

Friday, Sept. 12: Schoolyard Stancefights!

Alert 1: Crimson Dervish

Alert 2: Tranquil Cleave

Alert 3: Gleaming Talon

Saturday, Sept. 13: Cite your Resources in MLA format!

Alert 1: Neurode

Alert 2: Orokin Cell

Alert 3: Argon Crystal

Sunday, Sept. 14: Weekend almost over!

Alert 1: Forma BP

Alert 2: Forma Crafted (item)

Alert 3: Orokin Catalyst

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So as promised they showed off some Archwing game play today. It looks like it is free roaming during missions (and not on rails as some people were worried about)

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@mrcraggle: We're you able to get your 3000 point run? We were doing a run when you were asking me. Then I had to go unfortunately.

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@thunderslash: @corruptedevil: @blacklagoon: @humanity: @falserelic:

Operation Cryotic Front (Update 14.5) just finished on the PC. This event was much better than the last breeding grounds in terms of there was no grinding involved. All you have to do is reach the required 3000 of points in excavation first on 1000 points on Earth, then after which the ice planet tilset gets unlocked on Europa. I completed the event in two runs. The GB PC clan then did a run for fun and got almost double the required points for Latron Wraith in that run.

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Edmonton AB, Canada

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The devs showed off a work in progress gameplay of the Archwing on their latest dev stream. In summary, there will be different types of Archwings all with separate abilities. There will also be ArchWing weapons separate from your warframe arsenal. No mention what this subgame mode (as they refer to it as) integrates with the regular game as of yet.

Digital Extremes made several announcements during their Gamescom Dev Stream about the upcoming updates to the game.

  • Xbox One Release Date September 2
  • Ice Planet Tileset and Game Mode
  • Tyl Regor Boss redesign
  • Updates to Kubrow (Dog) Customization
  • Concepts for Underwater Tileset and Swimming

One of the biggest teasers is the introduction of space combat that is coming to the game in Update 15

The developers have said to expect on their next live dev stream on september 5th, a gameplay demo of the Archwing.

For details of what else was announced check out this post

Just a note to PS4 players still waiting for the lastest Update to come to PS4. The devs said they submitted a build of Update 14.1 to Sony for cert.

PC players, expect Kubrow customization in Update 14.5. (PC is currently on Update 14.2)

Archive of the Gamescom Stream

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@mrcraggle: 3 Day XP Booster, but people are speculating that this is just a precursor to something larger. Guess we'll have to wait for Gamescom Dev Stream to find out more.

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