Would a L4D Short Work?

I've been reading the L4D comic for the sacrifice  these past days and I must say I found that there was a good and coherent  narrative that I didn't get by just playing through left 4 dead one. I've always thought that the L4D story was tacked onto the game and didn't sense really  the story coming together. After reading the comic, however I feel that I get better sense of what the survivors are going through and the chronology. I also enjoy the short glimpse into each of the 4 survivor's past. 

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Because you like Dynasty Warriors Online and Free to Play Right?

So Koei Warriors the huge Koei Fansite brought up that, Dynasty Warriors Online (BB) the Dynasty Warriors MMO that came out 4 years ago in Japan is finally coming to North America and turns out it's going to be the "Free-To-Play" model.   Being that this is came out 4 years ago, it's going to be based on the Dynasty Warriors prior to the redesign 6. 
No release date but you can try to sign-up for their closed beta. It seems that Aeria games is publishing / supporting  release of this game. Aeria games is best known for publishing many free MMO / MMORPG's like  Twelve Sky, Kingdom's Online, and probably more notably Shin Megami Tensei : Imagine.
Closed Beta Sign Up Here 
  Word from the Aeria games community is that the Closed Bea is running the current build in Japan and Taiwan.   
  I'm probably going to make a really obvious guess (cause its Aeria Games) that there's not going to be cross-platform PS3 version like in Japan.   
To be honest more of a Empires fan than a regular Dynasty Warriors fan I rather have the risk-type where you craft your own kingdom and rule all of China but meh check it out
Be nice to have a fast pace MMO I guess? rather than the standard click and wait, it's going to be CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK! (I joke but mostly like true...)