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Jonathan Frakes has nothing to apologize for.

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Mine is ratcab. I didn't even remember my username because it had been so long since I logged in. They show a list of games that you're following when you mouse over your username and apparently I was really looking forward to Kotor 2. Made me chuckle.

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Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition

I post this for those like me whose PC was not powerful enough to play this when it came out and had to suffer through it on Xbox or PS3. Also great for those who never bothered to get the DLC.

It's a 12 GB download and 24 GB install. Amazon download speeds are not as bad as I thought they'd be, either: 3-4 mb/s. I believe you can use your activation code through EA's Origin service and download it from there if your Amazon download speeds aren't great.

During the installation process you'll be asked to enter your activation code for DA: Origins which can be found at Amazon in your games library, but when it comes to activating DA: Awakening and your other other DLC it will take you to the EA/Bioware website where you'll have to enter a separate activation code (also found at Amazon), that will require you to have an EA/Bioware account. The DLC can also be activated in game through the Downloadable Content section on the title screen which, of course, still requires an EA/Bioware account. As if that wasn't enough, when you first run the game you'll be asked to enter your EA/Bioware ID to activate the game for use on your computer.

So, if you're willing to go through that DRM nonsense, enjoy killing those dastardly Darkspawn!

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I'm a fan of PR Dave.

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That don't look like no human I ever seen.

I've noticed during my romp through Skyward Sword that people refer to Link as a human. It struck me as odd because I've never thought of Link as a human. Even with his pointy ears I've never thought of him as an elf, either. So, if he's neither human nor elven, what exactly is he? Perhaps some hideous hybrid of the two? I vaguely recall him being referred to as Hylian in previous game(s), but then what's a Hylian? What say you, community?

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@MikkaQ said:

A pretty bad port, but for 4$, it's kinda hard to say no, if you haven't played it yet. Such a fun game.

I bought it and it seems fine to me. It's locked at 30 fps but I'm sure a quick google search will find a way around that. It works great with a 360 controller too. Why do you think it's a bad port?

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You console guys sure are in for a treat when you get some fine PC textures like these (and this is on Ultra, by the way):



That second image looks all too familiar to me. It's what I see when I look out from Solitude. I've done some .ini tweaking but still can't get it to look much better than that. On the bright side, I'm sure some modder will come out with something to fix that, but for now it just makes me cringe. Especially since so much of the rest of the game is breathtaking.

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Can't decide between Bosmer and Khajiit. Improved night vision for Khajiit sounds tempting for sneaking up on people in the dark, but the imroved archery and resistances of the Bosmer, and being able to take command of an animal once per day, seem awesome. Oh RPGs, you make me contemplate the dumbest things!