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Hit the 80 hour mark with Dragon Age and, by the end was kind of like...."is that it?" Not much really seemed to happen at all during that story. It wasn't bad, but the characters were extremely bland to me, (including their personal story stuff, which is usually Biowares best) and the story is just painfully uninteresting (minus one fucking amazing scene at the end that doesn't really have anything to do with the core story).

Most the content, I found was just running around picking up collectables. A couple side quests stick out to me and it was fun running around a couple dungeons, but the wonderful maps felt very much wasted opportunities and fairly needless.

The core of that game still strong enough though, if only they succeeded where Bioware usually strides in so well, which is the growth and connection they form along side the characters and their relationships. The stories those characters tell are usually the aspect that adds the actual weight and stakes to their games for me, as oppose to "oh, the worlds gonna end." Lots of political droning and bickering with almost invisible gain or loss. "Important" decision had little to no explanation and the whole "this person agrees, this person doesn't" was absolutely beyond pointless and sometimes completely inconsistent and random. Little hints of character moments, but zero pay offs or literal intrigue. Didn't help that large portions of those character missions were off those table top missions.

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The Uncharted games are always the games that come to mind when I think of fantastic boring games...I wouldn't call them bad by any stretch, but nothing about them has ever appealed to me. That being said, I feel those games (and Naughty Dog) are incredibly important technically and help push the industry forward. How much so, I wouldn't know, but important none the less.

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Compared to Naughty dog's uncharted series, its fucking Skyrim...(thats too far, but...those games are beautifully suffocating.)

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Cassandra, Sera, Solas, and sometimes Bull. Game wasn't difficult enough, even at hard to care about matchups or anything, so I just rolled with who I could deal with. Weakest cast of characters in a Bioware game, to me. Not terrible, just very uninteresting for the most part. Origins, Mass Effect 2 and Baldurs Gate 2 still have my favourite Bioware characters. Thats a high fucking bar, though.

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Give Platinum a bunch of banana's to make a new Okami. Right in Nintendo's wheel house, if you ask me. Fuck, it can star donkey kong, if you want...konkami. Done. Shove it on the shelves.

Lets do another Quackshot. Fuck Sega...and a new Ape Escape...

Basically, I just want Nintendo to steal other old franchises from other companies.

I would 'settle' for another Galaxy style Mario game. Uni-fucking-racer, Nintendo. ActRaiser...Square will do it, they don't know what they hell they are doing. I'd even take a stupid Final Fantasy kiddy themed ActRasier, whatever.

A Waluigi game where he dies at the end and all legacy games and merchandise with him on it are retroactively destroyed...including said game. A true wish list.

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Fucking incredible. Still play it off and on ever sense launch day way back when...None of the new ones matched the speed and 'simple' complexities of 2 to 4, and 3 is by far the best.

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quest where I am to pick up books around Skyhold...some of the books won't let me pick them up...just annoying.

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2 and 4 are still the best campaigns in any straight out, linear FPS I have played, personally. its amazing how 60 frames a second still makes those old games feel just as great as the first play through...and kind of terrifying how little FPS's they have changed sense.

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tactics ogre

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I'm probably one of the few who finds the nemesis system to be extremely bland, at least in its current form, but it could be interesting in something like the Witcher. Also, that combat system would work well in the Witcher.