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its pretty good, maybe better than it should be...its also really frigging long for this type of game.

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Once Vinny and FMV left (VinMV), everything is stale in comparison. Honestly, they just seem to all blend to me.

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I don't enjoy the competitive multiplayer...Almost through Halo 2 on Legendary solo and am reminded how much I dislike Halo 2 vs Halo 1....

As much as I am not a Halo guy, I love playing Halo on legendary. Nothing else like it. Almost reminds me of playing Doom on nightmare.

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Bungie as a developer (or their representatives), have always seemed like they have their heads planted so far up their own ass that its as if they are doing you a favour for allowing you to buy their game without some other billionth currency they made up. I wouldn't be shocked to see them charge full and have an almost "how dare you" attitude about it. Activistion pimping be hide them certainly doesn't help, either.

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little surprised by no DK tropical freeze.

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My cousin started doing this a couple years ago, (around 21 years old)....

Shes one of the most pretentious, scum fucking fuck fucks I have ever been around, if that helps.....

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i do both...i mean....eh...

Started with male but switched to female...


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Hit the 80 hour mark with Dragon Age and, by the end was kind of like...."is that it?" Not much really seemed to happen at all during that story. It wasn't bad, but the characters were extremely bland to me, (including their personal story stuff, which is usually Biowares best) and the story is just painfully uninteresting (minus one fucking amazing scene at the end that doesn't really have anything to do with the core story).

Most the content, I found was just running around picking up collectables. A couple side quests stick out to me and it was fun running around a couple dungeons, but the wonderful maps felt very much wasted opportunities and fairly needless.

The core of that game still strong enough though, if only they succeeded where Bioware usually strides in so well, which is the growth and connection they form along side the characters and their relationships. The stories those characters tell are usually the aspect that adds the actual weight and stakes to their games for me, as oppose to "oh, the worlds gonna end." Lots of political droning and bickering with almost invisible gain or loss. "Important" decision had little to no explanation and the whole "this person agrees, this person doesn't" was absolutely beyond pointless and sometimes completely inconsistent and random. Little hints of character moments, but zero pay offs or literal intrigue. Didn't help that large portions of those character missions were off those table top missions.

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The Uncharted games are always the games that come to mind when I think of fantastic boring games...I wouldn't call them bad by any stretch, but nothing about them has ever appealed to me. That being said, I feel those games (and Naughty Dog) are incredibly important technically and help push the industry forward. How much so, I wouldn't know, but important none the less.

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Compared to Naughty dog's uncharted series, its fucking Skyrim...(thats too far, but...those games are beautifully suffocating.)