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I'm trying to upgrade, but it won't allow me to use my postal code for Canada...it keeps telling me to use a valid zip code...(I have switched the country to canada)

Thanks for any help.

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might and magic 7 was fucking bad ass....i have to check it out.

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I go the Assassins Creed edition for 200 a few weeks back. But fuck that shit! give me those Amber glowing goggles, bitch! Sunkist my ass soooooonnnn!

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Vastly prefer the frist one, but 2 is a great, unique FPS that just controls great, considering you have basically four arms. It was way too fucking short,though.

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Is it terrible that the most exciting thing from this, I find, is Super Mario Bros 3?? what the fuck, Nintendo....well, I dont know...New Zelda for the 3ds might be kind of interesting.

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I have not played the last of us, but from the videos, Joel already seemed more interesting to me. Booker was a fucking moron. Just something about him I could not stand playing as. Ugh, fuck Booker.

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Man thats sucks.....I mean, I hope you enjoy it, but what a fucking wasteland. I bought one on day one and after Monster Hunter, I haven't even plugged it in. I have absolutely zero intrest in Pikmin. Christ, when I think of the Wii U, it is such a sad piece of shit when you really think of it....no reason why better stuff has not already been made for it. (outside of no one seems to want it) Fucking sad shit man....3ds is firing on all lines and the Wii U is just waiting to die. I don't know, I just don't believe that all of a sudden Nintendo will turn the Wii U around. I guess I should be more patient, but fuck what a waste.

A Nintendo developed system for Nintendo games, but that is just not enough for me anymore. I really hope there are some hidden Gems coming outside of Nintendo Zelda and Mario games.

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All I want from movies is strong character driven plots and development......as long as that character has the appropriate tit to ass ratio...

I'm not even going to bother going into it, but what do people expect from Hollywood? its always the lowest common denominator. At this point, it is almost your fault if you expect anything more or less. God bless the USA. (though, this is not just an American problem, but they sure as hell are not helping.)

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Baldurs Gate 2

Deus Ex

Hitman Blood Money

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I don't care what people say about boxes....I miss the days of going to stores and picking up big hulking PC game boxes and opening up the flap to view even more crazy taco fantasies! obviously, I'm not going to win an argument over convenience of digital, but man, I wish all games still came in terrible massive cardboard embroiled boxes with system specs that were often misleading. Yes, come to think of it, I want even console games to have system specs...if your gonna sell me box, go all out, mother fucker.