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Downloading Gods Eater burst right now and just finished Gravity Rush.... Haven't cracked my Persona 4 seal yet as I have just got the system a couple weeks ago. I bouaght it mainly just to play PSP JRPGs and such....doesn't sound like a ton of stuff coming out that I am interested, but eh, its a pretty sweet handheld. I have to get a new card....that 4GB is fucking garbage.

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I'm still a bit confused by this whole cloud stuff Microsoft is stoking down people's throats. My internet is kind of garbage and they claim it will somehow run physics and such through out the cloud...but...what if my internet is not fast enough to constantly stand that streaming from "THE CLOUD" and even during single player sessions, it starts bogging me down. I guess no one will know tills it is in action, but I am really confused by both the term and its identity in games.


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I'm guessing this is to maybe use The One interface and snap, swap, whatever the fuck feature.....completely unintuitive and just straight up silly. I like to just turn my 360 on and play games. I don't keep it online, outside of updates and casual download here and there. Another feature pointed towards another crowd of gamers and pointing me further and further away from The One. God, I really hope Microsoft reconsiders this always online foolishness. At this point, I'm never going to bother owning a One in fear of losing all my games library in future generations, once severs get shut down.

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@zeik said:

I read this as "will you buy the Xbox One naked" at first, and now I'm a little disappointed that wasn't the actual question.

Same here....:(

If I stick with my PS4 pre-order, I WILL be attending the postal office in the nude...It is my preferred gesture of dominance.

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Also watched Sonny Chiba in Return of the Street Fighter! never gets old seeing that goons eyes POPPING right out of the socket from the great power punch of CHIBA!

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Just watched Bittersweet life again.....still amazing and two thumps up plus a pinky!

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hahahahaha "Have you seen TITANFALL!? have you gone through Titanfall yet? enough said!" hahaha

I may have added the punctuation, but maybe he should tone it down....A FPS in which you enter a larger FPSer mode isn't necessarily set in stone to be the next CoD.

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I think its the Rogue Warrior one for me. That just holds a special place for me.

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Its not even the money for me. Its the '24 hour check in, have to be connected' bullshit. My 360 is my main console which i buy all my multi platform games for, but I'm not touching 'one' until that shit gets cleared up, if it even can at this point.

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I added over 40 people...how do you open your gate for people? is that with the monkey? Tom Nooks already riding my ass for back payment!