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Project X zone next week. I played the demo, and have been playing JRPGs all my life, and it didn't make any fucking sense to me at all, at least the combat...HOWEVER, it does look and sound pretty fucking awesome, so maybe its just slightly odder learning curve.

Super Mario 3d land is great and much better at the end of the normal game.

Animal Crossing is fucking amazing, it is just a hard game to play for hours and hours on end, which can be hard when you REALLY just want to keep playing. The real world clock and how everything is at such a long pace (it is always TOMORROW WE WILL HAVE IT DONE FOR YOU) can drag some sessions down, but it is prefect for quick 10-20 minute chunks.

Honestly, I got bored with Fire Emblem pretty quick. I found it got very easy once you start getting people grouped up and leveled.

If you like adventure games and don't mind a DS game, Hotel Dusk is fantastic. Its a bit low key at first, but there is something about that hotel that just stays in my head. Every few days I keep wanting to go back and play that.

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Lazy bunch of fucking bastards, am I right guys?? *Hi fives* Yeah! yeah ,alright....fuck'em....

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Alpha Protocol is the absolute top of the list... unfortunately it is kind of rightfully bashed. It got all the hardest parts of a game right, and all the things we take for granted were just absolutely amateurish. Jesus, I'd still jump back into that big clown footed bastard's shoes again for another couple runs at the story...I just wish it was a lot longer.

Also I really enjoyed Deathrow (Though I can't recall, but I don't think this was really bashed) back in the day and I played the shit out of Tales of the World: Radient Mythology on the PSP.

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I got both on pre ordered now, but I am almost 100% confident I will wait for a while after release to see what's what. I love my 360, which is really the only reason I am having trouble choosing. I have never been huge on any of the exclusives on the PS3 outside of some of the JRPG stuff, so if I had to choose between exclusives, at the moment, I would stick with Microsoft.....then again PS+ is fucking amazing....and it is 100 banana's cheaper.....and the platform and forcing any of that snap, kenect bullshit that sounds like it takes a considerable amount of its resources up. I really am going to have to wait and see what happens in the next year.

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At least now I know I will probably buy both at some point. The PS4 still looks more interesting with PS+, 399$ price tag, and I will be interested to see which turns out to be the more powerful machine. I keep hearing they are basically even, but I thought the Xbox One was using, like half its RAM or whatever to run the interface stuff and snap feature. I think the recent news has made it even easier for me to just wait it out another year or so...

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It is going to depend on the type of games you like, or maybe grew up on, but I absolutely LOVE my Vita and 3ds. Still, if I had to pick, it would be hands down the 3ds for me. It is not nearly as nice as the VITA, in terms of its system and functions, but the DS library and continuing support of the 3ds from developers is just fantastic. On the other hand...PS+ is an amazing service even for someone like me who likes to have the physical copy of the game. Month after month, sony releases great titles from all their different library of games. In the long run, I have much more confidence in Nintendo to constantly bring out amazing games, but with a Vita, in the long run, if you remain a PS+ user, a ton of great games both from the PSP and Vita library is basically free.

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Downloading Gods Eater burst right now and just finished Gravity Rush.... Haven't cracked my Persona 4 seal yet as I have just got the system a couple weeks ago. I bouaght it mainly just to play PSP JRPGs and such....doesn't sound like a ton of stuff coming out that I am interested, but eh, its a pretty sweet handheld. I have to get a new card....that 4GB is fucking garbage.

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I'm still a bit confused by this whole cloud stuff Microsoft is stoking down people's throats. My internet is kind of garbage and they claim it will somehow run physics and such through out the cloud...but...what if my internet is not fast enough to constantly stand that streaming from "THE CLOUD" and even during single player sessions, it starts bogging me down. I guess no one will know tills it is in action, but I am really confused by both the term and its identity in games.


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I'm guessing this is to maybe use The One interface and snap, swap, whatever the fuck feature.....completely unintuitive and just straight up silly. I like to just turn my 360 on and play games. I don't keep it online, outside of updates and casual download here and there. Another feature pointed towards another crowd of gamers and pointing me further and further away from The One. God, I really hope Microsoft reconsiders this always online foolishness. At this point, I'm never going to bother owning a One in fear of losing all my games library in future generations, once severs get shut down.

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@zeik said:

I read this as "will you buy the Xbox One naked" at first, and now I'm a little disappointed that wasn't the actual question.

Same here....:(

If I stick with my PS4 pre-order, I WILL be attending the postal office in the nude...It is my preferred gesture of dominance.