PS3 Game Collection : Fifa 09

That brings my PlayStation 3 Games Collection to number 10!

I always love soccer/football and have been playing the Winning Eleven / Pro Evolution Soccer since the PlayStation 1 era. The game was awesome on PS2 and when the PS3 came along, I knew Winning Eleven / Pro Evolution Soccer on the 'next-gen' system is going to be amazing.

I was wrong. VERY wrong. The Konami's soccer/football game wasn't very good at all and I was very disappointed with the game play and visuals.  Even the online play in Winning Eleven 2008 / Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 was bad. So I thought to myself maybe they haven't get the hang of it yet because PS3 is new and I patiently await for the next one: Winning Eleven 2009 / Pro Evolution Soccer 2009.

To my dismay, that too suck monkey balls. I was sad. I mauled over a week. But then I saw a Fifa 09 DEMO on PSN. I downloaded it. Tried it. And Loved it. I wiped my tears away.

The game was amazing. Great visuals and good frame rate makes this game better than Konami's. FYI, the last FIFA game I played was Fifa 98, and that was on PC. It took me more than 10 years to go back to it and to enjoy it once again. So I went to my nearest game store bought myself a copy and play the HELL out of it. There are Trophies too. Not only the football trophies but PSN Trophies.

The game is amazing and having a better online game play than Konami's Winning Eleven / Pro Evolution Soccer I am very very pleased. Imagine to play in match online with 19 other players. Its almost like a real football/soccer match!

Well Konami is going to buck the hell up if they want to stay on the Footie Game because if they don't many of their followers are going to 'defect' to or 'defect back' to EA's FIFA.