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In the case of Oculus; a buyout like Facebook affords them the capital to custom manufacture hardware instead of relying on the scraps of the mobile phone market as they have been for the current dev kits. In the end this is only a good thing for the final product, and precious few other companies could provide them that; certainly not public funding or your average venture capitalist. Just look at the aesthetic and technical difference between Sony's Morpherous and the KickStarted/VC'd Oculus Rift DK1 for evidence of that.


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I feel like Microsoft and Sony are pulling the "lesser" Wii-U in a sled, doing the real next-gen advances.

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Every now and then lag causes my ghost/tank fly up in a random direction. Funny, but the glitches seem to be the salt of multiplayer for me. Slayer = competition and lollygagging.

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If I were into PS-stuff, i'd go for the new one. I mean, look at the Skyrim at ps3. That machine is at its end. My 360 slim has a few years to it, so i won't get a new platform anytime soon. I've barricaded myself with so many good games yet to be played that I think I'll survive well over the launch titles. :)

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Greetings from Finland, and trouble with videos here also. I usually take the video I want to watch, open a new ff/chrome/ie windows for it and open it in ten tabs at a time. Then I press them all to play and wait a moment. If a non-dysfunct commercial is selected for one, it starts to play. Normally I have to do it a few times to get the video started. Lately it's gotten a bit worse and the youtube channel seems to be the only way to watch those vids. :/ There seems to be no real solution and I'm guessing the commercials are broken.

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My reasoning here is that if I'm going to get a bunch of Xbox games (I will) and if I'm an active facebook user (yes), then synergy wouldn't hurt. There isn't a lot of it and that little is barely any good, but I'm not an idealist here, I can play fb-games. Facebook's own games are ugly, begging money and attention and always in "beta" until they are cut down, but those games are not my concern here. I play Xbox games, and since I rotate facebook apps, I might as well let that guide my pickings.

I've heard that Mass Effect 3 had a "Mission Command" app, but it seems inactive and down from here. Ubisoft put out "Project Legacy" for AC:Brotherhood, and it was tasteful if not entirely useful. Ubisoft has it's own weird bonus currency for unlocking stuff (Uplay), as many of you already might know. As some of you implied, force-spamming applets need to DIE. Non-intrusive game applets need our support.

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I'm planning to get some of the older xbox games that are on sale. My holidays will be well spent, not with the newest games (well, maybe some halo4..) , but with those awesome and welldesingned games that can now be bought for a mere percentage of the full price. I also hope to trade with some friends. After all, christmas is about sharing also, isn't it?

It's not always possible to plan ahead to what bargains I will find. Frankly it's quite impossible. I won't to buff up my gaming experience to the max with games connected to facebook. Which games have such connection? Some games are currently connected to some facebook apps, but which ones and how to find them? Ubisoft has its tool for easing this, but I wonder if others have such central apps.

->fb, brb

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@RedJimi: ...and the problem persists.

I've tried removing all cookies having a ref to "giantbomb" - didn't help.

Tried to disable adblock alltogether - didn't help.

Next step? Wait it out, maybe they're testing or migrating stuff for the new website?

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I had the same problem starting around 24h ago -maybeish. Firefox gave me nothing on some videos. This hinted that it might be related to the ads and so it was. I tried disabling adblock for this site and after refreshing a certain page for the umpteenth time it worked immediately. At least these bombadeer-ads seem sensibly relevant to my tastes.

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@Zippedbinders said:

@drag said:
" It's well made and pretty funny sometimes. But mostly just a case of something being a hundred times better when you're watching it alongside other people and talking about it at the same time. "
This is pretty much it.

As a male illustrator who dabbles in animation, I watch a metric shit ton of cartoons. Like, way more animation than live action at this point. MLP is simply a really well constructed show, the designs are colorful and sharp, the animation is fluid and lively, and the backgrounds are absolute eye candy bursting with color and whimsy. The writing is equally as strong with comedic highs, entertaining characters, and life lessons out the wazzoo. The target demographic is clearly tween girls and younger, but its written to broadly appeal to whoever might be watching, which as drag said, is infinitely more entertaining when you have a group of like-minded friends.

Its basically tapping into the same zone that Transformers, He-Man, and the original MLP were in back in the 80's; only this time, its actually handled with care and craft of people who care about animation.

True dat. It should be noted that while the basis for liking the series is based on aesthetics and high quality, disliking is based on the social norm of juvenility. The problem of fandom lies therein: Cartoons (also comics) were, at a time, a juvenile hobby. They aren't anymore. Anybody claiming that "cartoons are for children" can be shown such weirdness they won't sleep properly for a few days. The line that once separated cartoon entertainment solely to the adolescent section is no more. It has been noted that as parents often have to watch the same cartoons there could be an advanced level of communication in the 'toon to entertain the adult - a device employed as early as in the Grimm' stories.

The other thing to note: being cute or cutish no longer exactly disqualifies an artform from being taken seriously, "cute" is no more a synonym for "childish". This I call the Kawaii-effect, the revival of soft values in aesthetics. A cite from: :"The Kawaii concept has become something of a global phenomenon. The aesthetic cuteness of Japan is very appealing to people globally. The wide popularity of Japanese kawaii is often credited with it being “culturally odorless.” The elimination of exoticism and national branding has helped kawaii to reach numerous target audiences and to span every culture, class, and gender group."

There you have two good reasons to accept this MLP as a good force of society. It's a commonly accepted soft medium, nothing more or less. And for the record, I've never seen a single episode of this new thing. In my youth we got the crappy ones with jittery Swedish animation (I'm a Finn though). I like how a child can nowadays receive something that has been made with notion of Quality, it sends a different message.

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