The Conspiracy

There is certainly a conspiracy against me so that I'm not able to play Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. I will explain myself as briefly as I can.

Last week I bought a copy of the game for the PC version (that was a tragic decision) only to realize soon after that I cannot save in this game! I posted the issue that I had in the Capcom Europe forum for techical support. It is usually a very active forum, and Dead Rising 2: Off The Record a new and popular game, so someone would help me right? Wrong. After a week I hade 0 replies. In the meantime I posted the same Save problem message in another gaming site that had a thread dedicated to DR2:Off The Record save problems! My lucky day I thought... I checked today, after a week to read all those replies that I expected to receive, message was deleted!

The third route that I followed was to send e-mail to the technical department of Capcom. I keep sending them e-mails to three different addresses that they have for this purpose and one second later after I send my message I get an automated reply that my message cannot be delivered!

Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on with this game and this company? Thank you.

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Demon's Souls revenge

I consider myself a veteran in Demon's Souls, yet after four days of non stop playing of Dark Souls, I still haven't figured out how I'm supposed to play this game. I feel totally lost and extremely weak whatever tactics I come up with. Also, no poison cloud for cheap boss wins, no 5.000 souls enemies (Ripper) to easily level up, and the Sorcerer class just doesn't work so well as Royalty. Shards are pretty rare, Humanities are rare, and the overall difficulty has been greatly increased. I see it as a challenge, as I saw Demon's Souls, but the frustration meter has reached red.


Seven modern games that mattered. A short list

Resident Evil 4 (Game Cube): A modern game before even modern gaming was born. It changed drastically the survival horror sub-genre and the 3d person action adventure in general. After RE 4, all horror games would necessarily include aiming and shooting as part of the game-play and often a behind the shoulder camera view. It also signaled the end of the survival-horror genre.

God of War (PS2): It started a whole school of hack n' slash games with fluid animations, spectacular boss battles, raw violence and dislikable game characters.

World of Warcraft (PC): A beautiful and wisely constructed online action RPG set in a massive world with a simple yet very addictive premise - kill monsters, gain XP, level up, become more powerful and kill tougher monsters, easily accessed by everyone. A game that put MMORPG on the map.

Gears of War (Xbox 360): Health regeneration, hide behind an obstacle and shoot; after this game all modern shooters would follow these features. As a side effect Gears of War is responsible for the trend of the bulky and deformed game characters.

BioShock (PC, Xbox 360): An FPS that didn't look like other FPS and with an incredible atmosphere of decadence. I can't say that BioShock created a school of games of that type, because no other title could repeat this formula, not even BioShock 2.

Call of Duty 4. Modern Warfare (PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii): A very special FPS, an excellent shooter in the surface, but deep inside a dark and pessimistic game with a dramatic finale.

Demon's Souls (PS3): It re-invented action-rpg gaming and online play. A brutal game with an unforgettable atmosphere, epic boss battles and a very unique online multi-player system that allowed other players to invade your world. A landmark for modern gaming. A landmark for sadomasochism as well.


"Il Cavaliere" visited me in my dream!

This night in my sleep I had a V.I.P. guest, the Prime Minister of Italia, Silvio Berlusconi! Bet let me tell you the story from the beginning.

I was dreaming that I was in the office in my work, and as usually we were fooling around... Suddenly the door opened, and our chief rushed in! She went straight at the desk of one of my colleagues, who sits right beside me. The chief angrily said to her: "Let me see what you are doing in front of your computer all these years, because I always had this question in my my mind!" And of course what the chief saw was...the facebook page

Then she turned to me. "You! what are you doing there also?" I was paralysed from my fear. I looked at my monitor, and I saw a screen saver, because I hadn't touched the computer for long. I said to myself: "God, make it not be YouTube." And then out of nowhere, Berlusconi came as a "guest star"! He was supposedly appointed by my boss as an assistant in these "inspections". He came near to me, and sat on a chair. He was cheerful as always. Actually he embraced me in some way, like in the photograph below:

He hit a button on the keyboard, and the screen saver disappeared, and he saw that I was wasting my time, watching at something totally irrelevant with my job, I can't remember what it was. Then he began whispering in my ear some nasty things. He was telling me some insults, like: "I know that your mother is a..., you are a thief", and things like that. I thought of it as kind of test, to show my loyalty to him, and I was trying to be very calm, and friendly with him. I was answering to him all the time: "No Mr President, I'm innocent, no my mother is not like that, no you are mistaken Mr President, don't say that Mr President." Finally as it seemed, I passed this psychological trial with success, and Berlusconi didn't turn me in to my boss. In fact he started with his usual jokes, and all this "Berlusconi type" of behaviour that he is famous for. I was so relieved!! Not only I escaped all the embarrassment of being caught, but I had some big time moments with Silvio!

Well, I don't want to challenge my luck anymore, so I will stop here, because my dream may be an omen for what it might happen to me today, and I'm afraid that in reality, Berlusconi will not be here to rescue me.

Have a good weekend!

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Which video-game "sex image" do you recall most?

In other words, which image (image in the wider sense) really impressed you, even tempted you to buy a game, or generally had the biggest impact on you. I'm a little older, and so the strongest video-game sex image in my mind, would probably be the female warrior in the front cover of  Barbarian 2  in the late 80's. Inside the box, besides the cassette and the instructions, there was a fairly big poster of hers too. Don't think anything "naughty", I was too little at that time.