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Cool, was wondering. They were a lot of fun at the time. Thanks for the info.

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I've been gone from the site for quite a while, so please forgive me if this is well known, but... what happened to website quests? I take it they were ripped out? I don't see any evidence of them whatsoever any longer, other than my old Quests forum posts that all now link to 404 errors.

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It's a real shame that G4 can't actually be a dedicated gamer channel. It seems a perfect place for a real gaming awards show. But they're too busy showing Cops and Campus PD for some reason. They should take their shows like X-Play and Attack of the Show, and use those as a basis for complete programming overhaul to be a real gaming network. Considering how large the gaming industry is, it seems like there's a market for it, if done right.

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@Vodun said:

These latest bugs are an obvious sign of just testing the code you wrote and nothing else. They've had massive pressure to fix the problems of 1.0, and they didn't have time to do a full cycle of testing.

As I said, a breakdown of testing and quality control. Being under pressure is no excuse for poor quality. If it wasn't ready, they shouldn't have released it -- that applies to both the retail game and the patch. But in this case, particularly the patch.

But as entertaining as your defense of poor software practices is, as well as your lawyer-like defense of Bethesda, there is nothing more pointless than arguing with strangers on the Internet. So since I've said my peace, I'm going to go play Skyrim -- at least for a hour or so before the game gets so choppy that it's unplayable. "But they were under pressure!"

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@Vodun said:

Hands up all those complaining about the bugs in this epic, mastodon of a game, who have actually worked with software development? Oh? Didn't think so.

*raises hand* 15 years and counting.

I don't know Bethesda's specific process, but this seems like a massive breakdown of even basic quality control and testing. There's no excuse for such obvious bugs as these (downgraded textures, magic resistance) getting out the door, unless you need a serious testing overhaul.

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JFC. You'd think they'd get a patch right for once.

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Hey guys... are there ads in the new update?

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That game was a blast. I'd love to have a sequel.

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"Lynne Thigpen is not having this bullshit."

I can always tell when Alex writes an article without having to read the tagline.