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Stay away from my Chie and Naoto, ya ginge.

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Auto aim to remove any chance of me blaming the game for its failures, because it'll be all on me when I fail a mission. It certainly didn't help in Red Dead Redemption, that game is just ass to me.

If I choose to play with a mouse and keyboard on the PC version, I'd probably play with free aim. Given the platform, head shots just come naturally. If it could auto switch between two control schemes, then great, but I doubt that'll happen.

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I know the opposite can happen after having a transition of Michael shaving off the beard I cut into his face when I had the chance very early into the game.

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Yo DaWg I kNoW wAtChU mEaN dAt ShIt Iz EmBaRaSsiN' rOcKsTaR lOl DeY sHoUlD gEt RaPeD lMfAo

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It's like I'm reliving parts of the film Drive over and over again. Not sure if hiding under an overpass is what gets helicopters off me, but it sure feels awesome when they don't notice me.

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My second kill, however, went too far as I ran over Johnny's sobbing girlfriend. It was nice that Wade or whoever pointed that out and mentioned burying them together.

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Oh, they're Webhookers now? Ah. Hm.

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I trust Jeff with my purchasing decisions, but not with my life.

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Well, if I'm already not enjoying playing a game (Red Dead Redemption, for example) and already know what happens near the end, then no it don't matter, son.

If I do get spoiled over something I intend to visit or invest time into, then so be it. If the game, book, film, or whatever isn't doing enough to keep my attention throughout the journey, it probably wasn't worth getting into anyway.

If Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones have the shittiest endings, which for some reason I'm expecting so my hopes aren't dashed so easily, I'm not gonna lie and say it wasn't worth getting up to the ending with all the crazy theories and parallels from beginning to end.