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This is just great.

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Yes but will it have TRANSFARRING?

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Absolution was fine. The weak point was really the story, but then again, Blood Money also had a poor excuse for a story so whatever.

Absolution raised the bar for replayability by giving players a means to construct different scenarios on their own but I feel like the contract creation could go much deeper, the system in that game definitely felt a little like it was bolted on afterwards and not created alongside the actual game. The different challenges and playstyles were also great fun.

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A limited beta test only in the United States... and then they expect to roll it out this summer everywhere?

That's quite the increase in bandwidth consumption and potential failures. Why do I have a feeling this will not go smoothly?

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I don't watch much TV so all these DVR and cable box features that Microsoft are offering with the Xbox One are of no interest to me. Don't even get me started on sports...

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You're gonna need waaaaaay more than 64 slots.

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I'm going to throw a few names out there since I didn't spot them on the initial draft list or mentioned in the thread already:

Crackdown. Bulletstorm. Eternal Sonata.

@kidavenger said:

I think World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade should be on the list, the game certainly reached it's peak during this gen (specifically at the time Burning Crusade was out) and is still more popular/played by more people now than 90% of the games on this list.

I think World of Warcraft definitely deserves spot on the list, it has certainly had a lot of impact.

This isn't a popularity contest, however (in the sense of counting player numbers or total sales). If it was, we could just do a vote between Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga and whatever Chinese MMO is the biggest these days and call it a day!

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A lot of those features seem like they should totally be in the base firmware that ships with the console. Methinks they're forcing people to upgrade by tying very basic features such as Blu-Ray/DVD playback to this patch, to ensure that everyone is compelled to get it instead of keeping their console offline (for whatever reason that might be).