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Hope you're enjoying dbox and summerjams wherever you are Davis.

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Oh Rorie you handsome devil, welcome back!

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This guy will land on his feet.

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Oh man. Hopefully they can still pursue crazy ideas, with more resources! But that's probably optimistic thinking.

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Vinny/Jeff or Vinny/Ryan. Sometimes Jeff and Ryan produce gold.

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Yeah, I tried it. I didn't understand all the systems. Seems very complex, but I'll give it another try. The thumbs really hyped it up to the Nth degree though.

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@Marino said:

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It may be something just godawful to put together, but any thoughts on doing one of these for QuickLooks? I'd just like to know who's been in how many though you may be able to take it further down the rabbit hole and also chart who's been in them with who this year to find out if there are any stand out pairings. Or has it already been done? In which case. . . . I'm an idiot.

It's not a bad idea. Would be fairly time consuming though to start from scratch. Might be something I can do for 2013 by accumulating the data as the year goes along like I did for this. I'm not going to be able to do achievement data anymore with the new site, so QL stats could fill the gap.

I actually started doing this, but have not finished. Catalogued over 400 QL's. Might finish it someday! But from "early" data, Jeff & Ryan are by far the most common pairing. They are also in the most QL's overall. I think this pattern would hold up even if you added all the other ones, but can't be sure! Haven't done any kind of breakdown by year or something fancy like that yet.