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sweet i was just wondering the other day when blizz would release another of these

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youre not at all alone Brad. I dont think ive ever had a console that I didnt outright break at least one controller....Most recently was Fable 2 trying to get the legendary pistol from the shooting range, i pretty much bashed the left thumbstick completely into the body of the controller then immediately felt like a complete ass for doing it and getting so worked up over a game like that

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on the one hand, i have complete faith in BioWare at this point and think this game will probably turn out awesome....on the otherhand, ive recently kicked the WoW addiction and am not so sure about getting into another MMO, even if i am dying to see the storyline unfold in this one....and on my malformed third hand, i really really really really really wish BioWare would have made KotOR 3 to finish out the Revan story arc and let us experience what happened in his trip into the Unknown Regions first hand instead of(probably) doling it out as 300 year old history in this MMO

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How about an achievement for retrieving the Sector 5 key and catching the glimpse of Aerith in the church :'''(

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@Soap said:
" If you have thumbs you should play this, simple as that. "
i think that sums it up pretty well.  FFVII will probably always be right at the top of my all time favorite games for so many reasons. It introduced me to the RPG genre which I cannot thank Squaresoft and Hironobu Sakaguchi for enough, it changed the expectations of damn near everyone for what to expect out of console games, it became the benchmark everyone strived for in making their RPGs...basically it changed the landscape of gaming in general, not just the RPG genre. it is such a hugely important title that I cant imagine anyone thats been gaming for any length of time hasnt at least given it a shot.

Some of the remarks here are true, the game has not aged all that well graphically and perhaps gameplay-wise as well but I have played through the game at least 7 or 8 times, I have killed Ruby and Emerald weapon without consulting a guide, I blew damn near all the gil i made selling Mastered All materias getting my Gold chocobo, and I still go back every year or so and do these things again and I find every minute of it enjoyable. Like others said, just to play through it for the history lesson is worth it, you'll learn about the evolution of games from this title.

 If youre not sure about being able to handle the way game looks, then i recommend(contrary to what others may say) go back and starting with FF10 and seeing how you like it and deciding from there. FF10 has, in my opinion, the best executed story of any of the games, I found it to be just unbelievably beautiful and beautifully told. It updated a lot of the mechanics youll find in FF7 and streamlined much of the experience. If FF7 hadnt had such a large impact on me as a gamer, FF10 would be my favorite in the series but, alas, thats not the way things turned out.(For those wondering how I could rank FF10 ahead of FF6, i have a disclaimer: there is a huge conspiracy preventing me from finishing FF6 as both SNES and PS1 versions always have my saved data get erased at some late, crucial points in the story so ive never finished it : \
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For years I always used inverted but(i dont know or understand how this happened) Star Wars: The Force Unleashed somehow managed to completely wipe my muscle memory for playing inverted. It took me a long time ive finally relearned inverted and again prefer it to normal, but needless to say i will never insert  TFU into my xbox ever again

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@Jimbo said:
" Also because Sakaguchi was planning to retire after making it, making it his "Final Fantasy".

Quote from t'internet:

'The very first Final Fantasy was also going to be the last. Sakaguchi was becoming increasingly disillusioned with game development, which is why the game was named Final Fantasy. Sakaguchi was planning to quit the industry as soon as it was released.

When the game was released in Japan, Final Fantasy was an enormous success, Sakaguchi, rejuvenated started work on the sequel.'


and the worst thing Squaresoft ever did for the Final Fantasy franchise was to force out Hironobu Sakaguchi after Final Fantasy Spirits Within kinda sorta tanked....series hasnt been the same without him involved and I weep for what was an amazing run of games and my favorite series in gaming
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i think it says somewhere that all the merchandise is limited run, they do it for fun but once they sell all of the items theyre gone forever

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I'm kind of a mix between Vinny and Brad(though Brad sometimes drives me crazy with the dying in the quicklooks)....Sometimes Ryan but not really, i either agree 100% with what hes saying or think no one in the history of ever has been more wrong about anything

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@ Red:  
--Thank you for mentioning Chrono Trigger, couldnt believe I got to the second page with out anyone mentioning that series. I cant think of another franchise i want to see revived more than that.
EDIT: and also i forgot to mention and i feel it deserves some props, Chrono Cross still has the best soundtrack ive ever heard in a game

--Also I'd love to see another Twisted Metal game put out, TM: Black was just amazing back in the day
--Other than those 2, i want to see Knights of the Old Republic finished like it should be: as a single player RPG where we find out what happens to Revan, the outcast, Bastila, and the rest of the gang. then we can move onto this Old Republic mmo nonsense so i dont feel obligated to buy it just to find out about Revan 300 years after.

of the other games people have mentioned, Honorable mentions go to : Vagrant Story, Jedi Outcast, and Meowayne's suggestion for Pre-Enix Final Fantasy cause hes right