Staff Practice (26th February)

one of the first spins I've done in a LONG LONG time, also hopefully the first of many vids that will potentially show an improvement :) I've kinda got sloppier since I used to do it almost daily:


3D sculpt: Luchadeer

So I started this today in Zbrush : Will update once I've made more progress


Edit : More Progress (29/02/2012) (CLICK FOR HI-RES)

EDIT: Quick Test on how the normal map may behave, left is low poly, right is high poly, middle is the normal mapped version.

EDIT: Test Rig/Bake of Normal Maps


The Fire: Episode 1 - Really Basic Fire Spinning(staff)

I HAVE to upgrade to HD uploads, it looks so ...non contrasty.

anyway, Here's the first in another series of videos, going through from the basics of firespinning (both staff and poi), and onto some more tricky/impressive moves , also there'll be some fire vids up once I brave the cold and get out there.

I don't do akido or use a bo-staff btw, I do it for fun and shiny things.

cheers for taking the time :)


The Graphics: Episode 1 - Shadow Maps

I've been meaning to do this for a while. Everytime I hear one of the crew say something about a games graphics that I understand, I feel like explaining what is going on. Now I'm not the most erudite member of the community, however this is my little attempt a explaining a gripe that Vinny brings up in the quick look for Resident Evil : Revelations on the 3DS.

Now it'll probably be completely indecipherable to most, but hey, watch it, see what you think, and leave critique either here or on the vid itself.

If there is anything graphical that irks you in modern games, chuck that in a comment and I'll see if there's any common themes. I've already got a few things on the list, and this is one of the first vids I've done, so you'd expect at least a slight raise in quality in time. Plus you make a game out of counting the amount of times I scratch my beard...

cheers for taking the time :)