Posted by Robster

No wonder once wrote "I have a big face" on my arm... pity he did it 5 minutes before going into an exam

Posted by Sweep

To be fair, you do have a massive face.

Posted by Arkasai

Neat video! I've been looking into buying a cheapo-steadicam for a while but I could never decide on a brand. There are literally dozens of brands out there trying to sell <$100 steadicams. I played around with a Merlin for a day and even at $800 it took half an hour to balance the first time. It's a joy to use once it actually stays still, but I can see why video production companies spend tens of thousands on rigs that balance quickly or automatically. I also tried a friend's Flycam Nano with a homemade arm brace and that worked surprisingly well. That system was neat in that the camera can spin freely like a top, a lot like professional steadicams with vests and spring loaded arms.

Posted by MarkWahlberg

Cool stuff. Half expected the harry potter theme to start playing when you were zooming around your yard though.

Also, your voice is very... soothing.

Posted by Sin4profit

Looks interesting. Whenever i needed a steady cam i'd mount my camera to a tripod and held it loose by the neck under the mounting plate...that's a fairly cheap tip for anyone working with video.