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@InternetDetective said:

@RurouniGeo: Capcom needs to cut Aris loose before some poor girl sues them into bankruptcy.

Yea, because Aris is affiliated with Capcom and that Cross Assault is still going on, right? Good job Detectiving the Internet.

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If you buy a fresh copy of WoW, you will have access to Burning Crusade content (levels 60-70), but you will still need to buy Wrath of the Lich King (70-80 content) and Cataclysm (80-85). If you already have vanila WoW, I think your account gets upgraded to a Burning Crusade account for free, but I'm not sure about that.

If you commit to paying one year (an option you will need to access from account settings), you will get a digital copy of Diablo III when it comes out and Tyrael's Charger (flying horse mount that scales to your current riding skill) in patch 4.3, which will come out in a month or two. Full FAQ on that here:

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@Manhattan_Project: Yep, they got about halfway through.

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The point is, they were playing for higher placement in the EVO bracket. Speculation is that Justin knew he he was in a high enough spot (points awarded from previous tournaments) to skip a bunch of randoms so he was planning to throw the match for Noel Brown to also get more points.
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I wrote something along the lines of:

<- I'm cooler than them. ->
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O hai there, blog.
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@yakityyakblah said:
I have never ever in all my years ever heard any video game website argue about whether Masterchief would beat Link in a fight. Nor have I seen the same even come from a message board.

Then you haven't been to many video game message boards.
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I can imagine subscribers having 24/7 access to it while non-subscribers having access during any of their live streams.
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@MistaSparkle said:

"Subscribing on iTunes, right? Just making sure... "


No, subscribing to Whiskey Media.
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Newbies, follow meeeee!
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