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*Slow Clap*

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Been following Ryan and the whole GB crew since the Gamespot days. I have to say Giant Bomb holds a special place in my heart because of everyone who makes it up. I don't think it will ever be the same from this day forward. Rest is peace Ryan, you will be dearly missed...

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<p>Didn't have too much trouble with Lady Comstock, just hung way back, and if possible near a bill machine. Picked her off with burst gun or carbine. What broke me was the zeppelin fight. I could not figure out a good way to kill the patriots fast enough, probably the reason was I didn't upgrade my vigors well. Will have to go round two on 1999 mode or maybe run through on normal to try for all the voxophones</p>

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I didn't see a bullet point for :

  • Fixed glitch where textures are replaced by a solid neon purple texture (PC)
  • Fixed PC version so it doesn't crash every half hour after you have played more than 10 hours

They get those hammered out and I will be a happy camper...

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I got the Whatever, Buddy ending which is the most wishey washey, fart in the wind, fucking ending I have ever seen in a video game... Other than that it was pretty good.

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I support this wholeheartedly.

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Time to put these newly promoted silver level skills to the test. I'm down!

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Hardcore Dave approves of Swedish death metal front man and doppelganger  Mikael Akerfeldt

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Oh Klepek does good work, glad to have him aboard... THE TRAIN BABY WHOO WHOO!

We all know this was a move to bolster Nintendo downloadable game coverage. But seriously, glad to have ya Patrick!