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That's cool for people who don't have good PCs, but I would wait for the price to come down even then. The North Point and Zodiac Tournament DLCs are maybe worth $3 each, and I bet the other story DLCs are the same.

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I feel like a oh oh.

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I assume you guys have a paid Twitch acct, so you don't have to worry about your archives being deleted.

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Thank you for providing the name without making people click through.

I kind of like the name. It's so obviously from 1992, and probably wasn't seen by many people at Nintendo other than the one person who was writing this book.

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Rename: Izalith -> Lost Izalith

Lost Izalith is the name of the actual in-game area (it pops up in the middle of the screen when you enter it). "Non-lost" Izalith doesn't exist in the game.

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I guess my thinking was more why waste your time with negative feelings when you can just not engage with those feelings. Just let them go.

The negative extremes of anything are often as interesting as the positive extremes, and just as much can be learned by examining them.

To contribute: I admit I have not read a James Joyce novel from start to finish, so I can't make any quality judgment of him, but I have already determined that his style (at least what I've seen of it) is diametrically opposed to everything I personally enjoy about the art of writing. It's not that I don't understand why he would write like that - I see what he's doing, and I hate it.

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That would be difficult, most anime is pretty sad.

As for intentional pathos, that was basically the entire point of Haibane Renmei, and it most often succeeded. Been a long time since I saw it, though, so I might think differently now.

Also that Cowboy Bebop episode with the guy's blind wife (?) was kinda sad, I think.

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I remember Okage having good story elements, but it was very tongue-in-cheek. Which is probably what made it good.

Dragon Quest 8 had pretty good writing/localization and characters, though not a good plot or anything.

Persona 4 is the closest thing to a seriously good story I've ever seen in that genre, but its strengths are much more in the character study vein. I didn't love how the plot played out.

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Yeah. When he was talking about that Zombie run, Drew brushed up against that zombie and he said "Hey, if you touch me again, I'm gonna have to remove a flag" and Drew said "Fuck you, this is just a game" and threw the flag on the ground. That was on a Bombcast some time ago.

That was Patrick.