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I was bummed out at the end of The Conjuring, when they teased Annabelle. The Conjuring itself was quite well-done and a solid example of a pure haunted house movie (though it fell short of the Woman in Black remake) so I would have looked forward to a follow-up, but "sinister possessed doll" is one of the hokiest possible premises for a horror movie. Even worse than "haunted asylum".

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Ocarina of Time.

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The original names didn't focus-test well with Chad Facecrunch and his friends, I suppose.

I really wish publishers would stop their marketing people from meddling with things that obviously don't affect the sales of the game. The average consumer won't know whether they're called trolls or cargoholds or anything else until they've bought the game, and it's too late then.

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I'd like to see more console-specific games from Plus. That selection is hardly "KILLING IT" for anyone who plays games on PC.

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I think he's saying that one-button action, auto-driving cars etc. will be available for players who want them. It doesn't necessarily mean that everyone will be forced into that experience.

The real concern is whether they can accommodate both levels of gameplay without degrading the quality of either one, which is doubtful. If the easy mode is just "Press X until a cutscene appears", is that fun? On the other hand, if the gameplay complexity/challenge in the normal mode is so easily removable for casual players, does it all feel like padding or busywork?

Spending the resources to make these changes, when both of those outcomes are pretty likely, seems like a crapshoot.

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I don't see any racial slurs or 4chan catchphrases yet. Maybe they plan to flesh it out later.

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Do you own a video game on Steam? Then consider buying Jank-Ass DayZ Clone #4873. It's right up your alley.

I do like that you can filter recent updates by games you own. That might actually be useful.

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See, this is what the From Software art director guy was trying to say about dignity.

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I assume you're referring to the Sweden Democrats?

A chart of opinion polls on Swedish political parties from Wikipedia:

Sweden Democrats are the yellow line. Looks like they're gaining popularity, but are still well below the two dominant parties. It's going to take a bigger upswell than that to overthrow two entrenched parties, I imagine.

Of course, a parliamentary system is different from what we have in the US, but not so different that these guys have any real shot at controlling the country. Influencing things in a bad way, yes, but Nazi Germany, no.,_2014