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@fluxwavez: what is the "1UP X Giant Bomb podcast"? Sounds like something I'd like to hear.

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This is ridiculous.

Vinny's editing was great. It accentuates bits and adds to the humour. Not once did it take away from what people were saying.

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Vinny should be perma-host.

I think Jeff podcasts would be better appreciated if they were only once in a while. They're kind of all over the place but great things sometimes emerge (numbers station bit).

Vinny brings real hosting skills that keep the show rolling, much like the great Ryan Davis. Jeff is better suited jumping in and out telling stories etc.

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This was an amazing episode. Vinny brings it as host. I feel like Jeff may be more comfortable jumping in and riffing while Vinny guides the ship.

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A few years ago a video game developer released a rather hilarious rap video featuring a techno viking type section.

Can't recall the developer although I think they were Scandinavian and after thorough searching I can't find the damn thing.

Any help appreciated.

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I would love to see an ios port of this. Could see myself wasting all kinds of time with it on the ipad while watching tv. On the desktop? Not so much.

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I think you handled this well. Your seem to have thought long and hard about your choice.

My only advice would be to bite your tongue when you're around your family at religious holidays. Not sure if you've left home or not but those religious holidays tend to be when families come together and that's important. Turning those times into confrontations or fights helps no one.

As long as you're each respectful of each other your relationship with your parents will be fine.

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Paul Barnett, please.

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I would say a segment with Ryan, Jeff, Johnny V and Adam. Then a segment with Paul Barnett, Jeff, Ryan and Brad. Final segment Jeff, Ryan, Jeff Green and Gary Whitta.

For a change of pace, getting Drew, Vinny and Dave together is pure gold.