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Bond, by the numbers. 0

It's been two years since we've last seen Bond in theaters, unfortunately MGM's money woes will probably drag the wait out further. Bizarre attempts to fill the gap with a standalone entry in the Bond canon. They are mostly successful in their more literal attempt to recreate the Bond experience in a video game. It's a fun romp that ultimately feels more like a movie than an actual game.  Given Bizarre's lineage with the PGR racing series, it's only natural that Blood Stone features a healthy em...

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The Epic that Wasn't 0

There are so many delightful moments in Fable 3 that it almost makes you want to forgive its fuckups. Unfortunately clever writing, and charming voice acting only go so far when the gameplay is monotonous.   Journey to the glorious land of Albion! Experience the wonderous caves, sewers, tunnels, catacombs, and assorted other cramped spaces. And then just when you think to yourself, "they're can't possible be anymore tunnels..." you get to RE-EXPERIENCE the same tunnels for a second, third, or ev...

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All Style. No Substance. 0

Kane and Lynch tries really, really hard to be cool. From it's innovative docu-style camera, to it's gruff dialogue and story-telling, it all boils down to visual flash. Unfortunately there is precious little of anything below the stylish veneer.    The story is barked out with more grunts, groans, and erghs than a "Tool Time" soundboard. Remember that video of David Hasselhoff drunkenly eating the cheeseburger? Well that's how every line of dialogue is performed. It's obnoxious at first, then o...

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Compelling spy yarn sabotaged by dated gameplay 0

Ugh. This is one of those games I'm just torn about. I was beyond impressed with the dialogue and choice system, as well as the rich narrative. Yet these amazing highs make the clunky gameplay all the more heartbreaking.  You play as agent Mike Thorton, an operative who is recruited by an agency with shadowy ties to the US government. Your first mission out goes tits up and you are left to pick up the pieces. What at first seems to be a standard spy story evolves into a dense narrative that mana...

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Short but sweet 0

The original Army of Two was one of those games that sold a lot of copies yet no one seemed to care much for it. 40th Day is in the unfortunate position of being a sequel no one asked for. Luckily it seems that most of the criticisms leveled at the first game were taken to heart in designing the sequel.  The story is paper-thin. Essentially a pair of mercenaries, Salem and RIos, happen to be in Shanghai when a whole bunch of bad shit goes down. The story in these games is never more than excuse ...

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Mickey Rourke stars in Gameplay Goatfuck 0

If you've ever asked yourself "is the douchebag convention in town?" after stabbing someone through the skull then Rogue Warrior is the game for you!  Walking up to dudes, pressing A, watching an over-the-top stabbing animation, and hearing Mickey Rourke mutter some vaguely comprehensible curse laden insults. That about sums up the major appeal of this B-level "gem". You're probably thinking that sounds like it would get old fast. And it does. Luckily by the time the schtick starts to wear thin ...

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Not Quite Legendary... 0

Jack Black stars as Eddie Riggs a roadie who is transported to another world during a stage accident. Although the premise may sound paper-thin, the brilliant pairing of designer Tim Schafer and Jack Black really bring the story and characters to life. Humor in games has been notoriously difficult to pull off and this is one of Brutal Legend's strongest selling points; its consistently funny. Jack Black has experience doing voice work (Kung Fu Panda) and his chops show, he makes Eddie Riggs a un...

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