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Very impressed. =]

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Looking awesome.

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The Fuhrer was by far one of the greatest socio-politically influential figures in all of history, not just the last century. To understand fully what kind of a mental grip he held over  Weimar Germany and even under his own 'weak' dictatorship can't be explained, because we haven't seen that recently. This man, althought a psychopathic lunatic, had a great mind for public persuasion, thats why he's the most influential. He brought the NAZI party from a no name, to the ONLY name.

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I hate:
1. All the people here talking about time and the universe, that's fine and all but please don't talk about it as fact, NOBODY knows what happened... repeat, NOBODY.
2. People saying scientific data goes against it. Purely philosophical here but; if God does exist (not implying He doesn't) then why would it be so easy to make up a scientific theorem about Him?

I think it would be a wise choice to make this argument rely on philosophy and not science, a civilized discussion can't happen about this if its based on scientific 'data'.

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Yea... this is all bullshit until we see videos. So you can say what you want.

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"Where the fuck is the light with the tunnel?!"

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NoobFeed is live. We would appreciate any help from members here in testing out the site and notifying one of the staff with any problems you find, also, suggestions for improvements are welcome. =]

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This is just sad. Nuff said.

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Haha, very nice.

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You guys are like vampires... youre sucking the life out of him. lol