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With all this talk of Danganronpa in the Game of the Year deliberations, I've decided it's finally time to share my latest dumb fan creation with the Giant Bomb community (you might previously know me as the weird guy who made those Deadly Premonition playing cards and turned Drew into an alpaca).

So, 6 months ago, I started this small little project called "Danganwrestling." It was born out of a desire to make a silly Danganronpa-themed story with the WWE 2K14 Story Designer, not unlike classic tales such as "Time Rock" and "Ghost Problems."

The premise of the story was rather simple: Monokuma takes over the WWE, brings over some characters from Danganronpa, and forces them to play a new killing game with the WWE Superstars.

But, holy crap, I got a little bit ambitious and things got crazy.

I just finished the final episode a few days ago, and the project has evolved far beyond what I had originally intended. By episode 4, I was frustrated by the limitations of the WWE 2K14 Story Designer and I went out and made it into a freakin' visual novel (in video form, of course). In episode 5, I recreated the trial system from Danganronpa, including Non-Stop Debates and an execution sequence (oh, and a little Phoenix Wright thrown in there, too). This is why it took 6 months! Hopefully it's unlike any video game wrestling story you've ever seen before.

I'll summarize a few plot points to hopefully pique your interest:

Here's a few screenshots from the series:

So, yeah...if you're a fan of Danganronpa, wrestling, or want to learn about either, please check out Danganwrestling. Be warned, though, as the series features major spoilers for Danganronpa 1. If you're questioning why this thing exists in the first place...blame Alex for starting the Powerbombcast and getting me to watch wrestling again.

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@drewbert said:

In order for a game to show up in the search box, it needs to have a release associated with it. Not just a release date, mind you, but one of these. Game releases are user-addable in the wiki.

Some games, like The Banner Saga, do have 2014 releases but something else is preventing them from showing up. Let us know in this thread when you find a game like that and we'll fix it.

Also, you can go back and edit your picks at any time, so if you can't add a specific game, give it a shot later and see if it works. We're planning on having this page open until around Dec 1.

Danganronpa 1 and Danganronpa 2 were both released this year in English on Vita, but I guess since the games were originally released in Japan in 2010 and 2012, they don't show up as choices on the poll.

Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney is in a similar position, with a Japanese release in 2012, and Tomodachi Life, with a Japanese release in 2013.

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As a former pad player, I also don't understand why using a PS1 controller is a big deal. I only switched to stick because I liked the idea of customizing one with my own art!

If you play on pad, you're probably using a PS1 or PS2 controller, since DualShock 3s are banned at most tournaments. Plus, pretty much every system out here has some kind of controller converter that supports PS1/PS2 controllers.

Anyways, thanks to this article, I finally know what's up with the Luffy/Louffy thing. Good job, Patrick, :)

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I'm glad I was able to get enough for me and my friends. I hope PAX South is amazing (ie, Giant Bomb shows up)!

About time we got a big video game convention like this. QuakeCon seems mainly PC-focused, ScrewAttack is super low key...and then there's that RoosterTeeth thing.

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If you guys donate at least $5 before the Metroid block is over, you can get a chance to win my Zero Suit Samus Alpaca! It's almost as cool as my Drew alpaca!

Put in a bid for Yoshi Gerstman while you're at it. :P

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Mine is now showing as boxart from Body Harvest. That has never been my avatar before, but my original avatar is related to the game. I don't remember ever changing it.

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Awesome! I was wondering if we'd get anything from Patrick's talk with the designers at GDC.

I think Animal Crossing is one of the greatest games of all time, and I love how the series has evolved. The step from Wild World to City Folk was very minor, but the step from City Folk to New Leaf was incredible.

New Leaf feels like such an "un-Nintendo" game in regards to online. I mean, I just now finished a turnip deal with a random Reddit person for a 3.4 million Bell profit. Yeah, Friend Codes are limiting, but New Leaf does what it can with it. You can actually communicate with other people, even if you're not in each others towns, using the Best Friend system. It's funny that Animal Crossing has an effective real-time chat system, but the 3DS itself still lacks anything even close. New Leaf even lets you group with random strangers through Club Tortimer, to the point that it even has greifers. That's something I wouldn't expect in a Nintendo online experience.

As for the core Animal Crossing experience, I love how creative you can be with it. Some people just see the game as paying off your debt or filling out your catalog. I don't even bother with that, for the most part. I'm all about creating a strange narrative with my town and sharing it with others through the Dream Address functionality. I'm still hard at work building a serial killer's hideout in the northwest, an arcade with a shady drug-fueled side business in the southeast, which is right next to the restaurant that may or may not be serving the meat of animal villagers gone missing... all while the corrupt mayor keeps 24/7 tabs on the town through his Harry Stewart-esque surveillance room, which also happens to be a floor above his sex dungeon and to the left of his sacrificial chamber.

And there's the fact that people often engage in animal trafficking online, making deals with other people to trade villagers for money or desirable furniture pieces. I just love that the game totally lets you subvert the cutesy, innocent nature of it all through online interaction and customization features. It's freakin' great.

I hope Animal Crossing gets even bigger in the future. Someday, I wanna make my own furniture so I can create my own torture racks instead of making do with cleverly placed dentist chairs and lab tables.

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@flacracker: The Evo folks had said pretty definitively this time last year that MK wouldn't be making any more appearances.

At a high level, the game had some demonstrable balance issues that players were actively exploiting. Injustice has more or less entirely supplanted MK's spot for the time being.

It was surprising (and cool) how long MK9 lasted at Evo. Remember, last year when the Evo lineup was announced, MK9 was part of it, and NOT Injustice, which hadn't come out yet. They later decided to include Injustice in the line up after some tremendous tournament showings shortly after the game's release.

I'm excited to see Injustice again this year, as apparently it's not a bunch of Supermans anymore. :)

I have a feeling Melee will be there. Evo people are probably using the fervor that this non-announcement will stir as ammunition to convince Nintendo to give permission for the game.

Someday, I'd like to see Skullgirls get some main stage attention. Maybe one day... :)

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Nope. My original Xbox 360 controllers works, but the thumbsticks are worn down and clicking in the left stick only works half the time. I bought a wired 360 controller to replace it. Now I don't have to worry about batteries anymore, and I can easily use it with a PC. Yaaay.