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@flacracker: The Evo folks had said pretty definitively this time last year that MK wouldn't be making any more appearances.

At a high level, the game had some demonstrable balance issues that players were actively exploiting. Injustice has more or less entirely supplanted MK's spot for the time being.

It was surprising (and cool) how long MK9 lasted at Evo. Remember, last year when the Evo lineup was announced, MK9 was part of it, and NOT Injustice, which hadn't come out yet. They later decided to include Injustice in the line up after some tremendous tournament showings shortly after the game's release.

I'm excited to see Injustice again this year, as apparently it's not a bunch of Supermans anymore. :)

I have a feeling Melee will be there. Evo people are probably using the fervor that this non-announcement will stir as ammunition to convince Nintendo to give permission for the game.

Someday, I'd like to see Skullgirls get some main stage attention. Maybe one day... :)

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Nope. My original Xbox 360 controllers works, but the thumbsticks are worn down and clicking in the left stick only works half the time. I bought a wired 360 controller to replace it. Now I don't have to worry about batteries anymore, and I can easily use it with a PC. Yaaay.

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I uploaded two of my favorite Ryan moments:

I was thinking about this moment days before learning of his death. :(

And despite being a small part of it, this is one of the highlights of the P4 Endurance Run to me. I loved it whenever Ryan would just yell something in the background while Vinny and Jeff were playing. That's how Charlie Tunoku was born!

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I think it would've been cool if they showed you a Catherine-esque graph of all the choices players made by the end of the game.

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In the original game, you rarely engaged more than a few guys at once, and once you did that you usually had time to run off and get to safety. In Assassin's Creed III, A fight started with three guys turns into 50, half of them being the tougher enemies.

Ohhh, my experience with the first game was exact opposite. Perhaps I was just too dumb to play the game back then, but I became infuriated with the game near the end because it just became constant battles for me. I would kill a large group of guys, bodies would litter the streets. Another guard would stumble upon one of the bodies, call for help. I killed that group, more bodies on the ground, more guards showed up. Running away just resulted in a long, frustrating experience, and I'd end up all the way on the opposite side of the map by the time I finally escaped.

Having to fight a million dudes does suck, and it's a problem that I think has persisted throughout the series, but it was alleviated somewhat through chain killing and items such as smoke bombs. I think the whole notoriety system is just super unfun to begin with and I'd wish they would get rid of it or completely overhaul it again.

But as for the combat itself, I like it a lot in 3. Every enemy type has an easy strategy to quickly kill them, it's just a matter of discovering that, then applying it. And even if you don't want to bother with doing the correct type of counter on an enemy, you can just shoot them once or twice and they're down. I WOULD like it a lot more if they encouraged you to use different weapons, though. There are so many different kill and counter kill animations that I never saw 'cause I pretty much only used the tomahawk and guns. The crappy inventory system doesn't help (seriously, why get rid of the wheel from 2? I guess to sell a Wii U feature?).

The camera is REALLY bad, though, yeah.

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Urdnot Wrex. So cool, Vinny named his kid after him.

ah yes i forgot this guy can become king, so yea i choose this guy,

also vinny didnt name his kid wrex, his kid is named max, (dude says it on the podcast, its "massimiliano rex caravella)

back to the king talk, i also choose this guy below as he seems cool also.

He still chose the middle name "Rex." On the January 19th, 2010 Bombcast, when asked what game character he'd name his child, he said he would totally name his kid Wrex. Then on the June 6th, 2012 Bombcast, after actually having a child, he gets called out on it. In response, he says, "Who knows?" So it's up in the air. :P

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Urdnot Wrex. So cool, Vinny named his kid after him.

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You get new messages after answering all the ones available. If you don't have any new ones, but you know you should, try leaving the apartment and going to the strip, then coming back. I THINK they have to be done before the party. Luckily, you should be given the option to restart the party "mission."

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I played through the entire trilogy for the first time last summer, and I'm kind of inclined to agree. On the Xbox 360, at least, Mass Effect is at times unplayable. The framerate gets to "Epic Mickey 2 on Wii U" levels multiple times. The inventory system is a mess. The Mako was frustrating. The checkpointing (or lack thereof) was infuriating.

I did enjoy it for introducing me to the universe and characters, though. It's just the part where it's a game that I didn't like. Deadly Premonition was more playable in a lot of ways...