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As soon as I heard the news, I made this:

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Good luck, Austin, and thanks for everything!

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I also went to the Miku Expo concert in Dallas!

I was wearing my "Dean Ambrose x Hatsune Miku" cosplay, complete with custom "Vocaloid World Heavyweight Championship."

Modeled after this dumb video I made, which Alex actually used for a Powerbombcast thumbnail once!
Modeled after this dumb video I made, which Alex actually used for a Powerbombcast thumbnail once!

I also went to the "Let's Draw" event that they held at a local Barnes & Noble. They gave away a free pin and stickers in exchange for contributing to an animated music video. They would hand you a drawing of Miku and you could do whatever you wanted to it. Each drawing had Miku at a different angle, and presumably each drawing will be a frame of animation for the video. I, of course, had to draw something wrestling related.


Other fun tidbits about the concert/tour:

Each city of the tour gets an exclusive poster that you can buy. Unfortunately, they pulled sale of the Dallas poster at the last minute when it was discovered that the artist of the poster had plagiarized an existing fan art. Vocaloid fans are apparently very vigilant about this sort of thing (considering the whole Vocaloid phenomenon revolving around fan works, it's not surprising), and people notice immediately once the poster design was revealed on Twitter. Bummer all around.

The special light sticks that changed colors were available for pre-order in a crowdfunding campaign for the American Miku Expo tour. They apparently only made enough to fulfill pre-orders and sold out of the extra stock during the first couple of stops of the tour. Surprisingly, NO ONE has sold their special Miku light sticks on eBay, yet much to my disappointment (I really wanted them, but missed out on the pre-orders because I thought I'd be able to pick them up at the concert and avoid paying for shipping).

I had general admission tickets, and bought them pretty much as soon as they went on sale. So far, the Dallas show is the only concert that has sold out (though they had released a few more tickets the day before the show started). I dunno if that's because the venue is smaller, or if the Dallas Vocaloid community is huge. VIP tickets sold out soon after going on sale, and I sort of wish I had gotten them. I had an okay view in the standing area, but I somehow slowly began to get pushed away from my group as the concert went on. One of my friends (who I had only met a day before the concert) actually got elbowed in the face during the concert, and had to leave because he started bleeding profusely. They wouldn't let him back into the venue after he left either :( ...Though he has a blood-soaked Miku t-shirt now, which is kinda hardcore.

My view would become occasionally obstructed whenever people took out their phones to record the concert. I missed out on the entire Vocaloid cast intro, and could only barely make it out by staring at someone's phone screen. That was kind of annoying. When I COULD actually get a good view of Miku, man, it was freakin' amazing. Some songs were better choreographed than others, but she was so well-animated for the most part, and whenever it was dark, and you couldn't see the glass screen she was being projected on, it almost felt like she was actually there...

I wasn't really into Vocaloid or Miku prior to the announcement of this tour, either. I was only vaguely aware of her, thanks to stuff like that Dominos App and some of my friends were Vocaloid fans. I only started actually looking into the culture and listening to the music as research for this concert. I'm really impressed with how creative Vocaloid fans are. It's really like the next level of fan art. You can write a song about Miku killing cops or something, it blows up online, people start drawing fan art, someone makes a video of it, and suddenly Sega puts it in a Project Diva game, and then a Miku hologram is singing about killing cops all over the world. (Seriously though, the subject matter of some Vocaloid songs is freakin' weird. At this concert, Miku was literally telling us that she's from the government and your friends and family are all out to get you.)

Yeah, so, it was a very fun experience, and I hope Miku comes back to Dallas again soon!

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Final Fantasy VII

it's the hot new thing.

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With all this talk of Danganronpa in the Game of the Year deliberations, I've decided it's finally time to share my latest dumb fan creation with the Giant Bomb community (you might previously know me as the weird guy who made those Deadly Premonition playing cards and turned Drew into an alpaca).

So, 6 months ago, I started this small little project called "Danganwrestling." It was born out of a desire to make a silly Danganronpa-themed story with the WWE 2K14 Story Designer, not unlike classic tales such as "Time Rock" and "Ghost Problems."

The premise of the story was rather simple: Monokuma takes over the WWE, brings over some characters from Danganronpa, and forces them to play a new killing game with the WWE Superstars.

But, holy crap, I got a little bit ambitious and things got crazy.

I just finished the final episode a few days ago, and the project has evolved far beyond what I had originally intended. By episode 4, I was frustrated by the limitations of the WWE 2K14 Story Designer and I went out and made it into a freakin' visual novel (in video form, of course). In episode 5, I recreated the trial system from Danganronpa, including Non-Stop Debates and an execution sequence (oh, and a little Phoenix Wright thrown in there, too). This is why it took 6 months! Hopefully it's unlike any video game wrestling story you've ever seen before.

I'll summarize a few plot points to hopefully pique your interest:

Here's a few screenshots from the series:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6

So, yeah...if you're a fan of Danganronpa, wrestling, or want to learn about either, please check out Danganwrestling. Be warned, though, as the series features major spoilers for Danganronpa 1. If you're questioning why this thing exists in the first place...blame Alex for starting the Powerbombcast and getting me to watch wrestling again.

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@drewbert said:

In order for a game to show up in the search box, it needs to have a release associated with it. Not just a release date, mind you, but one of these. Game releases are user-addable in the wiki.

Some games, like The Banner Saga, do have 2014 releases but something else is preventing them from showing up. Let us know in this thread when you find a game like that and we'll fix it.

Also, you can go back and edit your picks at any time, so if you can't add a specific game, give it a shot later and see if it works. We're planning on having this page open until around Dec 1.

Danganronpa 1 and Danganronpa 2 were both released this year in English on Vita, but I guess since the games were originally released in Japan in 2010 and 2012, they don't show up as choices on the poll.

Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney is in a similar position, with a Japanese release in 2012, and Tomodachi Life, with a Japanese release in 2013.

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As a former pad player, I also don't understand why using a PS1 controller is a big deal. I only switched to stick because I liked the idea of customizing one with my own art!

If you play on pad, you're probably using a PS1 or PS2 controller, since DualShock 3s are banned at most tournaments. Plus, pretty much every system out here has some kind of controller converter that supports PS1/PS2 controllers.

Anyways, thanks to this article, I finally know what's up with the Luffy/Louffy thing. Good job, Patrick, :)

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I'm glad I was able to get enough for me and my friends. I hope PAX South is amazing (ie, Giant Bomb shows up)!

About time we got a big video game convention like this. QuakeCon seems mainly PC-focused, ScrewAttack is super low key...and then there's that RoosterTeeth thing.

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If you guys donate at least $5 before the Metroid block is over, you can get a chance to win my Zero Suit Samus Alpaca! It's almost as cool as my Drew alpaca!

Put in a bid for Yoshi Gerstman while you're at it. :P

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Mine is now showing as boxart from Body Harvest. That has never been my avatar before, but my original avatar is related to the game. I don't remember ever changing it.