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Who is Samantha Allen and why is she article-worthy?

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@themasterds: If you think that looks good I don't know what to tell you, because all I see are repulsive, plastic-looking environments and bad sprites made from bad 3D models made from character designs that are mediocre at best to begin with. Returns (and what I've seen of Tropical Freeze) is much better in that there's nothing about it that looks offensively bad, but the only parts I have any actual praise for when it comes to visuals are the silhouette levels and some of the parts where the camera swoops around in three dimensions.

This is a repulsive, plastic-looking opinion and you should feel bad for having it.

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I read news that the new Mario game was outsold by Knack.... crazy.

As someone who purchased both games, I can tell you that I played Knack more, and was more invested in it during my play-time. That says something about Mario.

Mario is definitely a better game, undoubtedly, but it's also so much more boring. There is just nothing interesting about Mario anymore, and the Duplo Blocks aesthetic is really not fooling me anymore.

sorry about your taste in games dude

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Please don't go mobile. Nintendo I will not forgive you if you start making games for smartphones.

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This is fucking awesome. Haters can go jump off a cliff or whatever.

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Imagine not getting what Valve are trying to do here. Imagine being that guy.

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This is potentially revolutionary.

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At this point, all I care about in gaming right now is Virtual Reality.

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the key difference here is that kotick is all about the $$$ so its really easy for him to not give a rats ass about other peoples opinions. hes also old and rich anyway

context, my friend