Retro GS Button Mashing Episodes 3-6

Now we continue our adventures through the Gamespot archives as we watch the next three episodes of Button Mashing.  I've been having trouble getting the video player they have for these episodes.  If they don't work click on the episode names to be transported to a foreign land where you may watch the episode.

Click Here for the first 2 episodes and the pilot.

Episode 3:  Ubisoft's Uppercut The contestants this episode are 3 Ubisoft employees who fight there way to Jeff Gerstmann in the ultimate SFII battle.

Episode 4: Five Easy Pieces
Button Mashing Continues its special guest run with 5, count 'em, 5 Eidos employees.

Episode 5: Stop, Drop, and Roll
Timely as today is the MKVDC TNT and MK9 coming out next week.  Which contestant will have a chance at previewing Mortal Kombat Deception?

  Episode 6:  Get Low
Today we meet a young Matt Rorie and damn does he seem young.  His voice evens sounds higher.  Merry Christmas Matt!