My first short film.

I had no idea where to write this since it is about films but I'm a more active member at this site. I put it on both and if that's not ok feel free to lock it.

Over the Summer I went to a film "camp' at UNSCA for four weeks. It was a Monday through Saturday school thing lasting from 9-5. It was a pretty cool experience and I learned a lot about the film process. I was apart of the beginner film classes since I haven't been to this thing before and was the only college student there since I had graduated high school a month before. It was strange and cool to see many of the students younger than me have as much knowledge as they did about making film as well as able to make cohesive analysis's on films even from the age of 14 as well as actually having done a lot of projects by themselves.

I was taught mainly by the college students who have interned on East Bound and Down as well as other things that they may not be proud about.Sometimes I was taught by people who have actually worked in the industry like Matthew B. Moore who actually worked on Eyeborgs if you can believe it. He taught cinematography and is actually the teacher in my short film. He's actually pretty good and knows what he's talking about. We were also taught by a Duke professor named Gary Hawkins. Gary would be the guy who told us how to write even though he specializes in documentary films at Duke. The guy that led it was János Kovácsi who also taught us directing techniques. He's pretty funny even though he tends to repeat what he says. Janos also claims he was "banned" from his home country of Hungary because he made a political film. One of the students made a song about him that plays throughout the "behind the scenes" feature on our dvds.

I could go deeper into my experience but I would like to talk about my short film. It is short, like 3 minutes at most. I was writing a completely different script that wasn't going anywhere and was complete shit if I say so myself. I decided to write a cheesy faux horror instead based off of an event in class. I did write this in a night but my teacher liked it enough that it was the second one to be filmed even though he asked me to be first. Now I was nervous as this was the first thing I have ever done. My first time writing and directing and I had no idea what I was doing. I was learning yes but I was also not good. Halfway through the shoot things went bad. I ended up having a silent battle for director against my DP. You can see the point in the video where the kids says "Up yours old man!" That was not meant to be in the film at all and neither was Moore throwing a marker at the kid making him fall over. It was a goof and we were just going to try again which is where my DP decided he wanted the film to be in his image. It was my fault and I should have taken charge but I was nervous and the kid has more experience than I did.

Well here is the end result and even though I'm not sure if it's any good I'm still happy to have been apart of this. I have to thank the editor Scott for making it watchable. The name wasn't my idea either but I like it and to be fair I told Scott to name it.

Even though this is MY first film throughout the Summer session I ended up working on at least 10 other films mostly as a boom op/sound mixer. Though I did do some AD and editing.

Tell me what you guys think and ask any questions you got and I'll try my best to answer them.


Giant Bomb Make My Video

I got bored and decided that I needed to practice editing since I'm new to the software.  There is a point near the beginning where the clip I downloaded had missing audio so I tried to cover it up (poorly).

Have fun.


Retro GS episodes 9-12

Its been along time.  I've been spending the past week studying for my finals next week that I will inevitably fail because no amount of studying can fix the stupidity that is my person.  Because its been a long time since the last entry this will be a long one.  4 episodes 18-40 minutes long each.  Just over 105 minutes of Button Mashing goodness!

Episodes 7&8

Episode 9:  Life Skills
The battle of the Andrews!  Meh.
Episode 10: Speed Skills
The Boss Editors from the final round are the contestants this time!  Who will take their place in the final round?
Episode 11:  Back in Black
The freeze frame says it all.

Episode 12:  Time to Give
The next gen is here!

Retro GS Button Mashing Episodes 7 & 8

The next step into our foray in the Button Mashing archives sees an increase in episode length though I don't know why.

Click on the episodes name to watch the video if the embedded videos don't play.
Episode 7: Mode B
The final contestant probably has to go through the worst challenge yet!  Mode B in Double Dragon.

Episode 8:  Crying Princess
Simultaneously the best and worst Button Mashing episode.  You'll either love these contestants or hate them as they make their way to Brad in Guitar Hero battle to the death.


Retro GS Button Mashing Episodes 3-6

Now we continue our adventures through the Gamespot archives as we watch the next three episodes of Button Mashing.  I've been having trouble getting the video player they have for these episodes.  If they don't work click on the episode names to be transported to a foreign land where you may watch the episode.

Click Here for the first 2 episodes and the pilot.

Episode 3:  Ubisoft's Uppercut The contestants this episode are 3 Ubisoft employees who fight there way to Jeff Gerstmann in the ultimate SFII battle.

Episode 4: Five Easy Pieces
Button Mashing Continues its special guest run with 5, count 'em, 5 Eidos employees.

Episode 5: Stop, Drop, and Roll
Timely as today is the MKVDC TNT and MK9 coming out next week.  Which contestant will have a chance at previewing Mortal Kombat Deception?

  Episode 6:  Get Low
Today we meet a young Matt Rorie and damn does he seem young.  His voice evens sounds higher.  Merry Christmas Matt!


Retro Button Mashing Pilot and Episodes 1-2

Yo.  I just discovered this.  I'm sure plenty of people already saw these videos since many of you shifted from Gamespot to GB but this is for people like me who have never seen the show or known the guys before the Giant Bomb era.  However if you want to just relive the old days thats cool too.  I'll probably post the episodes 1-3 at a time.  I don't know if this will be weekly or daily but here goes.  Hopefully this doesn't count as spam

EDIT:  I didn't explain anything about the show.
The contestants (three of them) play three rounds.  After each round a contestant is eliminated.
Round 1: The contestants must complete a series of tasks racing against the clock and the times set by other opponents.  A task could be do 2 reverse 360 drifts in Ridge Racer or kill 5 enemies in Contra.
Round 2: The 2 remaining contestants must watch a series of short clips of video games.  After they are shown the clips they must recall as many as they can.  The one who remembers the most wins.
Round 3:  The remaining contestant must get in a "duel" with a 3rd party against their own game.  (In the pilot contestant Ryan chooses to face off against Greg in SFII, which Greg is considered to be the best in the office.)

Watch Sales Showdown here if the vid below doesn't work.


PS3 or multiplatform Local Co-op games.

Yo!  i am getting a new PS3 for my birthday!  My girlfriend will be coming over the day after and when my brother gets home to halt everything we need to do other things.  I already have Little Big Planet but I don't want to play with some damn sacks all day.  I was thinking RE5 or Borderlands but am open to suggestions.  I'm not trying to get her into games either since she is already big into games.


Let's Plays

Any good lets plays and lets players out there that you reccomend that's not Helloween4545 cause I saw all his past stuff as well as subscribed or Spamplay cause I don't like their stuff.  Preferably one that is complete


Continued to watch Saw Let's Play "Spoilers and more anger"

 "Upon saving the last victim left in the asylum, Tapp is left free to pursue Jigsaw, but encounters Pighead again in the process. Jigsaw informs Tapp that Pighead wishes to surpass Jigsaw and sabotage Tapp's game, so he must be stopped in order to proceed. Tapp then confronts and kills Pighead, which Jigsaw labels him a murderer for, in order to get a key to proceed. "   
Fuck you Saw. 
The Good ending is him not catching the killer and killing himself and the bad ending is him trying to catch the killer? 
Why the fuck is Jigsaw to be honored and sympathized with in this series?


He didn't do anything wrong! Stop hurting him!

Surprise.  Another Devil May Cry blog.   
I noticed that since the new game was announced a lot of people have been shitting on DMC4 with people saying it was a terrible game.  Now the game was far from perfect and it wasn't great but it was good.  A quote from some guy on the internet. "Some people would say that Shawshank Redemption is a better movie than Godfather part 1 but that doesn't make Godfather a piece of shit."  Devil May Cry 3 was certainly a better game than DMC4 was but that doesn't mean it's bad at all.  Hell, if they decided to give Dante new levels/bosses it would have been great, instead it was still good and fun to play. 
Anyone also remember fighting the same bosses in DMC1-3 as well?  What about in DMC3 when Dante made it to the top of the tower halfway through the game but was forced to go much lower and get back up.  Now those games did mix it up more than DMC4 for sure but it was still a good game. 
I have marathon played all of the series in the order of release back to back and DMC2 is the only one that deserves any claim of terrible gameplay.

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