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I'm finally able to start killing and be threatening without dying myself. y'all should join up!

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@mikey87144: Whoa, 200 is quite a price tag.

Is there actually any reason to purchases a 200 dollar router compared to a fifty dollar one?

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There's an update today, it seems, includes combo locks, beds, and music.

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Neat, I did not know that animal trick and will tr it next time I play.

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I finally found the town in the tales my grandfather told me about. Ecko valley exists. While the streets are not golden, I've been told we are looking into that. Come on in Giant Bombers! It's been a moderately friendly server so far!

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@jonny_anonymous: if it's as bad as it sounds, you should reinstall from scratch. Afterwards watch what you download.

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@defector: yeah, while I think I may prefer a peaceful server, pvp is best for all. Because essentially, Rust is about that. It's about surviving, be wary about others, and protecting your own things.

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@deathtrap: like verteBRae said, the server here on GB is faulty civil. We had some guys that are killing a little yesterday, but most of the GB guys are pretty nice people. If you hop on, I'm sure it'll be a pleasant experience and you can team up with one of us to learn the game a little.

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@sykocrazy: Hey might wanna post the picture here rater than link to a google doc with it.

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I spent a while playing today, though I did end up being killed, It's still a great time playing. I'll be hopping on tomorrow to start anew.