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@big_jon: I can see why they call you Big Jon

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@hippie_genocide: It's suppose to be the best of both worlds. I haven't personally tried a hybrid. Which is why I stuck with a pure SSD for the OS. It's worth a shot if you don't want to deal with 2 drives.

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@corruptedevil: Oh, haha. I guess we both worked on a build for him.

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@patoday: I made this build.

  • The processor is a i5-4690. It's locked, so cheaper than a unlocked processor that can overclock.
  • I downgraded the CPU cooler a tad, you probably could run stock, but having a nice cool CPU is a plus.
  • Changed the motherboard to fit the new processor. This motherboard can't overclock or support dual video cards. I assumed you're not interested in either.
  • Changed the ram, cheaper brand.
  • Added a cheaper SSD and the new HHD.
  • Kept your choice of video card, it's your preference. The 280x is solid though.
  • Kept the case.
  • Kept the power supply, 650 watts is great and the PSU is a good quality choice.
  • Kept your choice of Optical Drive.
  • Changed to Windows 8.1.

Overall this is a lot more expensive. But feel free to name a budget.

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@patoday: I guess before we all continue, what do you want to use this computer for? Gaming? Video editing?

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@patoday: Internal. You don't want to deal with a external hard drive sitting around. It can fall, disconnect while you're gaming or doing whatever. This is a solid choice for a hard drive.

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@patoday: Usually the AMD processors are budget parts. The intel processors are far better. You're going to run out of 120gb quickly. Get a hard drive to go with the SSD. You can run the OS and some games on the SSD and everything else on the HDD. You can also save some cash on the SSD and get a different variant of Samsung's.

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@mb: ninite is amazing. I have all my computer parts coming Tuesday and this will be a big help. Thanks for posting the link.

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@gaspower said:

TANGENT: I love PC building recommendation threads. Gives me an excuse to go mess with other people's PCPP lists with my own recommendation to go along with theirs and then try to find the most optimal deals and prices from certain stores until we can come up with the best possible build. I have a lot of fun with that.

I have recently finally made a build of my own :P. So I've been really on top of all the sales and pc parts. So I've been having a lot of fun with that too lately. This is a good resource on NewEgg. You can look up any item and see if it's in a combo with anything. Some combos don't show up on the parts page. So its possible to miss some of the deals. Which is how I found that little combo with the processor and motherboard. I jumped on that deal as soon as I saw it.