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Bungie says right on their site the IP is now owned by Take2 interactive. Not happening.

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FarCry 2's trailer made me cream alittle it looked so good. Fable looks good and all but I'm much more hyped for Far Cry 2

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I'm sure it's been said, but the reason it has Halo 3 in the title is because it has Halo 3's online still and is really just an expansion.

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xxNBxx said:
"brukaoru said:

Someone shares my hate! :D

Down with Crapcom!"
So says the guy with the Devil may cry icon.  lol

Truth is, no one has even played the new control set up so no one should be making statements about its quality."
Lmao. Even if you hate Capcom, you can't hate DMC.
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SpaceInsomniac said:

In all seriousness...

This should have been posted in the Braid forum."

I can't talk about a 360 exclusive in a 360 forum? LMAO! Nice, then we better remove the ninja blade thread, the numerous th threads, the fable 2 threads, the game suggestion threads, Fable 2 threads, etc. Seriously, your trying to jr. mod and it really doesn't get you noticed, modship, or sex with Luchadeer, quit trying so hard and actually just post.
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Kush said:
"Until the game can distinguish itself from Ninja Gaiden 2 I won't care at all."

Not in agreement. NGII was great, anything like it(the same way with God of War being like DMC) will be great if done right. Though since Team Ninja is howing off 3 new games, this will get buried.
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luke said:
"I played the hell out of all the RE games and I absolutely loved 4.

I'm very much looking forward to RE5.

I've never knocked a game, until I've actually played it.

I agree 0% with the Topic Creator."

You and every other person who said anything to that just gained alot of respect from me. Seriously, hating a game before it comes out is idiotic. Hating a dev team because they are trying to add new gameplay elements is just as idiotic. Look at Dark Sector, you can move and shoot in that and if you ignore plot, it wasn't bad. Dead Space you can blindfire and move I am pretty sure. F.E.A.R.. Do I need to really say it? Let devs do what they want with their game, if they can make it work I see no problems. Besides, RE is slowly moving towards the actino genre just like MGS did.