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Just loaded it up before bed, impressed at its low-end scaling. Rare is the modern game that is playable on this laptop at its native resolution (or anything above 1024x768, for that matter). I'm sure it'll chug more in large/intricate areas and require a resolution drop, but I'm quite pleased. Doesn't look horrible with everything set to low, either.

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Have we forgotten that most influential of games, ElfLand, already?

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@dimi3je said:

By the Gods people, this is geography 101 :)

I'm in Serbia, which is Europe...technically.

Love your country, but your films, man... kiiiinda fucked up :P

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I keep hoping that this guy is just one hell of a performance artist.

He could be. One of his buddies is Tim Rogers. If you don't know who that is, the long and short of it is "batshit crazy kotaku writer who lives in Japan and talks about what great bowel movements he's had and how awesome the water pressure over there is." He also on occasion has interesting things to say about video games.

Oh man, Tim Rogers. Now it all makes sense. (I really want to make this reply about 65 rambling paragraphs long, but I just don't have it in me)

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I just got done playing Origins a month ago and surprisingly liked it (was lukewarm on City, unfortunately).

I wasn't really ready for a new Arkham game to come out this year anyway; even if it was Rocksteady.

I can live with a Q1-Q2 2015 release.

I never played Asylum, LOVED City, and I've heard the story is actually probably the best of the three in Origins. About the only negative to that game I can spot for someone in my position is the lower maximum glide height and using almost the same map layout. Given the current Batman sale on PSN, is Asylum still THAT much better a game removing your familiarity with the franchise and talking strictly mechanics, storytelling, etc?

Some will defend Asylum to the death as being the best of the three (and I understand why, to an extent), but I really think City is by far the better game.

That said, Asylum is still one of my favorite games ever, and I highly suggest getting it. It'll feel stripped down and almost hilariously easy after playing the other two, but it's still an Arkham game, and it still has the most brilliant sequence in the series so far. (one might say it's a ... gas?)

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I keep hoping that this guy is just one hell of a performance artist.

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Man, this game is intense. Janky as all hell (at least in SP, haven't tried MP yet) but very fun so far.

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I've gotta go with apples. I mean, oranges are the better citrus, but apples have a much more interesting core.

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Nope. Could never stand it.

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How is this a thing that I just watched? It makes the Duke Nukem Trilogy trailer look like a masterpiece...