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... Huh. So, an expansion. Not what I was hoping for, but I'm in.

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Please, please be the game I'm picturing in my head right now. SR with a horror comedy bent could be fantastic. I just hope they don't feel the need to "top" SR4. You can't go too much zanier than 4 without it just being a complete jumble of nonsense.

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Thought this was going to be about that wonderful discovery when you find out that Redbook audio works in CD players.

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I could not have stumbled across a better thread.

I love this website and its boundless ghost problems.

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Played a few matches, kinda liked it.

Watched Brad play a couple times, found it semi-amusing.

I don't watch or play Dota anymore.

Sooooo... yes-ish? Kinda?

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This is just what I did, and it worked for me until I realized that I didn't much care for the field:

Start with small, independent sites and build a portfolio. is a good resource for that kind of thing. You'll see mostly sites with a readerbase of, like, five or six people and no chance of expanding, but that's fine. It's all about that portfolio. Besides, with sites like those, you can grow into your style without feeling like the entire internet is waiting for you to stumble.

When you've gotten that built up, start sniffing around for some interview opportunities. That's the easiest way I know of to make industry contacts.

Edit: Alternatively, put on a Jeff Gerstmann mask and run around yelling "VIDEO GAMES! HOT GARBAGE! WRESTLING! I LOVE YOSHI!" until James Industry himself accepts you into his loving folds and you find yourself running Giant Bomb. (never remove the mask, of course)

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I'm not a fan of the Pokey Mans, but I just want to say that "Pokken" is the best possible title.

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Right now, Diablo 3, Binding of Isaac, and a collection o' Doom WADs are my go-tos for podcasts. XCOM is also fantastic for that.

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Nah. Don't get me wrong, I love watching Jeff play games he hates, but it would just be him trashing horror and horror fans for an hour, and I'm a little too into the genre to not take that a bit personally. Not in the "sonic_hedgehog" way of taking it personally (I miss that lovable lunatic), just that it wouldn't be very entertaining to me.

Now, I *would* love to hear Patrick and Jeff butt heads on the subject in a bombcast. That could potentially be hilarious and amazing.

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Not video games, but everything I've listened to on the Maximum Fun network has been funny, informative, or both. Especially the stuff with Jesse Thorn.

And general podcast recommendations that don't necessarily fit your search, but I suggest to anyone anyway:

Comedy Bang Bang (hard to describe... kind of improv sketch comedy, but not always in character... it's consistently hilarious, though, as is the TV show)

My Brother, My Brother, And Me (perhaps the funniest podcast of all time. A pseudo-advice show that gets half of its questions from Yahoo Answers.)

Sawbones (Medical history podcast. Very comedic, yet informative)

We Hate Movies (maybe the funniest "bad movie" podcast. Check out any of the episodes involving Jim Belushi impersonations)

The Flophouse (like a more condensed We Hate Movies)

Welcome to Night Vale (a comedic and sometimes vaguely unnerving fictional radio show about a Twilight Zone-esque town called Night Vale. A must-try. There's nothing else quite like it)

... I listen to too many podcasts. I haven't even mentioned Comedy Button, Retronauts, and so on.