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That's absolutely awesome.

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Never subscribed, but I loved PC Gamer, GamePro, and EGM. Especially PC Gamer, because demo discs.

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So, I just finished my week-long marathon of the Halloween franchise by watching the much-despised Rob Zombie version of Halloween 2, which I had avoided since it came out.

I actually kind of liked it.

Don't get me wrong, it was a bizarre and unnecessary thing that made the whole "druid" story arc from the original series look downright normal. But it was entertaining and interesting, which should count for something. I hated grunty Hobo-Myers and Whiney Strode (and fuck Hollywood Loomis with a nine iron), but I appreciate that Zombie at least tried to make the characters into something new. I dunno... I should hate this movie with a passion, yet I was kinda into it. Of course, I also thought Halloween Resurrection was kind of well done (if a bit on the silly side), so what do I know?

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1. My god, that's perfect.

2. My god, that synopsis sounds the opposite of perfect. Synopsiseseses don't necessarily mean anything, but it sounds kind of like they're making an actual, serious zombie movie. I'm sure that's not the case, seeing as how they cast Rob Riggle, but I'll be hugely disappointed if they can't at least approximate the bizarre tone of the games.

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I don't think Columbine RPG is a fair comparison. That game had a purpose in satirizing media frenzy and doomsaying (literal "Doom"saying, in fact). Hatred doesn't appear to be satirizing anything.

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Good luck, duder. And be careful - I got my first tattoo four months ago, and I'm already itching to get another one, and another, and another... It's addictive. :P

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Any excuse to rewatch Buffy.

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@ripelivejam: To be fair, Vinny's perfection is acknowledged by Patrick supporters and detractors alike. :P

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@ripelivejam: I'm trying to picture the monster that would use NoVinny, and I'm now terrified.