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Dan is singlehandedly responsible for making me like wrestling again. (or I should say, making me care about the Attitude Era again. I still don't care much for present-day WWE. As far as I'm concerned, people are still raising their 3:16 signs, wrestlers are still crotch-chopping, and Foley is still God)

Give in to the temptation. Give in to the joy, the pain, the immense stupidity, and the moments of brilliance hidden behind said stupidity. Give in to the People's Eyebrow.

Give in to Mr. Socko.

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Just played a few matches. Man, this game is even more fun than it looks, if that's possible. Even the single player is a blast.

I'll definitely pay it forward and buy a copy for a friend.

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I always get a lift from indulging my nostalgia and playing 90s PC games.

As for games that just exude happiness for me, LittleBigPlanet comes to mind. Those games are so charming that I could shit Sackboys for days. (less charming are the rows and rows of unpurchased DLC costumes in the Popit, but hey)

And although I've never actually played it, I find it impossible to feel sad while watching footage of Kirby's Epic Yarn. I've never wanted to straight up hug a game before.

As for non-cute games, I love a good physics sandbox. GTA V is a great recent one where I can just play with the physics for hours and feel great doing so.

EDIT: Oh! And Hydro/Arctic Thunder in arcades always made me literally feel good thanks to the fans mounted in the cabinets. :P

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@svenzon: Oh wow, I never knew that about Jack Bros. That's crazy.

I probably should jump on the VB train soonish. Neither the console or the games are going to get any cheaper, and then I can stop kicking myself for throwing mine out when the stand broke.

(funny thing: I got mine about a year after release, if even that, for $15. EB Games had an enormous stockpile of them and were trying like crazy to get rid of them. Didn't see a hilarious deal like that again until the rhythm game genre hit full saturation and I found the "two turntables and a microphone" edition of DJ Hero 2 for $10 at Gamestop. Now *that* was a great get)

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I used to own a Virtual Boy and a, and I derived enjoyment from both.

Wario Land for Virtual Boy is a really good game. I hope Nintendo gets around to rereleasing it on 3DS Virtual Console.

I never had anything for it but Red Alarm and Mario Tennis, but yeah, I'd buy the whole library if they put out 3DS versions (and if I had a 3DS :P).

Actually, I'd just straight up buy another Virtual Boy if the fancy struck me particularly hard, and not just because I love humorously outdated/poorly conceived tech. I really do look fondly back on the system.

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I used to own a Virtual Boy and a, and I derived enjoyment from both.

I also had a Tiger R Zone (the headset one, no less)... and I used it in public without a hint of self-awareness. I was the original Glasshole!

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GTA V. I already own it for 360, but my 360 is a launch model and I always felt like I was playing with fire running a game like that on it, so I rented the PS3 version to play through it again. And I plan to get the PS4 version... yeah, I kinda like GTA V, if you can't tell.

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Third game was earlier than the other two, I think, also PC. It may have still been Windows 95 era, but I think it probably predates that. I remember less about this one. It was a 2D platformer where you had to collect letters to spell out words, or perhaps you needed the whole alphabet. Now that I think about it, I think it had a vague Mario aesthetic, with blue sky and bricks. There were ladders and I think you could walk on the clouds. I don't think that's much to go on, but it's all I know.

Word Rescue, perhaps?

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I really need to see this at some point. The AV Club has been going nuts over it, and my curiosity has been piqued.