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... Dan is Gene Shalit in this scenario, right?

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I totally would, but I'd rather it be a video feature.

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Seems to have been a pricing error. I was apparently quick on the draw and grabbed it, but now everyone's saying $8.00.

I'll be curious to see if the game stays in my library. Does Sony normally honor errors?

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No. Then again, I despise , "knocking boots," "MBMBAM," "loveline," "the mail section of old Rebel-FM's," and any other call-in, "create bullshit scenarios you already know the answer to, in order to be heard by other people," shows.

To be fair, nobody's writing in to MBMBAM looking for actual advice, unless they can actually improve their situations by, say, living inside a giant Scott Bakula. (although that's not the WORST idea...)

It's about as much an advice show as Comedy Bang Bang is an interview show.

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Here's a weird thing, but it may just work for you:

When I first played Dark Souls, the controls felt terribly off. I finally discovered that inverting the horizontal axis helped immensely, even though I never invert my controls.

This did lead to me inverting the horizontal on every third person game for a while, but (and here's what's even weirder) after a few months, the inversion suddenly felt weird and I went back to normal, which now felt fine.

It's a long shot, but give it a try.

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MKX and Batman.

But especially MKX. GTA and MK are the two franchises that get me absurdly excited every time, and everything about MKX so far tells me that it's going to be even better than 9.

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Nope. I look every bit as broke as I am, and I have a decently imposing figure (not muscular or anything, just tall and reasonably thick... I look like I can fight, even if that's not necessarily true. I can both throw and take a mean punch, but beyond that? I'm not exactly a UFC champ), so I'm probably not a prime target.

Not that looking vaguely imposing means shit if the other guy has a weapon/wants to prove something (in which case it's probably not money they want), or that looking broke helps if they're desperate enough, but I've also lived in this city long enough to know my routes and times for maximum safety as well. Doesn't hurt that the police station is so close by, either. You can't ever 100% guarantee you won't be mugged, but you can certainly lessen the odds.

And, of course, I never carry more cash than I'm willing to lose.

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I have absolutely nothing against remakes.

Remasters, on the other hand, are starting to bother me. I feel like the PS4's library is going to mostly consist of PS3 games if this continues much longer.

Don't get me wrong, the remasters I've played have been awesome. While I think it's a bit sketchy re-releasing such recent titles, I also understand that game development has gotten hilariously expensive and risky. Until they figure out how to accommodate that, low-risk and low-cost releases are going to keep happening, and what's more low-risk/low-cost than a gussied up version of a beloved game?

So really, my problem isn't with remasters themselves, now that I've thought more about it. It's with the weird spot consoles and games in general are in right now.

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Oh for fucking out loud. Know what games still look awesome? The first three Arkham games. (and God of War 3, for that matter)

I was fine with Last of Us and GTAV, since they both brought something to the table to justify crossing gens, and they both suffered a bit on the older consoles. And also because it hadn't quite grown apparent to me at the time that this generation is extremely slow to really get rolling. It's all the more annoying to see "remasters" everywhere as we starve for a healthy lineup of new titles and IPs.

Also, the Arkham games will run on a potato, which makes this feel even more unnecessary.

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@flstyle: Okay, I was underwhelmed by Predator, but Tremor totally makes up for it. Fucking FINALLY, haha.

And sure, Tanya, why not?