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on a side note: What the Fuck happened to the Codec in MGS4?!?

Yeah, that really bugs me about 4, almost as much as the gameplay/cutscene ratio. Codec conversations are one of my favorite things about MGS.

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Telltale Presents: Memento ("Leonard won't remember that")

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Yeah, I too am angry that people like things! Rage rage etc.

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There's a 100% XP multiplier going on until Monday, and that icon is there to show that the multiplier is active. A little annoying, but nothing to worry about.

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It was a ton of fun. Especially the multiplayer. It was a disappointment compared to the early reveals, and it felt really barren and featureless compared to its peers, but I still enjoyed it.

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Scott Pilgrim. Actually bought it for the DVD copy it came with, since I only got a BR player (PS3) this year.

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Of course there will. GTA makes all of the money. And it'll hit PC unless something crazy happens. And yeah, I'm always excited for the next GTA. It'll be a while, though, since Rockstar has the good sense to take their time and 5 has a longer tail on it than its predecessors.

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Alright, just watched it. On one hand, I enjoyed the hell out of it. On the other, most of the jokes fell flat, and it's easily the worst of the Rogen/Franco movies. It's the rare comedy that works despite not actually being very funny. (I should add a big, flashing "in my opinion", since people are so touchy about this movie)

In the end, though, I'm glad I saw it.

The funniest thing about it is that would have come and gone with only slightly more attention than any other lukewarm comedy if G.O.P hadn't inadvertently given it the ol' Streisand Effect boost.

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I have it sitting here and ready to watch. I liked Pineapple Express, loved This Is The End, so I'm excited to see this. I'm sure it won't be a great movie, but as long as it's decent.