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I haven't played a Smash game since the original, but I could totally see myself getting deep into collecting those trophies.

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"Bowling. Lamaze class. Spare ribs. Underutilized. Thimble. Chin video. Hootenanny."

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It would just be pointless to give the title to LSL: Box Office Bust when we all already know it's the GOTG in our hearts.

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100,000 XxXSephir0th420XxXs can't be wrong.

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Hey, I'm definitely down for a free month o' premium.

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@onarum said:

Yesterday it seemed to have fallen to second page of best sellers which gave me hope in mankind, then fired up steam today and this is what I see, so yep, people are idiots confirmed.

While I don't disagree that people are, by and large, idiots (myself included, as I've bought games despite shitty practices as well), remember that those of us who keep up with what's going on in vidjamagameland are in the minority. I'm willing to bet that a large portion of the people buying AC:U know nothing more about it than "Hey, new AC game! Stabby stabby!".

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If this leads to a playable Mr. DNA or Dennis Nedry, sign me right the hell up.

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I got a nice Washburn X Series at a pawnshop for about 80 bucks to learn on (and it's not much more expensive new) about two years ago. It's not exactly a headliner guitar, but it's absolutely perfect for learning on. Good sound, looks and feels nice, keeps its tuning for awhile.

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They decided that, after development, it would be a hoot to sell it as a product. Y'know, for shits and giggles. Personally, I don't see it working out... I mean, a "video" game? What, like Rap Rat or Star Trek: The Next Generation: Interactive VCR Board Game - A Klingon Challenge? Pshhh... yeah, okay, guys. I'll stick with Monopoly, please and thank you.