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It's weird... I'm a huge David Lynch fan, I love everything from Eraserhead to Elephant Man to Six Men Getting Sick Six Times, but I've only ever seen the first episode of Twin Peaks. I really need to rectify that.

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30. However, the monitor is uncalibrated, and I was feeling some major eye fatigue about halfway through. I'm pretty sure I'm not at all colorblind.

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@rockyraccoon37: Probably for the best, for now. Although I'd love to see him bang his head against Maabus.

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Justin McElroy is a hero among men.

Also, I wonder how deep down this rabbit hole he intends to go. Would, say, Myst or Riven count, despite only having a little bit of FMV?

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Arnold. If it weren't for him, we wouldn't have this beautifully stupid video:

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It's not nearly as bad as Dead Space 2's bonus items, but yeah, it does mess with the progression a bit. But then, the combat wasn't the appeal of Infinite, so it wasn't a big deal to me.

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Fatal Frame 1, 2, and 3.

Also, it was mentioned already, but seconded on Twisted Metal Black. Playing it now, and my god, is it fun. Looks surprisingly good for such an early PS2 title as well.

MK: Deception is pretty good (for that era of MK, that is), and Armageddon is a hoot to fuck around with.

The Backyard Wrestling games are more fun than they have any right to be, although I might be in the minority on that. Be sure to play on mute, though.

(if my suggestions haven't made it clear, I never owned a PS2 proper)

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It would be a perfect side segment in the hotly anticipated "Blind Burger Taste Test With Giant Bomb's Own Jeff Gerstmann" feature.

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LGR (Lazy Game Reviews) is great. Super laid back, and way into a lot of the same 90s PC games I was into. Also has the best collection of big box PC games.

I also love some Ashens and Classic Game Room.

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I'm going to say "Matt Rorie Presents: Alpha Protocol: A Matt Rorie Interactive Experience: Based On The Novel 'The Alpha Protocol' By Matt 'Alpha Protocol' Rorie" counts for the very reason you say it doesn't.