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That guy showed up on a youtube video with some girl who was doing video game related videos (forgot her name, she have not been doing them for years) a few years ago when he was still Solid Snake and she was less known than giant bomb so I see no reason why it cannot happen. She also got female Shepard Jennifer Hale.

I remember her. Found the vid.

Oh wow, this is incredible. (and, I have decided, canon)

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I think he's trying to be funny. (OP, I mean)

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I will comically slap my hand on my hat in surprise if no QLs show up today. The Coming Up On Giant Bomb schedule can be unreliable.

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@honkalot: Not a lot to see, sadly. He ran into a framerate issue with his capture setup, so he only actually played for a couple of minutes, then tooled around in Spelunky after a bit of failed troubleshooting.

@dudeglove: That's the one. Yeah, I can imagine that it can be as much of a bane as a boon. It actually gave me a bit of a jump scare as I thought it was just a random chest room, and just as I was about to leave, boom! Have all of the things!

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I just had an insane run, but the setup I had was from one of those rooms that gives you a random handful of item effects (holy shit, by the way... hadn't seen that room type before), so I have no idea what all it gave me. Spider eyes, flight, fear shot, poison shot, maximum damage and speed, the little Gemini duder as well as an unattached ghost version of little Gemini duder, 99 bombs, an extra life... plus a nearly maxed out health bar from pill drops.

I never imagined I could kill Satan with such quickness and ease. With Magdalene, of all characters. I wish I had written the seed down, because that was a ton of fun.

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MGS2 is my favorite in the series for sheer silliness. 3 comes close, but 2 is so wonderfully insane from start to finish.

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@blzzzrrttt: Oh, good. Those are always a fun challenge, and I can imagine them being really interesting with the way levels are laid out now.

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Has anyone gotten an XL level yet? I always liked those, but I'm not sure if they're still a thing in Rebirth.

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I'm loving the "___ worm" trinkets. I never liked Wiggle Worm in OG Isaac, but now they all feel like setups for insane and hilarious stacks. (hell, just about everything feels like an ingredient for a crazy stack now)

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Two runs in, and it's everything I hoped for. Absolutely awesome. And it runs beautifully on my bare-bones laptop.

One thing, though: The game might need some rebalancing. In my two runs, I beat Mom and Mom's Heart with zero trouble. I became insanely powerful both times, and steamrolled everything. Maybe I just got lucky, but going by that NorthernLion video, I think some tweaking may be in order.

Oh, thanks for that! I thought my keyboard was dying.