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MGS 1 and 2 are available on PC, but getting them to run properly on modern hardware isn't easy. (not to mention getting copies in the first place)

Your best bet would be to just get a used PS2 and play through the first three games. You could probably get it all for a little over the price of a new game by now.

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Hmmm... yes, I'd like to see that, but that's a LOT of Metal Gear. Dan would no doubt love that, but would Drew?

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Sure, this is exactly the kind of game Steam sales are great for. When I can actually run it, I'll happily buy it. I've enjoyed some pretty questionable games due to the lack of buyer's remorse hanging over my head.

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That's crazy. Sierra was one of my favorite developer/publishers in the 90s. Not hot on the new logo, but I'm excited to see what this is all about. I wonder if the Williams are at all involved in this. (likely not, but that would be amazing.)

Also, I'm calling it now: Phantasmagoria 3 confirmed! Something something "gritty Incredible Toon Machine reboot" as well!

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Makes sense... a fish in a stream.

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@mento said:

Personally, I would think that any and all new Yoshi information is important to Jeff Gerstmann's vision for this site.)

Exactly. I'm surprised that members of the top Yoshi's Island fansite on the internet would react negatively to this article.

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I just want the edible clothing industry to expand. Edible cardigans, edible bubblegoose jackets, edible du-rags, edible incontinence pants, edible earmuffs...

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I'm sure "Definitive Edition/Remastered" will become this gen's "HD remake" joke, but I'm fine with it. Games like GTAV or Last Of Us pushed PS360 to their limits, so it makes sense to redo them on platforms with much more wiggle room.

Now, if it starts becoming "Fuzion Frenzy: Remastered: Criterion Collection" or something, then I'll raise an eyebrow.

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@jimbo said:

Apart from Stephine Neymar, I would probably have to go with whoever wrote the Twilight books.

Yeah, I really can't stand Steffanne Mynock.

Whoa whoa whoa, what's all this hate on Stephen Mandelbrot?

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You're missing "The Wii U is a terrible name, but I'll probably get one some day because I buy games, not names".