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The only problems I had with it was that the fighting felt "off" compared to the first two, and it didn't feel nearly as polished. Also, the new "crime scene" feature was way too underutilized.

But it was still a fantastic game.

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I think this may be one of those rare games where, once the credits finish rolling, I'll start all over again. It's that same addiction I had to RE4 when it came out.

And can we get some love for those loading screens? The game is about as scary as a guy in a Dracula costume yelling "SPOOPY!", but that one loading screen with the mannequins gave me a mild startle when I looked away to read the tooltip, looked back, and saw the rightmost mannequin staring right at me (as opposed to the blank stare it had before). Good stuff.

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@yummylee: That's good to hear. Still being so early in the game, I wasn't sure if they'd wrap it all up by the end or not.

I'm intrigued by the Keeper DLC, too. I haven't met him in-game yet, but if my (half-formed) guess as to what these creatures are is correct, that could be fascinating.

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Just played 5 hours of it (most of the way through chapter 6, I believe)...

Man, this game is so much better than I expected. It has major issues, but the core gameplay is really solid. The Not-Ganados are a ton of fun to fight (Mercenaries mode/Horde mode DLC, please), and the surreal environments are a blast to explore. It's basically RE4 X Silent Hill, and that makes me so happy.

I hope this gets a sequel, assuming the story leaves it open for one, because if they can iron out the kinks, it would make for one hell of a game. As it is now, it's still a great spiritual successor to RE4. Even if they do lay on the homages to RE4 a little thick at times.

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@patrickklepek Have you heard of/seen "WNUF Halloween Special"? I randomly stumbled upon it the other night, and I was hugely impressed. Without giving too much away, it perfectly simulates a taped-off-of-TV local news station's 80's Halloween broadcast and tells a straightforward but fun horror story through that medium. Easily the most creative thing I've seen in the found footage genre.

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Honestly, I've willingly, autonomously done enough depraved shit in games that I have nothing against the concept of this. I'd be a hypocrite if I did. That's one of the things I like about games; the ability to be an absolute monster or Prince fucking Valiant depending on my mood, without hurting anybody.

However, the "Goth kid on Livejournal" tone and the devs acting like Postal 1 (and Doom, apparently... wow, that logo) didn't do it first many years ago... now *that* puts me right off.

Edit: And yeah, I'll probably play this dumb thing at some point.

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Follow the strange coins! Heliumtrails!

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The Ove Glove is actually awesome.

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It should just be on by default, dammit. *glares at games that have a cutscene before the menu*

But seriously, audio.