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Ex Machina - 5/5

Wow. Fuck. I'm not going to even get into it, as it'd just be a big spoiler fest, but I absolutely *loved* Ex Machina. I was expecting something along the lines of "Her" (another excellent AI film), certainly not anything like this.

I will say this, though: I saw most of the twists coming, but that last (and biggest) one got me good. That was some Twilight Zone level "Fuck the good guy, fuck the bad guy, robots win" shit. Awesome.

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I'm fine with it being a small jump graphically. That will likely be the case from now on anyway. I've had plenty of "stop in place and look at how pretty everything is" moments on current gen. In another year or two we'll be digging into the meat of what these consoles can actually do, and we won't see their full potential until there's talk of the PS5 and Clever Next Xbox Name showing up at E3.

If anything, I'd say that all we're doing is reaching a more sane pace in iteration. It's absolutely absurd how fast we went from bopping a square back and forth to where we're at now. It's like jumping from Edison's earliest film footage to Avatar within 40 years.

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I never liked Mad Max, mainly because I always found the whole "post apocalypse deserts and spiky shoulder pad tribes" thing to be hugely dull. I really had to power past that stuff to enjoy New Vegas, for instance. I saw only bits and pieces from the first three movies.

However, my interest has been a bit piqued with all of the love for Fury Road as well as the upcoming game. I gotta admit, the relentlessly balls-out nature of it sounds pretty amazing, and the weird saturation effect is gorgeous. I'm not about to go see it in theaters, but home release for sure. I'm not an action movie guy, but I can certainly get down with a particularly good one (Terminator 2 is one of my all-time favorite movies, after all).

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Whoa, totally thought that was my phone. Figured the default podcast app just sucked at long files and freaked out every so often.

Minor annoyance at worst, as I can usually get the gist of what's being said during the skipping from the word fragments.

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I'm totally okay with it looking the same. I love Rock Band's look. I don't really want a departure so much as I just want a current-gen Rock Band platform. They could have just done a "Rock Band HD Trilogy" and I'd have been happy.

Still a bit annoyed about the lack of keys support. I get why, but man... I really liked the keys. Especially on Rock Lobster and Du Hast.

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28, on the precipice of 29 (still plenty young, despite our generation's weird addiction to "feeling old"), and I'm honestly embracing my geeky hobbies more than ever. Sure, a lot of gamers fall off post-college, but that doesn't reflect anything on the rest of us. That's the age when you're still finding your tastes anyway, so of course many will gravitate away. "Too old for games" sounds to me like "too old for movies": nonsense.

Hobbies shouldn't be anybody's business but your own. And really, the "Ugh, video games? More like Kiddy-O Shames!" crowd has become the weird outlier, not us.

I see no reason to get off of this ride. We're lucky. We get to live through the equivalent of early cinema, watching our beloved medium grow and find its feet. We're in a weird (sometimes shitty) time with games right now, but the future is exciting.

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Giant Bomb is inside of us all.

(started out as a Drew drawing, then I accidentally hit the DPI button on my mouse. It freaked out, I liked how the jagged side looked, and I ran with it. Now it looks absolutely nothing like anybody on the crew, so might as well have the GB bomb bursting from his sagging face and looking vaguely evil. Only makes sense, right?)

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I love Ashens and Lazy Game Reviews. They're the only two I really keep up with regularly. I like others as well, but I tend to only check back every so often. It's surprisingly hard to find good channels. Webdriver Torso has really, like, gone downhill, man.

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@ajamafalous: Right!? That and Courtney Love's musical career.

Personally, I feel that all hole advice can be boiled down to the following: Never stick your stack of paper into a three-hole punch without being sure that you have enough leverage and strength to really get the job done. Especially in an office setting... improper hole procedure can waste a lot of time, and it's always professional to keep your eye on the clock.


Why yes, I *am* 5 years old, why do you ask?

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This is the second Hole Advice Clinic I've been to today.

... The last one was very different.