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I don't know how he manages. I missed the latest asshole uprising, but I pieced together what happened, and wow... it had to be rough digging through so much hate and stupidity. I've done forum moderation before, and it left me a bitter, bitter man.

The puppies of the world couldn't ask for a better man to be chomped by.

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Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, of course. What other game doubles as a fashion tip for the workplace?

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Nice, grabbed Twisted Metal Black.

I've only had my PS3 for two months and I've already got an obscene backlog.

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White Day for sheer "oh fuck I have to stop right now" terror (solely because of that damn Lunch Lady ghost).

Amnesia for pure tension.

Fatal Frame 3 for that sinking "Oh god, what is that thing standing over there, and is it going to attack?" fear. (also, for when those little kid ghosts disappear on you in a fight, then show up right by your feet, looking up at you before attacking. Chills upon chills, every time.) Looking forward to playing the original game next.

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Extreme gore and depravity doesn't bother me, but as mentioned above, Philosophy of a Knife is just a whole other level of fucked, as is Men Behind the Sun. Not because of the gore, but because Unit 731 really existed, and really did some of the most horrendous things you can do to a person, and more. Absolutely fascinating subject to dig into, especially if you're interested in WW2 and/or human experimentation.

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I wouldn't say it "begs for a QL" so much as it "doesn't beg for a QL", but stranger things have lead to comedy gold, so... eh.

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Usually Meejum, with a second+ run on Hard. Some games I prefer to be on Hard right off the bat, like horror games or the Arkham series, but for the most part I just go with the default.

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@hailinel: Yep, still looks alright to me. Not my favorite SH design, though.

But man, woof, the graphics did not age well on that part of the game. It's not a very pretty game period (the indoor shadow effects still look great, however), but that looks bad even in relation to the rest of it. What a dull environment to end such a great game.

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The design of Silent Hill's beasties and bosses have always been inconsistent to me. Some truly amazing ones, and some truly awful ones.

Maria was pretty decent from what I remember, but it's been a while.