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I remember watching the making-of DVD that came with MGS2 and Kojima mentioned Chinaman. You would have fought him in the chamber where you fight Vamp in the final game. Parts of the battle would have taken place underwater where Chinaman would send sharks after you. He also had a dragon tattoo on his chest that would come to life when he was underwater and it would attack Raiden.

Kinda glad Chinaman was cut, then. I *hate* the swimming section in that game. Fighting a boss while swimming sounds like the worst.

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I chose a PS4 for three reasons: I like the 'sclusies a bit more, I like to switch it up each generation (the 360 was my main console last time), and I can't afford to maintain both a PS+ and Gold account, so I stuck with the service I was currently taking part in.

I'm loving it. I don't love that it can't pick up the Wifi signal that my PS3 has no trouble with, but hopefully a power line adapter will fix that. I'm still in "shiny new console!" mode, however. We'll see how I feel in a year. But for right now, I'm quite happy with it.

Of course, I'm sure the X1 is a fine machine, and I definitely want one someday. A WiiU as well, but that's way way down the line.

It's funny: the big thing with this generation is that "the consoles are so woefully underpowered"... but my PC has been underpowered for so long that games like Second Son have me just whispering "holy fuck" and hitting the Share button every ten minutes.I feel like I missed the last five years of graphical progress or something.

Games are really fucking pretty now, you guys.

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Can't wait for this.

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I've never even seen them in the same room at the same time, so you might be onto something there.

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Wow... I knew he was sick, but... wow. RIP.

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Only thing I didn't like was managing inventory. I know why they didn't just throw everything into the shoulder menus like in 1 and 2, but it got annoying and lead to me never using a bunch of items. (same with MGS4) It just messes with the flow of how I like to play MGS.

Everything else was fine.

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I love me some Joker, but I'd rather they didn't pull another gotcha with him.

Also, I'm super curious to see what becomes of Harley without Joker's influence. They could do some really interesting stuff with that.

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Yep, sounds about right. They were one pool of blood away from an M rating with City as it was. The question is, will they top Two Face's "Two guns, bitch!" for Jesse Pinkman-esque hilarious profanity?

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It's funny... I never got very far in the Souls games, but I'm super excited about Bloodborne. Maybe the more interesting setting will help me stick with it this time?

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At some point fo' sho'. I've got a LOT of Resident Evil on my plate already, though.