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Paradroid '90


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The cheapest way to start is with the core rulebook and a set of dice and I think you can google the core Ad&D rules and use online dice.

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That reminded me of the time when Jeff pushed Game Room on to all others. No he's at the receiving end of something similar. Karma ;)

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Taking the CPU out of the socket and reinstalling it afterwards does help sometime. But be careful when you do it.

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Oh.. that is a thing with a name? Yes.. my whole upper body including arms and neck.

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Weird law you have there in the U.S. If you rent an apartement here in Germany you can cancel your contract anytime provided you message it 3 months in advance with an written request for termination. Most rental contracts are basically the same here and bound to law very strictly.

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Bruchmuehlbach-Miesau, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

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Easy wording: Male wooing female because mammal male doesn't bear child and doesn't have a pregnacy period to wait until he can procreate his genetic information into offspring. Evolution is not the survival of the "most bodily fit organism or individual" but the survival of the "most fitting into enviroment" organism or individual. Mind that there are a lot of exceptions (especially among us Humans) for the first statement and no exceptions (that I know of) for the second. Have a nice day.

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@milkman said:

Video? How to Build a Bomb Episode 1.

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@devil240z: Dear Friend.. life can be pretty intimidating and the grandness of coincidences which are responsible for your very own existence are staggering. Good thing for you, one Mr. Monthy Pyton has just the right words ready to set your perspective on reality, and your place in it, right again. Enjoy:

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