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44. There's always a lady-smoker and some loud mouth that's ready to shout out his opinion of your clothes whenever you leave a store.

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  1. Borderlands 2
  2. Assassin's Creed III
  3. Hitman Absolution
  4. Dishonored
  5. Jet Set Radio
  6. X-COM: Enemy Unknown

These are the ones I'm most excited about, but the gap between Borderlands 2 and the rest is pretty huge. I'm curious about how Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Far Cry 3, and Halo 4 turn out. Halo, unlike the others, is a series I've always tried to get into but never can. The others, I seem to like much more easily.

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@daletiel: You may have to choose a profile and assuming you choose the older one with the majority of your saves, somehow get it signed in online. Other than that, you may have to call Microsoft.

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If you look on the Xbox Live site there is a page for transferring your licensees to the new console. Right now it sounds like your saves are still registered to the old system's ID. A quick transfer should clear things up. Also, have your serial numbers handy.

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People that play Diablo 3 for 30, 40 or 100 hours and then go on the internet complaining about how dull the game is just amaze me. Not saying that's you, but I've seen folks talk about sinking 100 hours into D3 and then shitting all over it.

Why does that surprise you? I don't think you can critique Diablo 3 with any sort of credibility until you at least hit Inferno. At least for me, it is not uncommon to finish a game you are not enjoying to wait and see if there is an upside, especially if you have been anticipating the game for awhile.

I disagree. I didn't need 30-100 hours of chewing on a crap sandwich to know I don't like crap sandwiches. That said, I see no reason to jump on people that invest a 100+ hours and still wish to complain. Some people may be more optimistic about the game's future or may not have anything else to play. Who knows what their motives are, but they are entitled to the opinions either way.

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From what I can gather, it is a dungeon crawler action RPG. It seems to have some great customization though. You can build you party members in an editor mode and switch between characters on the fly. Looks like some classic(?) NIS characters such as Prinny, Leharl, and Etna make appearances as playable character as well. The graphics are simplistic, but quite stylized. I'm thinking about picking it up, but I'm on the fence atm with having just gotten into Sleeping Dogs last night.

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I think you can trust that most sites give honest reviews. I just rarely agree with any of them on a consistant basis. Jeff scores all over the place anymore. Alex is mostly in line with my opinions, but he mostly reviews terrible games (maybe that taints that trend). My thoughts line up with Ryan's reviews more often than not. Phil Kollar is pretty good. But I find Jim Sterling to be insufferable. I don't recall the last time I made a purchase based off of someone else's opinion though. Quick Looks and other such videos help me to judge games for myself. It isn't an exact science, but I've gotten pretty good at knowing what to look for in games over the years.

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I had a similar problem a couple years back. What I did was take a break. I didn't really play much of anything or follow any game news for a little while. Then one Saturday afternoon I grabbed the first game off my shelf that caught my attention. After that I started playing and enjoying games like I did years ago. For me it was the BS inside baseball stuff that really was killing off my love of the hobby. I spent so much time reading or listening to industry people complain about how crappy things were that I lost touch with the fun of just playing games. I just don't take the opinions of others too seriously anymore. That's why I don't really read reviews very often (and not for any kind of purchase recommendation purposes). Guess I just needed to cleanse the palate.

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E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

To be fair I was just a kid and I had seen the movie when it came out just a few months prior to the game.

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I agree with Jeff. I'm all for 2D style games, but they need more of a hook than "EVERYTHING EXPLODES INTO COINS NOW!" Frankly, the whole coin collecting thing has always been the least interesting part of Mario games for me. It really just distracts from the much more appealing platforming. The challenge of reaching some areas (for power ups or big coins or whatever) is a much more interesting angle. It is all about the wall kicks. Of course I'm someone that loved Galaxy and thought Galaxy 2 was boring because it was too similar.